Ascenders Rift Chapter 49: Layla's Father? Uncle Kain...


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As Evan and Layla sat within the park, the cool morning breeze would shuffle about their surroundings carrying various leaves and objects with the wind. Layla now had a distant look on her face, with a tinge of sadness as she stared off into the vast blue sky. Evan, who saw this, remained silent as he knew she was only trying to prep her mind for the following.

Layla's eyes flashed with recollection as she spoke, "You see, there was a time where my father, my mother and I would go out, a time where we'd share our joys and sorrows. Mother used to love these outings, she'd prepare a large basket of food, and with how father used to be, he'd go off and gather some treats for us. On days like these, we'd have gone a trip somewhere, finding the best scenic sight to eat and enjoy ourselves. Every time we did this, both mother and father would turn to the sky as father had a habit of speaking at such times. The last time he did this, he said - do you see the boundlessness of our sky? So free and without limit, it is in this way that we as lifeforms must continue to thrive, for there is no path with a permanent end. Your unyielding fate to thrive in the world around you is the road to your future..."

After hearing this, Evan was a bit surprised as he thought, "Such peculiar words, it seems her father is a man with quite the broad vision..."

Yet, as Evan thought such, Layla then continued speaking, "However, this changed after my mother's passing. Since then, my father has never really spoken to me much; he had grown distant to the point where we no longer even live in the same house due to certain circumstances. To try and bridge this gap, we had agreed that on the fifteenth of each month, we would at least meet up in the mornings to talk about our lives. But, just today, he sent me a message stating that we should no longer meet up..."

Evan looked at Layla, whose expression was now sad as he gently tapped her shoulder and spoke, "Layla, don't be sad, it could probably be that he's fallen busy with too much work on his hands..."

Yet, though Evan said this, his eyes flashed as he pondered, "Why would he say that? Does a father need to separate himself from his daughter to such a degree? Or could it be that he's hiding something?"

Layla, who heard Evan's previous words, couldn't help but feel better. She wiped her tears as she lifted her head and spoke, "I suppose you're right... maybe, he's just busy with work."

Evan know that it was probably more than this, but as he thought to here, he couldn't help but ask, "Layla, where does your father work?"

Layla was now feeling much better; she thought for a bit as she replied, "Oh, it's a pretty popular technology company, mother use to say that he was pretty high up in its standings."

Evan pondered as he spoke, "Hmm… which one?"

As Layla saw Evan's curious look, she tilted her head as she asked, "Hmm, why are you so curious about his company?"

"..." Evan didn't know how to reply to this; he thought for a bit before he answered with a smile as he scratched the back of his head, "Ah, well you see, I've always been a fan of technology myself."

Layla gave Evan a suspicious stare before she rolled her eyes and smirked as she replied, "Okay, I'll let you know. His companies name is on this card..."

As she said this, she pulled a red card from out of her small purse as she teased Evan with it by slowly moving it before his face.

Evan seeing this smiled as he spoke, "Heh, are you teasing me now? Should I take this as an invitation to do something?"

Layla didn't think he would say such a thing her face turned red as she quickly spoke to clarify, "I... I did not say such a thing! Here, you can have it!"

As she tossed the card to Evan, he quickly reacted by moving his hand in a blurry fashion before returning it to its normal position. Now, the red card was neatly placed within the two of his fingers.

Layla glared at this before she stuck out her tongue and spoke, "Hmph! That's it I'm done; I'm heading back to the room..."

Evan laughed at this as he reached his hand forward to stop her and spoke, "Wait, I'll apologize by doing something. Hmm, how about you accompany me outside of the campus? I am going to buy some supplies for our trip later today."

Layla was a bit surprised, she hesitated for a bit, but as she remembered the Sweet Pudding, she couldn't help but swallow as she spoke, "F-Fine, I'll come with you... but only this time."

Evan chuckled as he replied, "Of course, anything you say."

Not long after, the two had left this area as they arranged a few things before they left for the entrance of the campus.

At this hour, not many students were around as most were off at the cafeteria, and others were now preparing for classes. The scene seemed to be one of complete tranquillity, free from the early hubbub.

Layla smiled and spoke, "It's so quiet, its times like these when I really enjoy having a stroll around the campus..."

Evan, hearing this, asked, "Oh, did you do this a lot in your previous years."

Layla nodded with a happy expression; her eyes flashed as if she made up her mind about something as she glanced at Evan from their corners while speaking, "That's right; you could say that it was one of my joys... only second to my favorite hobby."

Evan smiled but didn't reply, he knew about this hobby of hers quite well. Layla saw that Evan remained silent, she leaned in and looked at him teasingly and asked, "Well, aren't you going to ask me what that hobby is?"

Evan shook his head and made a clueless look as he spoke dumbly, "Eh? What now?"

Layla giggled as she mocked his silly face, "You look so dumb with your acting... fine, I'll be kind and tell you,"

As Layla said this, her expression soon changed from the previously simple-minded free spirit. At this moment, she was filled with the charms of a mature beauty with endless grace. Her slanted hazel eyes flashed with a bright color, as she stared at him intensely.

Evan started to sweat as he swallowed his spit, his arm began to tremble as he knew right now, she wasn't 'kidding' around. Layla leaned in close to his ears, as her breath brush the side of his face as she murmured, "My hobby is..."

Layla was about to say something, but before she could finish, something happened. Her phone in her pocket had begun to ring as the recorded tune of her humming sounded about the area.

Layla hearing this pouted before she returned to normal stance and picked up her phone, she was a bit annoyed, but as she saw the number her face couldn't help but turn excited as she hurried to answer, "Father!"

Evan seeing that she had returned to normal, was relieved. He knew what would happen if he had continued to provoke her full-on in the matters of sentiment. No matter how innocent she seems, she was still a woman, a being that naturally has multiple sides.

Still, before Evan could sigh in relief, he looked at Layla in wonder as he recalled the name she had just exclaimed. Evan thought to himself, "So it would seem that I was only over-thinking, he really must have only been busy with work."

Evan said as he overheard Layla's conversation, Layla's face was beaming with radiance as she spoke happily to her father, "Father, do you really mean it? Can we still meet today?"

The voice on the phone replied, "My darling daughter... of course I do. There is also something important that I'd like to speak to you about in person."

Layla made a bit of a confused face as she asked, "Something important?"

"Indeed, very important. Don't worry; I won't take too much time away from our bonding. I have already sent my aid to pick you up, and he should be arriving at your compound at any moment right now." The voice said leisurely.

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"Hmm, okay, I can't wait to see you, father," Layla replied with a smile.

"Me too, have a safe trip," As the voice said this, the phone then hung up from his side.

Layla looked at the Caller ID with a smile before she pocketed her phone, after a short moment, she remembered that Evan was nearby. An embarrassed look came on her face as she just remembered that she had promised to go out with him into the town.

"E-Evan... I'm sorry, it seems that I'll have to meet up with my..." Layla tried to explain herself, but Evan merely placed one finger on her heart-shaped red lips as he spoke.

"It's okay, I understand. You go on and have fun with your dad, but remember our meeting location in the town later." Evan said with a smile.

Layla's eyes flashed as she looked at him deeply for a bit, she then bit his finger causing him to shout as she pulled her head back and spoke while hurrying away, "That's what you get for being so understanding, I'll see you later."

Evan looked at her slender back with her hair that swayed as she ran with a melancholic look on his face, his mouth curved into a smile when he muttered, "Ha, and just like last time, you've once again marked me as your territory. This hobby of yours is something else..."

As he said this, his eyes wandered onto the bite mark on his finger as he showed a warm smile. Soon though, he felt a chilly feeling causing him to become a bit startled. He cast his eyes forward and saw that a man had appeared before Layla.

It was a man with a rectangular face, pale skin, slim nose, and sharp looking brown eyes hidden behind his long black hair that fell below his forehead. He wore a simple butler suit with black gloves over his wrists.

This man seemed as if he was always there, and even by looking at him, he still seemed as if he was nowhere here. A fleeting presence is what one would describe it, the man looked at Evan in an icy manner, before he bowed to Layla and spoke, "Miss, I am here to greet you on behalf of the Chief."

Layla seeing this nodded as she was already used to this man, she spoke, "Uncle Kain, come, let's go."

"Right away," Kain said as he promptly brought her to a pristine looking black car with a unique license plate.

The car revved its engine before it drove off and vanished into the distant busy street, Evan, who was still shocked by the man called Kain grew solemn as he thought, "This man, I remember seeing him before.. but where?"

Evan kept thinking for a while until he recalled the card Layla gave him, although he had only swept his eyes across it quickly. He still remembered the name on its surface, his face sunk when he muttered, "Yes, it's that Val Corps. He is the second in command to the Chief of the Val Corps, the very same man who appeared during the first public appearance of RADA, forming a partnership between both groups."

Evan's expression soon turned serious as he gazed into the distant street and thought, "Her father... if he is the Chief of the Val Corps, then what does he have to do with RADA? Are you telling me that he's in leagues with their plot?"

Evan thought hard for a while, but no one could give him any direct answers, he sighed before he gripped his fists and started to walk towards the town as he thought once more, "It can't be helped, my info is limited, if possible I shall meet up with Alan before we head off and find out more about this Val Corps."

His figure soon left the area, as the silent scene remained as such as the day continued in full.

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