Ascenders Rift Chapter 43: The Ascenders Rift, Unyielding Spirit!


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The scene before everyone was one that could cause alarm to anyone, making even the firmest willed soldier fall to his knees in terror. It was to such an extent that if anyone were to see it, it would cause a worldwide panic easily capable of creating disorder.

Currently, before the eyes of Evan, Rick, Layla, Cline, Breya, and Emilia, a bright ray of white light had appeared within deep space. It flashed before making a spiral around the strange red planet within an instant. However, because of the high-tech attachments used by the telescope, these movements were accurately registered and slowly replayed.

Looking at the scene in detail, Rick and the others saw a scene they would never forget in their lifetime. The view of the red planet, being swallowed by the ray of white light. Soon, the planet was engulfed as the ray of white light had flashed even more brightly. The moment this happened, the high-end telescope had managed to capture an image inside of the beam of white lights.

Carefully looking at it, one would see an object that seemed no different from a scroll. It was a gigantic scroll no smaller than a planet, its runic markings obscured by the white lights before it was wholly enveloped once more.

Soon, this ball of white light had begun to spin at a rapid rate, transforming into something akin to a portal as it tore through space, vanishing and occasionally appearing many hundreds of thousands of kilometers towards their solar system in a mere flash.

Nevertheless, this was only a recording as the ball of light had vanished from the range of the telescope.

Cline was alarmed, he exclaimed, "This... isn't this that thing? What the hell has it done?!"

"E-Evan... w-what"s going one?" Layla said with a look fear on her face.

"B-Brother Evan, you're not kidding me, right? Did that shit happen just now?" Fatty Joe said in shock, as his mouth opened wide.

Both Rick and Breya were more informed of the potential disaster in the future, but never did they imagine something like this, their faces were now pale.

Evan looked at everyone's expression as he shook his head and replied with a deep look on his face, "That is known as an Ascenders Rift,"

Rick who heard this was alarmed, he exclaimed, "You're telling me that this is the thing that will...!"

He was about to say something, but Evan promptly spoke to cut him off, "Indeed, this is the 1st Calamity that will descend upon us at the end of this month, once this rift arrives the world we know it will change. All the Lesser Spaces hidden within our world shall become active because of a Godly Decree. These spaces are doorways to separate realms that can be both an opportunity and tragedy based on how they are handled. But in the end, nothing is more dangerous than Ascenders Rifts, for those Lesser Spaces are merely trials met to train us for the Ascenders Rifts."

"You... what's all this crap? Lesser Space? Rift? What are you even saying brat?" Cline spoke with a crazed expression, his face filled with fear.

Layla and the others had been given an understanding of the Lesser Spaces at the school meeting, but that was only an initial introduction.

As they heard Evan saying that they would turn active at the end of this month, their faces grew dark as a look of panic showed on their faces.

Fatty Joe sucked up his fear and spoke, "B-Brother Evan, you said that this thing is a calamity? Will our planet be erased just like that one in just now?"

Evan sighed and spoke, "If we fail to complete something that is known as a Rift Quest, then yes, our planet will be no different from that one, we will all be swallowed by that Rift, or worse."

Fatty Joe and the others began to tremble at those words. They looked at Evan silently as they didn't even know how to react to such a statement.

Cline, who seemed to have only managed to put himself together, spoke, "I... I couldn't help but notice you said 1st Calamity... are you telling me that even if we could resist that thing, there will be more in the future?"

Evan looked at Cline before he shifted his eyes on the screen, he gazed at the ray of light that had been recorded as he spoke in a soft tone, "Indeed, there are a total of Seven Calamities. Each connected to a powerful world far beyond the likes you've ever seen, even these Lesser Spaces are a far cry from comparing. Yet, though these worlds are dangerous, the Lesser Spaces can similarly evolve. In the age to come, we must not only pay close attention to these Ascenders Rifts but similarly take keen to the Lesser Spaces in our world."

"....." The scene within the private section of the telescope was filled with silence as Cline, Breya, Layla, Emilia, Rick, and Fatty Joe were silent as they now seemed to be thinking about the future.

Evan looked at their faces noting their grim looks as he spoke with an inspiring tone, "Come on guys, no need to fall so bleak, it's not like there isn't any hope. Remember, where there are dangers, there are also chances, and the only way to overcome this new future of chaos is to grow stronger. We must strive to better ourselves amid this hell, for only then can we truly protect the lives of not only ourselves but those whom we hold dear. Only by striving forward with an unyielding spirit and unbreakable will can we strive for the better hood of humanity."

As Evan spoke, a firm look could be seen on his face as his body gave off a dominant will. This mood influenced Rick, who was a bit hesitant. He gripped his fist while shouting in his mind, "That's right, I can't falter simply due to some monstrous threat. I've seen it myself, the powers we can gain from the Lesser Spaces, so long as I strive further, I can grow stronger. I can become strong enough to protect everyone and everything from such a fate..."

Fatty Joe's eyes flashed as well as he spoke out loud, "Brother Evan, Although I'm not certain of the current, I know that if we strive for the future... then no matter what happens, we will be able to overcome these dangers."

"Giving up is not the way of my family," Breya said with a now calmer look on her face.

Layla and Emilia were a bit hesitant; their arms trembled as they recalled the scene, but after looking at Evan and the others. The gripped their fists tightly as they spoke separately.

"I... I don't know how much I'll be able to do, but like big brother said, If I give it my all, then maybe... maybe I can also make a difference." Emilia said as she gripped the lower hem corners of her dress to stop her trembling.

Layla looked at everyone before fixing her eyes on Evan, her arm still trembled, but she grasped them together and spoke, "Evan, everyone, I don't want to be a burden... I don't like to fight, but if there's no other way to persist in the future..."

After saying this, Layla took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and opened them. Once this happened, her expression changed to one of determination as a strange but vague purple light shone in her pupils when she spoke again, "I will do my best to see a better future..."

Evan seeing this smiled as he sized up everyone carefully; he couldn't help but think to himself, "Good, they are conscious now. With this, they should be ready to train themselves properly. At least, Emilia and Layla aren't as hindered by their personal feelings as before..."

While Evan was in thought, Cline, who had taken a while to digest everything, gripped his fists and spoke, "Sir Evan, if I may ask, how do you know of such things?"

Rick and the others were similarly curious; they looked at Evan deeply as they wanted to hear how he would respond to this question.

Evan knew that this question would be asked at some point, he looked at everyone before locking his eyes onto Cline and replying, "Let's just say, I've had a few uncommon experiences."

As Cline and the others heard this, they knew that Evan wasn't going to say it in detail. He looked at him deeply, as both Ricks and Breya's eyes flashed for a moment before returning to normal.

Cline looked at Evan and spoke, "I understand,"

After saying this, Cline turned his sights onto the image of the recorded ball of light, he pushed a button, and the recorded image vanished, revealing the typical scene of deep space. He then took out a small chip from a compartment and placed it in his sleeves.

At this time, the white light had already long since vanished, and because of its elusive nature and incredible speed, it will take a very long to pinpoint its next position accurately. However, Cline now had a better look on his face as he smiled and spoke, "I have already recorded that scene, with this I can prove my statements, not only of its existence but of the potential threat it will pose to our kind..."

Evan looked at Cline and spoke, "I strongly advise you not to speak of the details I've given you. If you want to speak of something, it's better to only give the data with regards to the planet being destroyed, as for my prediction about it traveling towards the earth and its actual name, keep it to yourself."

Cline looked at Evan deeply as he was about to question why, but as he saw the serious look on Evan's face, he started to sweat as he thought, "I-Is it possible that there's some danger I don't know about?"

He looked at Evan for a while longer before he replied, "I... I understand..."

Evan seeing how keen Cline was nodded as he spoke, "Good, Cline... take care of yourself, may we meet again. Let's go, guys."

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As Evan turned around and left the private compartment of the telescope, Fatty Joe, and everyone who heard his words quickly followed. Now, all that remained was Cline, who shifted his eyes onto the ever so ominous, but mysterious deep space.

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