Ascenders Rift Chapter 62: Evan's Scheme, The Great Hun


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The battle against Sreiq's squad had already ended, littering gloomy fields with the corpses of the fallen. Currently, Evan and the others who had only just annihilated the goblins were in recuperation, mending their wounds from the previous battle.

Evan looked at Layla, Fatty Joe, and Emilia, who were spreading bits of the healing paste over their flesh wounds. Though they were in pain, each gritted their teeth and bore with it.

Not too long ago, Evan had allowed for a critically wounded goblin to escape as he watched it run away for its life as his face showed a sly smile. Now, he calmly waited for Rick and Breya to arrive before he addressed them of the plan.

"Even if it was a superior Level 2 Goblin, I was still only able to gain ten exp. By now, I'll probably still need to kill over 500 Superior Level 2 monsters to reach Level 4. Maybe even half the amount if there are enough ordinary Level 3 monsters, which I highly doubt exist in this Lesser Space other than those leaders of course," Evan thought while looking at his palms, he then willed with his mind calling up his stat details.

[Evan Cross - Special Status - ????????]

[Race - Human | State - Stage 1 Ascender]

[Class - Void Inheritor |??? Tier Class]

[Class - Divine Executor |Apex Tier Class]

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[Title - The Fallen's Executor]

[Level - 3]

[Next Level - 6000 EXP]

[Total EXP - 14]

[Health - 250]

[Spirit Power - 16]

[Battle Energy - 15]

[Strength - 38(26+6+3+3)]

[Vitality - 29(25+2+2)]

[Agility - 39(26+6+7)]

[Defense - 42(22+6+4+4+4+2)]

[Stat Comparison:]

[Previous: SP - 15 | BE - 15 | S - 37 | V - 28 | A - 38 | D - 41]

[Current: SP - 16 | BE - 15 | S - 38 | V - 29 | A - 39 | D - 42]


[Void Spirit - A soul that has an innate connection with all things in the universe, a natural affinity with space, and the world around it. Effects are unknown...]

[Void Skills:]

[Void Blade - A blade conjured from the universe; it can be wielded to attack with a damaged power connected with one's Spirit Power.]

[Void????? ◆: Sealed - Requires 250 SP to unseal.]

[Executor Skills:]

[Executioner Slash - A blade from the executor is certain to cut all lives, it can cleave away the void bringing any life to its fate.]

[Death... ◆: Sealed 250 BE to unseal.]

As Evan looked over his stats, his face became a bit puzzled when he thought, "I understand that my base stats were increased by 1 when I took those pills along with Fatty and the others, but I don't understand why my Spirit Power has increased, how could this even be possible?"

Evan wanted to think about what could cause such a change, but it was at this time, two swooshing noises were heard as both Breya and Rick had appeared at the same time.

"Took you guys long enough, what were you doing so long?" Evan asked when he glanced at them.

Rick looked at Evan and replied with a strange look, "I only experimented a bit, if we fight again, I doubt you'll be able to beat me so easily."

Evan scoffed, "Say that again when you're at my level with the same type of gear."

"Hmph! I won't be long," Rick said no longer looking at Evan, his eyes were now trained on the blonde beauty that was gently smearing her body with paste.

Breya rolled her eyes at the two before she ran over to the girls and spoke, "Emmy, Layla, how are you holding up?"

Emilia had one of her eyes closed due to the pain as she replied, "I... I think I'm doing fine. It was a bit hard at first, but I managed to beat it in the end,"

Layla waved her knife and spoke, "I barely managed to defeat one as well,"

Breya looked at them and gave praise, "Wow, you did good, I've trained a lot since I was young, and I can tell you not many in the military can work up such resolve. You two should be proud!"

"Military?" Both Breya and Emilia asked in confusion.

Breya tilted her head and knocked it with her knuckles, she then spoke embarrassedly, "Oh, that's right, I have yet to tell you guys, I'm just like my Elder Sister, a part of the military you see."

"What?" Both Layla and Emilia exclaimed.

Emilia looked at her and asked, "Then Sister Breya, why would you be traveling with us? In fact, why did you join as a student with our group for survival class?"

Layla also heard from Emilia that Breya was a student of their new year's batch, she also looked on with a puzzled look.

Breya lifted her head, staring at the surroundings before placing one finger on her cheek. After a short while, she looked at the two's face and made an Evan-like smile when she replied like him, "Hmm, while there are many reasons… for now, let's just say, I'm on vacation."

"Hahaha!" Both Emilia and Layla laughed at this as they knew it was an imitation, though they were curious they no longer bother to pry any deeper.

Fatty Joe saw the females laughing as he walked over, when he glanced at Breya, he made a heroic pose and spoke, "Hey, did you know, I managed to beat two of them by myself, maybe I more manly than your soldiers in the army."

Breya looked at Fatty Joe and mocked, "Are you now? Did you know I was only referring to the women in the army? Look at you, struggling to beat two beasts that even your sister and Layla could defeat."

"You... tsk! I won't even bother today!' Fatty Joe cursed as he stormed off.

Evan looked at this and shook his head; Rick seemed as if he was enjoying the sight of Emilia laughing. As Evan saw this, he spoke, "It looks as if they're not feeling enough of a sense of crisis, it's a good thing I let that goblin go, it can kill two birds with one stone."

Rick looked at Evan in wonder as he spoke, "Hmm, what did you mean by that?"

Evan smiled and replied, "Oh, it's nothing, you see the bosses we're going to face are quite smart and strong; hundreds of men and beasts surround them. It would be foolish to take them head-on, so we have to divide their forces at least..."

Rick face paled at these words he looked at Evan as if he saw him for the first time, a devil in human flesh, he exclaimed, "Are you saying you left bait to provoke the leaders of these beasts?"

At this time, the curious and lively, Emilia, Layla, Breya, and the somewhat sulking Fatty Joe had looked over. They saw that Rick's face was pale, causing them to feel uneasy as he keenly listened.

Evan seeing this no longer hid anything, he smiled and looked at everyone and spoke, "Of course, only in anger will a beast lose its reason. From this point on, it will be a pursuit like no other, and a good chase is always an effective way to rouse one's potential."

"What? He doesn't mean..." As Fatty Joe, Emilia, Breya, and Layla were about to conclude their thoughts. Something happened, which made their worst fears come through.

Roooaaar! Two loud battle cries that seemed to have reached the heavens sounded across the entire region; it seemed as if two monstrous entities were furious beyond the norm.

As the others heard these shouts, they each felt a chill in their souls as they knew that if these beasts were to find them, it would be a tragic end.

"Evan! How could you be so mad?" Rick shouted in anger.

The others also looked at Evan with looks of worry, Evan seeing this smirked as he rose to his feet and began to jog towards a different area when he spoke, "Well, what are you guys waiting on? It's time to bolt, and fatty you better use that stamina of yours for if you fall behind, that meat of yours will be enough to feed their army."

Not long after those words, only the rapid shuffling of bushes could be heard as Evan's figure had already vanished.

"Evan!" Everyone shouted inwardly, but as they knew this wasn't the time, they promptly ran towards him like an angry mob. Soon, the area was left in silence, as a tense mood filled the air.


Somewhere far away from their location, in a broad open field, an army of hundreds of goblins and crocodiles were amassed. They each emanated a furious aura; their eyes shone with a ruthless color.

Currently, four mighty commanders were leading each force, two of them being goblins while the others were crocodiles that though like their leader, were a bit smaller in size.

These leaders glanced at their army before they faced the front and hoisted weapons to the sky when they shouted, "Forward! Pursue!"

"Uwaa!" The armies shouted in unison as not long after the horde of goblins riding on top of crocodiles sped through the distant forest in search of their enemies.

At the top of the high temple walls, both Gragtaasz and Dreadtooth looked at this with cruel eyes as they spoke to those leftovers, "I want you to search the skies, I want you to scour the dirt! Chase those humans to the end of this earth!"

Their thunderous shouted resounding across the world as the Great Hunt had begun.

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