Ascenders Rift Chapter 26: Startling Thunder? An Unexpected Change!


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The day was now at its peak, as the earlier commotion had died down. The on-campus lecturers had already punished the brashest of the troublemakers before going further to give both Michael and Nelia a stern warning considering public behavior. Now, it was unknown when it started, but an unofficial rumor was increasing around the campus, clearly elaborating on a particular story. One which claimed that the Keller Family had unjustly accused Evan of a criminal act, forcing him to miss a significant portion of his school life.

These details caused those who were on campus to grow alarmed. Still, they didn't create another unnecessary commotion, like all things in the college grapevine; it eventually faded, as no one remained interested enough to stick their noses in other's personal affairs.

Within the highest room in the hostels, Michael had an angry look on his face. After a while, he tossed a bottle of wine onto the wall, causing it to break into pieces as its contents splattered on the ground.

"Blast! Who the hell is helping him? That fat shit, he doesn't have such influence! If I ever find that bastard, I'll let him rue the day he dares to go against my interests!" Michael cursed as he vented.

"Brother... that Evan no longer seems so easy, maybe he's already made a few friends in higher places. I, I think we should..." Nelia was about to suggest stopping from acting further.

However, Michael had other plans; he was born a noble and treated as such since birth. How could he a councilman's son, not get the body of any woman he desires? How could trash like Evan be allowed to injure him? How could he be shamed and reprimanded by the teachers of the academy for anything he does, and blocked by the Golden Palace's Manager for his prior misconduct?

Even now, the authorities were looking into his vile scheme done to Evan with the use of his sister, and if they had a bit more time, all would eventually be decided. However, Michael did not care about this, as his father was more than enough to deter any further actions by the police. To him, his number one priority right now was to make Evan pay.

"You son of a bitch... I don't know whose leg you've climbed on, but wait, sooner or later, I'll let you spit my name with your blood!" As Michael thought to here, he walked out of the room and slammed the door leaving behind the now shivering Nelia.

"Big Brother... please don't do anything foolish..." Nelia muttered as she looked at the door with a slight amount of fear.

Within the very same hostel, in the reasonably distant room 401. The floor was now a mess with chicken buckets scattered about randomly. Two figures laid down on their backs with their mouth covered in oil. The thick scent of fry chicken wafting across the hallway as a few other dorm students couldn't help but rub their bellies in envy.

"Who the fuck is eating fry chicken without telling anyone?" Someone shouted in anger.

"Che! You bastards better not let me find you, so mean, eating so much that it stinks up our hallways. Still, if you're willing to share, then maybe I can look past it!" Another voice shouted across the hostel.

Soon, a rumor began to spread across the dorm as many began any search to find the source of the mysterious chicken eater. Yet, the ones in question remained idle and at ease in room 401.

Burp! With a loud belch, the fat belly of Fatty Joe jiggled as he swallowed a giant chicken leg chewing down even the bone.

Evan, whose mouth was similarly oily, laid on his back while patting his swelled-up belly. As he did this, he couldn't but curse as he spoke, "Darn you Fatty... if it weren't for you getting so much chicken where would I have a chance to eat like this, now I'm not certain how much weight I've put on because of you."

Fatty Joe smirked as he retorted, "Che! It's not like you've eaten anything good in your last two years now, have you? Consider it as you making up for that lost time..."

Evan, hearing this snorted as he spoke, "Hmph! Well, I'd have rather stayed in jail than come out to eat all this pile of junk."

Fatty Joe laughed as he spoke, "Haha! So, let me guess, you'd have rather stayed in the company of that Black Hawk and White Snake..."

Evan's face sunk as he recalled some dark memories, memories that he had placed behind him even in his last incarnation.

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"You bastard, how do you know about that?" Evan shouted as he struggled to raise his body and glared at Fatty Joe.

"A wealthy man will always have his connections... haha!" Fatty Joe responded mysteriously.

A slight silence soon after formed in the room between the two, but not long after, they both started to laugh, "Hahaha!'

After a while, Evan spoke with a softer tone, "You fat bastard..."

Fatty Joe smirked and replied in kind, "Well excuse me, Mr. Soap King..."

Evan paused on the jokes as he asked, "Hmm, by the way, where's your sister?"

Fatty Joe was stunned as he took on a defensive tone and spoke, "You... Evan, you better not tell me that you're interested in my baby sister, you bastard!"

"What the hell, man? Like hell I would be!" Evan was so shocked he cursed in a teenage-like manner that he had not done in many years.

"Hahaha! Listen to you. You sounded like some little punk just now..." Fatty Joe mocked.

"Tsk! Forget I asked..." Evan said no longer having any interest in the discussion.

Fatty snickered before he replied, "She's at the female dorms, of course, we'll be seeing her in class tomorrow. I say life can be a miracle sometimes, who would have thought that we'd end up in the same classes, such a wonderful coincidence..."

"Like hell it is..." Evan said as he rolled his eyes.

As both Evan and Fatty Joe were having a discussion, a slight commotion was heard outside their door. If one could peer through the keyhole, they would see that a small crowd had gathered around a skinny youth with a big nose.

His head was held high as he sniffed the hallway, eventually pointing with his nose at the door as he yelled, "It's here, definitely coming from that door!"

The crowd of hungry dormers was excited at this news; they started beating on the door.

Bang-bang-bang! The door wildly shook as if a battering ram was hitting it as they hungry dormers yelled, "Open up! It's a room inspection!"

Evan, hearing this snickered as he looked at Fatty Joe and spoke, "It seems that these bastards are here to steal your meat. Fatty, looks like you've got quite the trouble on your hands."

Fatty Joe laughed as his eyes shone with a dark glint when he replied, "To steal my fry chicken, they must be mad... open it!"

Evan felt a chill as he saw that look, he had witnessed this look many times on the battlefield camping grounds. The look showed only when Fatty Joe was upset at strangers wanting to steal his food. His eyes soon turned to one of pity as he knew what was about to come.

Not wasting time, Evan walked towards the door and opened it. The instant this happened, a team of men ran inside, soon occupying its entirety. Evan quietly slipped away from this setting, arriving on the room's exterior as his eyes gazed at the door no different from one would do a gravesite.

The roaring sounds of the dormers echoed from the room as they shouted at Fatty Joe, "Joe Goldsmith! I know that you are new here, but I am pretty certain that we've made sure to teach you of our dorm rules. There is a special code between all dormers, and it is that - you must eat to share and share to eat - this is the way of the Morning Star Dormers. How can you eat so much chicken and not share any with us?"

"That's right. Even if you can't find any, you better cough up the rest of the chicken and share!"

Evan snickered as he heard that he spoke, "Bad move..."

As if he heard Evan's word, Fatty Joe's voice sounded from the clustered room, "You want me to cough this chicken, fine... I, too, like the share what I eat, here take a good whiff of my offering..."

Evan took a few more steps back as he heard those words, not long after a thunderous noise sounded across the entire hostel, causing many to lift their heads in surprise. Yet, those who were more surprised were none other than those in room 401. The faces of the hungry dormers turned into a myriad of colors, before becoming ghastly pale.

"Runaway!" One voice shouted as a dormer ran away in panic while coughing.

"God damn! You fat bastard, I'll get you back for this!" Another person said.

Soon, all the hungry dormers had vanished form the toxic zone as Evan spoke in a grave tone, "Not even ascension can give anyone the right to fight against that fart. It is the most toxic thing on this planet..."

Upon saying this, Evan was about to head towards an area to wait it out a bit. However

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