Ascenders Rift Chapter 57: Fatty’s Determination, Like a Ninja at Nigh


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The scene within the moor was a dark one, as a chaotic clash between man and nature was currently unfolding. The various mutant creatures of the swamp attacked the feeble humans in hordes, but sadly, these individuals were far too mighty for their kind.

With the sound of something whizzing through the air, a blurred blue-haired figure danced atop of the swamp waters as he mowed down any potential threat with a single thrust of his spear, the lights from the four corners of the Camping Cube barely catching hints of his movements.

One other figure was even faster, leaving nothing behind but a remnant shade when he lightly kicked the surface of the lake and battled against the enemies. The casual swing of his star-like sword annihilating anything it touches. Yet, while these mighty humans proved their right to dominate in the wilds, there was one who seemed to be experiencing a living nightmare.

Bang! The sound of someone smashing against the metallic wall sounded, as a fat figure was barely holding his own against a mutant crocodile that was two times the size of normal ones. His arms trembled as they held a broad metallic ax that pressed against the crocodile's jagged teeth from its wide-open mouth.

As the metallic wall made creaking noises due to the pressure it was receiving, the fat young man couldn't help but grit his teeth as the stench of flesh and other things wafted from the crocodile's breath onto the face.

"Such a strong bastard, why is this shitty crocodile as strong as that bear?" Fatty Joe cursed out loud as he saw how the crocodile had him in a stalemate, he wanted to curse some more, but he soon noticed at a few of those poisonous frogs had already arrived on the platform.

The frogs seemed to notice where the other lifeforms were resting; they quickly began to leap towards the rooms with their mouths puffed up, as if they were preparing to spit something.

"This isn't good; I can't let these damn beasts disturb Emmy's rest! I have to grow stronger and resist them!" Fatty Joe thought as his pupils constricted, his face became even more solemn as he glared at the crocodile in an icy manner.

As if his body heard his call, an indefinite amount of power could be felt from within him much like the time with the bear. As this happened, Fatty Joe felt that his body had grown a level stronger as his stamina felt enhanced.

Not bothering to care about the details, Fatty Joe tensed his body causing his arms to swell up a bit as a vague amount of muscles became visible. He lifted one of his legs and kicked the belly of the crocodile, causing it to roar in pain as and fell back by a few feet distance as its eyes looked at him in shock.

Fatty Joe didn't waste any time when he saw this; his fat figure bounced as he made a jump and swung the ax towards the crocodile's head while yelling, "Stinking beast, eat my ax!"

Pu-chi! With a flesh piercing sound, the head of the crocodile split opened as its cracked skull and brain became visible. It now laid down in a pool that was slowly being formed by its blood.

Fatty Joe seeing this, wiped the sweat from his forehead and tried to catch his breath as he thought, "One down, many more to go."

Upon saying this, Fatty Joe then shifted his eyes towards the football-sized frogs that were nearing the rooms. He rushed the end of the ax to try and balance himself up as he prepared to rush towards them, but soon, there was a change.

"So foolish, you think you can fight them in your current condition? Not to mention, these things are quite poisonous..." The calm and collected voice of Breya said.

As Fatty Joe heard this, he followed the sound which was coming from above. There, he saw one of the world's most gorgeous sights.

It was a young girl illuminated with the moon as her backdrop, garbed in a ninja uniform with stylized gloves on her arms while her legs wore black wrappings that coiled up to her thighs. Her long black ponytail was gently swaying with the night winds, as her large eyes looked towards Fatty Joe.

"Bre-ya..." Fatty Joe was momentarily stunned at this view; he had somewhat lost his reasoning.

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Yet, this wasn't the time for such moments, Breya snickered as she saw his look before she acted, she stretched his palms out as if she was wielding something in her hands as a thin flowing line had formed out of nothing.

As this happened, Breya then waved her hand, causing a reasonably large dagger to appear, she tossed it into the air, causing it to spin as she shook the vaguely visible thread in her arms. With the sound of a wire stretching, the thread neatly went through a hole on the dagger and bounded itself around it.

Breya then used the dagger as a pivot to control the threads as she spun it in the air creating a series of flashing lights. She jumped from the top of the Camping Cube's resting quarters as her body nimbly somersaulted and twirled, with this motion, the thread connected to the dagger had begun to swirl around the entire platform at an alarming speed.


In moments, the threads bounced around before Fatty Joe's sights a myriad of times before they vanished as Breya had landed on the floor using the tip of her feet to balance on the ground. The threads were now bundled around her wrist as she played with the dagger in her hands.

Following her appearance, the mutant frogs that were about to reach the rooms slump over on their faces. Looking closely, one would see that many different bloody wounds had now appeared on their bodies.

While this took a while to describe, it had occurred in only a few dozen seconds as everything was done in one single motion.

Fatty Joe looked at this in shock as he had only now recovered from his daze, his arm trembled as he pointed to her and spoke, "You're telling me you could protect yourself? You're like Evan and Rick, when did you get that kind of gear and such skills?"

Breya gave him a side glance as if she didn't care as she spoke, "You didn't ask now, did you? I never asked you to tank the bear either..."

Fatty Joe's face went livid at these words; he pointed while shouted, "You... humph!" However, as he couldn't find any place wrong with her words, he couldn't help but shift his sights away from her as he mumbled to himself.

Breya looked at this with a slightly warmer gaze; she thought to herself, "Dummy, I didn't as for your help, but you still went as far as to stand against a bear for me. Even when I trained with the junior batch, no one dared to do such a thing. That's why you're different..."

Fatty Joe, having turned away from Breya, was about to head back and check up on Emilia, but before he could do so, he heard Breya's voice, "Fatty, I don't think you'll be able to leave here so soon..."

"Huh? What do you mean? Haven't you annihilated all the..." Fatty Joe was about to question her, but as he slowly turned around, he noticed the cause for her concerns.

One enormous crocodile that was roughly one size more significant than the one he fought previously, although it wasn't a leveled monster, it was only one step inferior.

"You've got to be shitting me..." Fatty said as his arm holding the ax trembled.

Although the situation seemed terrible, Fatty Joe felt that it was slightly better because of the nearby Breya. Yet, it was at this time; something happened, which caused his face to sink.

"Cough!" Breya seemed to have grown weaker as she fell to her knees with her face slightly pale.

Fatty Joe seeing this was a bit alarmed, he ran over and asked, "Breya, are you okay?"

Breya tried to smile as she replied, "It... It's nothing; I just overdrew on my energies..."

"Well shit, this is not good," Fatty Joe thought to himself, but he still tried to keep a firm appearance. He glanced behind him and saw the closed doors to the two rooms; he knew that both his sister and Layla were resting there; as such, he couldn't give up.

Fatty Joe gritted his teeth as a firm look came on his face, he helped Breya up and spoke, "Breya, leave it to me, I'll protect you so fight behind me..."

Brey was a bit surprised but this, but she feigned indifference as she replied, "I'll leave it to you."

Fatty Joe thought nothing of this; he nodded as he turned to face the monster that lurked upon them. His fat figure seemed to have grown a tad larger as his back appeared to carry the weight of the world.

Breya looked at this in a daze, but a warm look came in her eyes as she muttered, "So foolish, with my strength, how could I have quickly grown so weaken? He's so dumb, yet at times, so masculine... sister was right, it's sometimes the weaker man with the larger, spirit…"

As Breya thought to here, she licked her lips slightly, showing no ounce of shyness. However, she knew what to do at the current time.

Breya's eyes swept across the surroundings and saw that all the fierce battles had ended, and both Evan and Rick had vanished as if they had gone somewhere else.

Her lips curved into a smile as she glanced towards both Emilia's and Layla's door then muttered, "It's time for operation Chrysalis..."

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