Ascenders Rift Chapter 91: The DH Chamber, Meeting Angeline


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Tonight, was somewhat darker than the usual, carrying a somewhat uncanny air. If one looked at the looming moon, they would even notice that it vaguely glowed with a blood-like hue. At this time, the streets were sparse as most individuals had already headed home to avoid persecution due to the recent curfews set by the Imperial Council. Yet, despite this order, a few individuals were currently moving about the open roads at incredible speeds.

With each step taken, their bodies would blur in and out of the surroundings, as they soon jumped from the streets veering from buildings to buildings. Their hair and clothing fluttering about due to the wild winds that stirred because of their rapid movements.

Eventually, they had arrived at the location of a vast building that resided in the central sections of EarlingStar. It was a white skyscraper with the writing Dyothia on its surface, written in large fancy fonts. A large group of men in a high tier black combat suits stood around its perimeter with modified assault guns in their possessions, giving off an intimidating air.

Suddenly, a gust of wind was heard as this group of individuals had appeared before the building. As the guards saw the arrival of these persons, they instantly grew alert as they pointed their guns and shouted, \"Who goes there?\"

Following their words, the other party had remained silent for a moment before one of them walked over. She was a young beauty with black hair in a casual shirt and trendy skirt, her slender palms held a wallet with an emblem and the character's MSS clearly shown.

\"I am Breya Meadows, a special forces officer of the MSS, we've received reports of a wounded compatriot that is now within your facility accepting treatment. Let us pass!\" Breya said in a stern tone.

The soldiers hearing this and seeing the emblem, had their helmets flashed with data for a slight moment before they promptly saluted and gestured for them to pass as they spoke, \"Welcome, mam! You may proceed!\"

As Breya saw this, she turned and gave a thumbs up to everyone as she walked ahead and spoke, \"Well, what are you waiting for; let's get going.\"

Evan and the others shook their heads and followed along, Joe, on the other hand, remained silent, staring at Breya from behind. As if she noticed his mood, Breya glanced at him and stuck out her tongue before not paying him any mind.

\"Tsk! So cheeky...\" Joe muttered while shifting his eyes to the side, not paying her any mind.

After a short while, Evan and the others had entered the Dyothia Corporation's main building. However, while the receptionist was no longer at work, a strange female that stood silently in a corner turned towards their direction before speaking.

\"Welcome to the Dyo...\" The female was about to say standard greetings, but as Breya flashed her badge in front of her. The woman's eyes shone with a red light before flickering as it saluted and spoke, \"Unit F19 greets Special Forces Officer Breya! We have been expecting your arrival; please follow me.\"

As the woman said this, she made a mechanical sideways turn before walking towards an elevator. Breya looked at everyone before gesturing that they should follow along.

While walking, Evan gazed at the woman before speaking, \"A combat class robot like this even in this place; I'd have never thought that they would deploy them so soon...\"

Breya hearing this already knew Evan was strange, she didn't ask how he knew of those machines details but replied, \"It can't be helped, not only Alan, but Sister and the others are also here, and based on what I was told over the phone, they didn't want to have any surprises by those from RADA.\"

Evan, hearing this nodded in understanding before he asked, \"How many do you think were deployed?\"

Breya thought for a bit before speaking, \"There aren't many of them to begin with, so I'd say roughly three or even four of them were sent here to act as protection. The rest should still be at headquarters.\"

\"Ah, I see,\" Evan replied while staring before him at the human-like machine, his thoughts wandering, 'The F Series Cyborgs, these machines should in no way be weaker than Level 1 practitioners. Those that even rank above F15 ratings was even capable of achieving the combat powers of even stronger experts. It truly deserves its reputation as one of the MSS's strongest secret weapons.'

While Evan thought to himself, Joe and the others were a bit surprised by the machine, they knew that it was theorized by the Military Sector based on past documentaries. However, they didn't think they would suddenly come across one of them in person. Still, despite everyone's curiosity, only Breya and Rick had managed to like Evan keep a calm appearance.

Not long after, the F15 android had stopped in front of an elevator that was already opened. It gestured for them to enter before pressing a special button as a beam of light fired from its eyes into a port on the wall.

Ping! With a sharp bell-like sound, the door of the elevator shut as Evan and everyone had already entered, a voice then sounded from its inside, \"Destination, Special Quarters.\"

The elevator then began to descend at a rapid pace, moving at a speed not like that of common ones, after who knows how long, the elevator then came to a halt. Following a sound, the door opened showing a scene of pure white to Evan and the others. It was a long hallway that didn't seem to have any end, with many different rooms on the sides, some of them having transparent glass that showed the scenes behind them.

Looking closely, one would see cylindrical pods with blue colored liquids inside of them along with many different wires as well as artificial respirators. A few of these pods had individuals inside of them, some of them have scars and server blemishes on their bodies that were quickly healing due to the liquids.

Joe seeing the pods around him, couldn't help but exclaim as he glanced at Breya, \"Incredible, to think that they had completed such an incredible device. If it were never for you, I would have never seen a sight like this even if I had completely earned all of my father's wealth.\"

Breya smirked as she replied to his words, \"But that's natural, those who are privy to these technological advancements are none other than our MSS, not even the Imperial Council knows of our private corporation projects with the Dyothia Corporation. At best, they would only know of the S and A-Grade DH Tubes. These pods are known as Dyothia Healing Chambers, or for short, DH Chambers, they were completed roughly four years back and have been the core healing devices for only the core most MSS personnel.\"

\"Che! So shady,\" Joe said while shaking his head, he knows of the profit which could be made by this, but it seemed that these companies had other plans.

Layla and Emilia were staring towards a different pod, inside of where an individual had lost his limbs. If one looked closely, they would see that the flesh around it was showing signs of reconstructing itself.

\"Wow, they can even regenerate lost limbs, this is truly astounding!\" Layla said with a surprise.

\"Sister Layla is right; if words were to get out, it would cause a storm,\" Emilia said as her eyes flashed with not only a hint of excitement but also a deep look.

Rick was observing silently with a deep look on his face as he pondered, \"They must have been preparing this under the rugs for a long time, well, it's a good thing it wasn't made public, and those who know of its details were none other than the most trust members of their sector. Then again, who knows if one of their previously removed spies had informed RADA about these technologies. It was wise of them to station those robots here...\"

As everyone was surprised, Evan naturally didn't know anything about these pods. He looked around at them with wonderment as he thought, 'To think that I had to go through so much hell back then to get even an S Grade DH Tube, but right below everyone there were pods that had better effects. Oh well, no point complaining, even if I did know about it, there was nothing left of even this corporation.'

When Evan said this, he couldn't help but recall when most of the world had fallen; his eyes turned solemn as he clenched his fist tightly.

After a good while of walking, Breya had brought the others to a large white door. She then placed her badge before a scanner which scanned it before a ray of light beamed towards her eyes. When this occurred, the door then opened with a mechanical sound showing the scene behind it.

It was a cozy-looking room with sofas and other furniture at its center. A single DH Chamber was resting at its center, as the figures of Angeline, Hank, and Thomas were seated around a table while reading. Angeline, though reading, would send a glance towards the DH Chamber now and then as a look of a worry showed in her eyes.

Suddenly, as if they sensed something, their group turned towards the door, noticing Evan and the others. Angeline rose to her feet and walked over as she spoke, \"So, you guys are finally back, how was your training?\"

Evan smiled and replied in a somewhat vague manner, \"It wasn't too bad... we harvested after some difficulties.\"

\"Really?\" Angeline asked with a suspicious look on her face.

Evan tried to keep a straight face; he didn't want her to know that this time was dangerous, and one mistake could have taken her precious sister's life. However, while Evan was thinking of how to shift the topic, a cheerful sound was heard from his side helping him in this sticky situation.

\"Sister!\" Breya said as she walked over with a happy look on her face, Angeline seeing Breya had a similar look, she went forward and hugged her tightly.

Just looking at the scene, Evan felt it was a bit touching as he no longer had a family, the same could be said by Layla and also Rick, whose eyes flashed when he slightly murmured, \"Family bonds... eh...\"

Though Joe and Emilia had their brother and sister moments, they weren't that chummy in the eyes of strangers, especially due to them being of separate genders. Hence, Rick didn't feel what he was feeling now when seeing this scene. Of course, both Joe and Emilia were pretty normal and thought nothing of the scene before them. Soon, the two sisters had let go of each other.

Evan shifted his eyes, noticing Alan's state before he spoke, \"Miss Angeline, you said that Alan had ended up like that during a mission, can you tell me more of its details? What really happened that night you guys went to raid that base?\"

As Angeline heard this, she glanced at Alan once again before speaking, \"Fine, let's take a seat; I'll tell you clearly what happened.\"

As everyone sat down, Angeline looked at them deeply before she opened her mouth and spoke, \"It's all like this…\"

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