Ascenders Rift Chapter 78: The Second Mission, Awakening of the Ancient Elves!


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The world trembled as the afternoon sky became a shade brighter, the scene the center of Belanore taking on a brilliant hue as rays of divine energies enveloped the area. Currently, within the Old Temple that acted as the domain of the late Twilight Conquerors, the environment was undergoing a drastic change as the rubbles set themselves back into place, rebuilding the previously destroyed temple.

As this happened, Evan and his party stood at the center unaffected as the pillars of light continued to shine from the two unusual statues. They were the statues of two elegant elves, one of a man, the other of a woman; the man wore ancient armor with a strange-looking shield in the form an arc, while the woman wore a magician's robe, with a two-meter long scepter in her embrace.

As the lights from the glowing sculptures beam towards the heavens, fissures had begun to form on the surfaces. While this happened, the voice from the system sounded across the world.

[The Twin Conquerors has been slain; Mission 1 has been accomplished!]

[Because Gragtaasz failed to comply within the rules, all party members of this Raid Space shall be awarded two times the reward experience.]

[500 Exp Gained!]

[You have leveled up!]

[As Mission 1 has been completed, Mission 2 shall commence.]

[Second Mission - Resist the onslaught of the Ancient Elf Queen Lyeecia and the legendary Arc Bearer Alios.] [Rank - Impossible]

[Location - Belanore's Ancient Temple]

[Because you have superseded the level limit, both entities seals shall be loosened by a level.]

[Rank has increased!]

[Rank -???]

[Your party has must resist for a minimum of three minutes, failure to do so will result in a loss of level!]

As Evan heard the serious of notification, his mind reeled in shock not because of his level up, but the change in difficulties, his face sunk when he cursed inwardly, 'Are you kidding me? If it's like this, then how the hell did the Heaven Eyes even beat this? Could it be that I'm the one who caused this anomaly?'

While Evan was shocked, the faces of Layla, Fatty Joe, Rick, Emilia, and Breya were similarly dark as though they didn't level, but gain an abundant amount of EXP; the notification was more than enough to put a dent in their mood.

\"What do we do, they're going to be even stronger? Look, even the difficultly has gone off the charts, it can't even be ranked.\" Joe said with a look of worry in his eyes.

Layla and Emilia were trembling as they looked at the two statues feeling two different auras, both capable of influencing their superior senses.

As Rick looked at this, he firmly gripped his spear and clicked his teeth as he spoke, \"Che! Dammit, we can only give all we've got, look it said to last for three minutes, we might be able to if we use everything we have!\"

Evan, hearing this came out of his thoughts, his eyes showed a firm look as he spoke, \"That's right everyone, no need to panic, I'll be at your forefront, do your best to stay behind me and suppress them with all your power!\"

When Joe, Breya, Layla, and Emilia listen to their words, they gritted their teeth and forcefully suppressed their moods as they stared at the sights before them while responding, \"Fine.\"

Following their words, the scene before everyone had undergone a sudden change as many different spiraling rays of lights reflected in the eyes of Evan and the others. Not long after, the sculptures shattered breaking up into countless pieces as the lights exploded towards all directions enrolling everything in a pure sea of whiteness.

Time passed quickly, and the lights soon after faded, the scene had now returned to normal, as the previously illuminated City of Belanore returned to the dimly lit ambiance of the afternoon.

If anything, the only difference here would be the scene within the Old Temple, as before the stunned Evan and everyone else, was two exceedingly elegant. Yet, overwhelming entities who emanated a vague cluster of terrifying auras.

They both had long ears and narrow bluish eyes with golden rings around their pupils, the male wore and ancient set of heavy armor and large cape wrapped around his neck, his bulky arms firmly grasping a massive shield that had the shape of an arc.

As for the woman, she had a slender built, wrapped in a gorgeous set of magical robes that revealed her lush skin on both her long legs and her slim waist. She held herself together by firmly gripping her two-meter-long scepter using it to balance against the ground. Looking at her face's pale complexion, one could tell that she was suffering from a moment of weakness.

Evan's eyes flashed as he wanted to take this chance to attack her, but as he saw the male's eyes shift towards him, he held his steps and started to sweat as he thought to himself, 'Well, this will be a whole lot harder than I'd ever possibly imagined. I give props to those guys from the Heaven Eye for passing this test. Now that I think of it if anyone could pass this test, wouldn't it be that strange fellow from my memories? That so-called Amule I have yet to find out anything about...'

As Evan thought this, his eyes flashed as the details for both hidden bosses popped up into his eyes when he pondered, \"I suppose that doesn't matter now does it, right now, I have to figure out how to get out of this mess.\"

[ Lyeecia - The Ancient Elf Queen - Level 4 ★]

[Race - Elf(Ancient) | State - Sealed(All Stats Severely Weakened)]

[Class - Life Sorcerer]

[Health - 650]

[Life Spirit Power - ????? : Sealed]

[strength - 61]

[Vitality - 79]

[Agility - 55]

[Defense - 57]


[Life Spell - A ball of pure life energies that can heal a certain degree of injuries based on the number of Life Mana consumed.]

[Light Wave - A wave of pure light energies that can destroy all forms of dark, chaotic energies and do harm to both nefarious and non-evil beings.]

[Life... ◆ : Sealed]

[?????? ◆ : Sealed]

[?????? ◆ : Sealed]


[ Alios - The legendary Arc Bearer - Level 4 ★]

[Race - Elf(Ancient) | State - Sealed(All Stats Severely Weakened)]

[Class - Arc Bearer]

[Health - 800]

[Earthen Mana - ??? : Sealed]

[strength - 71]

[Vitality - 49]

[Agility - 69]

[Defense - 79]


[Arc Barrier - A power that forms a barrier of pure Earthen Mana power around the user's shield, allowing for the shield to expand by a minimum of two meters. This power is only useable by an Arc Shield.]

[Arc Crusher - A power than can allow for the user's shield to transform in an offensive weapon. This power is only useable by an Arc Shield.]

[Arc... ◆ : Sealed]

[?????? ◆ : Sealed]

[?????? ◆ : Sealed]

As Evan inspected their stats, so did everyone else, their previous looks of determination now turning into something akin to hopelessness as they knew they didn't stand a fraction of a chance.

Rick slightly trembled as he shifted his eyes to Evan, noticing his similarly dark look, he sucked up his pride and asked again, \"E...Evan, w-what about this time?\"

Joe and the others followed his sights as they looked at Evan with a hopeful gaze, but sadly for them, Evan shook his head as he spoke with a solemn look, \"I'm sorry guys, but this time, it's all up to fate. Try not to worry too much, let's just stick with the previous plan. I will do my best to keep you all safe…\"

As Evan said this, he reached his hand out to the side, causing his void blade to materialize out of nothingness as his entire body became suffused by an even denser amount of crimson energies.

Crack! The ground below his feet cracked in multiple fissures as his eyes sharply glared at the duo that had only taken notice of their group.

The eyes of everyone shrunk as they heard Evan's words, but as the situation was dire no one voiced even a word of complaint

Suddenly, Lyeecia, who had by now regained a look of color on her face, stared at the others with curious eyes, her eyes focused on Emilia and Layla before fixing onto Evan as she spoke, \"Well now, this is something else. Alios, aren't these human beings?\"

Alios, who had been standing silently at her side like an elite guard, gazed at her and replied, \"Indeed, this is third awakening since the time of seal, the last time was against those Sentonians, but sadly, even they couldn't withstand the timeline. Still, I feel that they are quite unique for humans, especially those two girls, as for that boy he feels a little different.\"

Lyeecia's blue eyes flashed as along the golden rings around her pupils, as carefully inspected Layla and Emilia before she looked at Evan as she spoke, \"Hmm, amusing, they won't stop until they've annihilated all races I see. Still, isn't it odd that I can't feel hatred towards them, especially that boy? I sense two powers from his being, one being of a superior kind compared to the second, which is connected to that one from Arelith. How unusual...\"

\"Indeed...\" Alios replied as his eyes flashed, he too, like Lyeecia was feeling strange that they no longer carried their pure rage and hatred, as the moment they left their seals, they would have usually erupted their powers and engaged in a wild slaughter.

Evan and the others remained silent at their words; it seemed as if they had reached a consensus as if they wanted to use this chance to buy themselves more time.

Lyeecia seemed to have noticed their objective, but she smirked in a manner that didn't seem to care as she question, \"Boy, tell me, who are you to Aperehs?\"

Evan was shocked when he heard this, but he quickly calmed down, he looked at Lyeecia deeply before he raised his Void Blade and spoke confidently, \"I am his executor,\"

Both Lyeecia and the stern-looking Alios looked at each other in shock before they raised their heads in laugher, \"Hahaha!\"

The laughter seeming to be able to shake the world as the countless creatures shuffled about in panic, after a short while, they calmed down and stared at him with interest in their eyes.

Lyeecia looked at Evan and made a smile as she spoke, \"Boy, you've made us felt something we've long since forgotten. In honor of this, we won't kill you or your companions in this bout; rather, we'll give each of you a chance.\"

\"Eh? Really?\" Fatty Joe asked in surprise as his look took on a better color, Layla, and the others also felt a bit relieved.

However, Evan stared at them deeply as he awaited their next words, not disappointing Lyeecia's smile turned into a sly one when she spoke again, \"Of course, we'll take one minute from our timer, giving you a total of two minutes, so please, do your best to endure now.\"

Joe and the others became solemn again, they wanted to curse, but the silent Alios opened his mouth while doing a countdown with his fingers, \"Our battle shall commence in ten, nine, eight...\"

\"Shit! It's still not enough; we won't be able to last even a minute!\" Joe cursed out loud.

Emilia and the others stared to clamor, as Rick wasn't feeling confident. Evan, on the other hand, spoke out loud as he firmly grasped his void sword in both of his palms, \"Calm down, as I said before try and stick to the plan, if you can do so then we might be able to make it, I'll be going ahead!\"

The instant Evan said this, his body vanished, not even leaving a trace to their eyes as even Rick found it difficult even to see through Evan's current speed.

Rick seeing this exclaimed, \"His speed, it's increased to such a level that I can hardly see him! Did he manage to level up?\"

As Rick was shocked, so was everyone else, their eyes changed as they now carried a bit of hope due to realizing this fact.

At this moment, however, Alios was now finishing his countdown, \"Three, two, one... ding!\"

With his loud shout, the area around him changed as a shocking amount of earthen energies erupted from his body, covering most of the Old Temple. Evan opened his mouth wide in shock as he exclaimed, \"He can use so many energies despite having most of it sealed? Such madness!\"

Alios, who was now like a deity of power, looked at the rapidly approaching Evan as he replied with a faint smile from behind his mana, \"Not madness, it's called strength! Come, boy, show me the power that sent Aphereh's to his eternal rest...\"

\"Not good!\" Evan said as his senses went off in alarm, he wanted to react, but it was too late.

Following Alios's words, a large shield came Evan's view, shrouding his entire sight as the world around him seemed to be pressured by something. Soon, the position where he stood had faded from his sights in entirety as a loud boom echoed across the surroundings.

\"Evan!\" The panic-filled voices of Layla and Emilia sounded, acting as the precursor to dreadful battle.

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