Ascenders Rift Chapter 28: Black Crystal Pendant! A Fateful Encounter?


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Time passed quickly as night fell upon the campus, yet, despite this change, most campus centers didn't close but instead grew even more active at these hours. If one looked around, they would notice many students were now loitering around in the company of friends and others.

At this time, Evan was still cooped up within the hostel, locked away in a dark room which shone with strange lights. In a while, these lights had faded as the scene returned to normal.

Clap! A loud clapping noise sounded as Evan placed his two palms together, resulting in the ceiling light for the room turning on itself.

Evan smiled as he muttered, "Nice! They're finally complete... my Black Crystal Pendants."

As Evan said this, a few objects appeared within his hands; they were small pinky-sized shiny black crystals with strange markings on their surfaces. Looking at their ends, one would notice that a few strings were connected to them, fashioning them into something akin to necklaces.

Evan grabbed one of them as he spoke, "One for me, the rest can be used for Fatty, Emilia, and anyone else... now then, it's time to test it."

Not long after saying this, Evan stored the other necklaces into his storage space before he placed one of them around his neck. He then looked at the mirror, seeing the vaguely shining markings on their face as he spoke, "Status."

Not long after those words, Evan's basic details were now revealed.

[Evan Cross]

[Race - Human | State - Unawakend]

[Class - None]

[Health - 100]

[Battle Power - 0]

[Strength - 7]

[Vitality - 6]

[Agility - 7]

[Talent - None]

[Skills - None]

Evan showed a satisfied look as he saw his details, he couldn't help but smile as he spoke, "It's even better than I'd imagine, now I look no different from my previous unawakened self except for my Special Status. Though these stats were more of a kind viewable on a gifted, special elite soldier. Now, I can somewhat rest at ease even if those RADA instructors have already awakened..."

After Evan said this, his eyes then shifted towards the Void Blood Pendant as he recalled it's last words; he softly spoke, "So, it would seem that all it needed was Spirit Power to allow of itself to correspond for a certain period. I don't recall feeding it any of mine, not even subconsciously, as my stat would have shown a decrease, this means that the pendant is capable of somehow acquiring Spirit Power on its own. Since it's like this, when It fully recharges again, I'll see if I can ask it about that method..."

"Well then, it's time I start handing a few of these things off," Evan said as he rose to his feet and arranged his clothing, not long after the door made an opening creak before it closed as he left the hostel.

Eventually, he had arrived at the front of the building, taking in the nightly scenic sights along with the various students that were out idling. There was a narrow path paved with marble, leading through an on-campus park that acted like a shortcut to the various campus centers.

While Evan walked through it, he couldn't help but calmly listen to the running waters that came from fountains as well as the chirping of night-time birds. Soon, he once more found himself in a state of subliminal calmness, a peace he had almost forgotten. Yet, this harmony was fueled by a mellow voice.

It was as if he walked from the earth and ascended to the heavens, listening to a graceful and melodic tune sung by an angel's mellow voice. One capable of easing the weary man's heart and mind, giving the impression of a soft current that was gently guiding a boat across tranquil waters.

Evan, hearing this voice, had unconsciously begun to walk towards its source, his body and mind falling deep into a trance-like state.

[Spirit Power has increased by 1.]

Despite that notification, Evan didn't even seem to notice, eventually, he had arrived rather a colorful section of the park, an area where many different peach-colored leaves from unusual peach trees, scattered about the lush ground. Though beautiful, however, it was an oddly empty scenery, as for some reason, no one else had ventured to these parts.

Yet, at this time, only two could be seen standing within its boundaries. Evan, who stood in a daze with his eyes closed, along with a gorgeous young woman with long flowing purple hair and an oval-shaped face.

She had a low bridge nose, rounded lips, with slanted hazel eyes that had long eyelashes. Her dress was one with bright silvery-white stripes that fell to her thighs as a stylish purple slipper with multiple straps that reached to her kneecaps was on her slender feet.

At this moment, her heart-shaped red lips were slightly open, releasing the melodious tune crafted by a string of words from her mellow voice. Each note has a unique flair, that could cause even the most exquisite bird to pause its chirping in awe. In moments, her song had ended, as she continued to hum while shifting her sights to her surroundings.

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Yet, as she did this, she couldn't help but grow surprised as she saw a man not too far away from her position. A handsome young man with uncommon makings, he stood there in a daze, unable to awaken himself from her previous tunes.

"Who is he...?" The girl asked herself as she looked at him curiously.

She wanted to figure out more, so she got up from her position and walked over. As she arrived before him, she stooped over to stared at his face more clearly, causing the cherry blossom scent that saturated her being to waft towards his nose, acting no different from threads of the netherworld used to pull back lost souls.

Instantly, Evan was roused from his state of harmony with the world, his eyes shining with a bright light as he gazed upon the scene, or rather, the beauty that stood before him.

Her eyes widened because she was looking to inspect him in detail; she had unknowingly placed her face close to Evan's. Her eyes were now staring directly into his, the pair's eyes seeming no different from a gate to both of their souls, sparkling in a myriad of lights that seemed capable of stretching beyond time.

In this single instance, both seemed to have experienced a myriad of lives, as if one moment became an eternity. The beauty did not expect such a strange scene; she fell backward with her face flushed red as she spoke incoherently, "I... I..."

Evan, who had now finally regained his state of mind, found himself baffled; he looked at the beautiful sight of the blushing angel before he smiled and thought, "So, it turns out that there is a thing such as fate. Just like that time, so we meet again..."

After thinking here, Evan smiled as his eyes showed a recollective light. He pictured himself from the past, and he stretched his hand forward. In moments, Evan had synchronized with himself from his memories as they spoke the same words in unison, "I'm sorry for frightening you... beauty, are you okay?"

The beauty was a bit embarrassed, but as she saw Evan's outstretched arm and calm, composed face, she couldn't help but feel a bit at ease as she reached for it and replied, "I... I think I'm fine; I was only startled for a bit."

Evan quickly helped her from the ground, watching as she dusts off her dress, he then spoke again, "It happens, it was my fault for wandering here, you see it's my first time on campus. Still, that song just now was rather beautiful, almost like yourself, I'm curious, might I be fortunate enough to be graced by your name?"

The beauty that only now reorganized herself blushed once again as she gave Evan a sideways glance and spoke, "You know, you do have a way with your words, Mr. Um... Um..."

Evan, hearing this smirked and replied, "It's Evan... Evan Cross..."

The beauty seeing his look was a bit embarrassed, but she pouted and replied, "Mr. Evan, I-I don't see why I should greet you with my name... we're only strangers after all..."

Evan grinned as he replied, "A stranger today becomes tomorrow's friend. A friend of tomorrow becomes a partner to the end. Life is a short moment, so why limit one's possibilities?"

"You... h-h-how, can you say such a thing?" The beauty said in surprise as she blushed and turned her head, not daring to look Evan in the eyes.

Evan laughed as he spoke with a sigh, "Haha, okay, fine... I won't tease you any longer, that song just now was too wonderful. Not to mention it being sung by a woman of charm too, I can't listen to such a remarkable piece and merely leave like I never heard it."

As Evan said this, he put his hand in his pocket and whispered for the black crystal pendant to appear. He then took it out and tossed it to her and spoke, "Here... take this, always keep it with you. Consider it as my token of appreciation, oh, and one more thing, if you value my little gift promise me that you'll never show it to anyone else..."

As Evan said the last words, he made a cheeky winked at the beauty before he turned around and prepared to leave this area.

"Hmph! So smug, fine I'll promise…" The beauty said as she rolled her eyes.

Soon though, her eyes were drawn towards the mysterious black crystal pendant. As she saw it, her eyes widen in wonder as she exclaimed, "Oh, it's so pretty! Where did you get such a gem? Am I really allowed to keep it?"

Her face was flushed red as she wanted to ask him more about it, but Evan's back was now reasonably distant. She soon showed a loss look on her face as she saw this, after a short moment her eyes grew a bit determined as she bit her lips and spoke in a soft voice, "It's Layla... my name is Layla Valentine..."

Evan, who was a distance away seemed to have heard her words, he smiled and replied while waving the back of his hand, "Oh... just like yourself, a captivating name. We'll meet again, Layla..."

After saying his piece, Evan soon after left the area, as his shadow vanished into the dark. Layla's eyes were fixed towards the direction Evan left, her breath a bit unsteady as she firmly grasped the black crystal pendant in her palms.

Her eyes flashed in a curious light as she spoke in a voice that trailed off into the surrounding winds, "Evan... just who are you...?"

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