Ascenders Rift Chapter 20: Dual Class, The Secret of the Black Crystals?


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A bright scarlet light had enveloped everything within a sector of Arelith, and though it only lasted for a moment; its influence was enough to instill fear in the already lifeless creatures that roamed this land. The various Level 1 and Level 2 Zombies scurried far away as they instinctively felt that by encountering it, they would genuinely be able to meet their ends.

As the lights faded, Evan's hovering figure appeared as he landed on the ground. His body's hair dyed in a tinge of red only for a moment before it returned to normal. Soon, Evan and opened his eyes, staring at his palms with a brilliant smile on his face. He spoke with an excited tone, "Wonderful... truly wonderful... with this, I am prepared..."

Evan said as series of text appeared before his eyes, while the voice of the system reached his ears.

[Transformation complete, Host Evan has acquired the Divine Executor Class!]

[Because of the Host's current Life Standard, all stats shall be optimized.]

[As the Host is a Lesser Ascended Being, all stats shall only be increased by +1 per level. Recalculating stats total: calculation complete.]

[Total stats per level shall be increased by a total of +6.]

[Lesser Skills has been acquired!]

Evan's smile grew even wider as he shouted, "Status!" Not long after, a series of information appeared within Evan's mind.

[Evan Cross - Special Status - ????????]

[Race - Human | State - Stage 1 Ascended Being]

[Class - Void Inheritor |??? Tier Class]

[Class - Divine Executor |Apex Tier Class]

[Title - The Fallen's Executor]

[Level - 3]

[Next Level - 6000 EXP]

[Total EXP - 0]

[Health - 300]

[Spirit Power - 15]

[Battle Energy - 15]

[Strength - 37(25+6+3+3)]

[Vitality - 28(24+2+2)]

[Agility - 38(25+6+7)]

[Defense - 41(21+6+4+4+4+2)]

[Stat Comparison:]

[Previous: SP - 10 | BE - 10 | S - 31 | V - 22 | A - 32 | D - 35]

[Current: SP - 15 | BE - 15 | S - 37 | V - 28 | A - 38 | D - 41]


[Void Spirit - A soul that has an innate connection with all things in the universe, a natural affinity with space, and the world around it. Effects are unknown...]

[Void Skills:]

[Void Blade - A blade conjured from the universe; it can be wielded to attack with a damaged power connected with one's Spirit Power.]

[Void????? ◆: Sealed - Requires 250 SP to unseal.]

[Executor Skills:]

[Executioner Slash - A blade from the executor is certain to cut all lives, it can cleave away the void bringing any life to its fate.]

[Death... ◆: Sealed 250 BE to unseal.]

Evan was pleased as he saw these details, he thought, "With my current stats as they are, I can pretty much face off against a Superior Level 3 Monster, while my defense has entered the ranks of Level 4 Monsters. If I were to use my Battle Energy, I'd now be able to get a +15 stat boost allowing me to face off against weaker Level 5 Monsters, once I use my Void Blade Skill, If I'm careful I might even be able to kill a Level 6 Monster that's unguarded. In comparison, the standard human ascender is only capable of a +3 natural stat boosts per level, with Lesser Tier, Superior Tier, and even the rare, Apex Tier Classes capable of giving an additional 1 to 3 stats per level based on their Life Standard. If anything, the only exceptions to this are those born with natural stat-boosting Talents like Layla, and Fatty…"

As Evan spoke to here, his eyes couldn't help but fall onto his various skills, before they narrowed. He muttered, "As I guessed, the Unique Stats requirements are certainly no joke. Sigh... and as always, regardless of class, Battle Energy will only increase by +5 per level. It seems that the even rarer Spirit Power has the same rate of increase. It's too low, even at the later stages of the Arrival of the Ascenders Rifts, there were too few who could find ways to increase these Unique Stats. I need to find a solution..."

At this time, while Evan was preoccupied with his thoughts, a slight amount of struggling movements could be heard, causing him to awaken. As he looked towards the source, Evan's mouth curved into a smile as he spoke, "Oh, what do we have here? Stalker... where are you going?"

Ralph who was covered in blood as he desperately crawled on the ground couldn't help but shudder as he heard those words, he halted his movements, turning his head to look behind him as he looked at Evan's face.

Upon seeing the calm and collected look on Evan's face, Ralph felt that he might have a bit of hope. He opened his mount and spoke in a struggling manner, "E-E-E-van... I... I... w-we can... talk..."

"Mr. Stalker... no need to beg, let's both be civilized here, remember you're the one who wanted to chase me. But, as I am a kind man, I'll be reasonable. If you can tell me how you got into this Lesser Space... then I won't take action against you, isn't that a fair deal?" Evan said in a cool manner.

Ralph, hearing this was stunned, he looked at Evan's face carefully as he spoke, "A-are... you... t-telling... the... t-truth?"

Evan slowly walked over Ralph's position, he then stooped down so that he could get a look at his face and smiled as he spoke in assuring manner, "Of course, you have my word..."

Ralph's face turned for the better, he was a bit uncertain, but he knew that his life was currently in Evan's hands. A man knows when to compromise for his own sake, even if it seems desperate.

Not wasting a moment, Ralph began to struggle as he gritted his teeth, reaching his weakened arm into his robes. Soon, he had removed a metal box which he passed onto Evan.

Evan seeing this looked on deeply, he then took the box and stared at Ralph, who was looking at him. Ralph then opened his mouth to speak once again, "E...Evan... our company... we... we use the Black... Crystals... to..."

Yet, as Ralph was trying to speak even more details, a strange sound was heard.

Click! Evan, hearing this vague noise, was alarmed, his eyes widened as he saw Ralph's face now carried a look of utter terror. Not even wasting a moment, Evan jumped back with all his power.

The instant Evan's body vanished, Ralph's body had glowed in a bright blue light before it exploded with a loud 'bang,' creating a sizeable explosive zone for roughly 15 meters.

As Evan saw this strange blue explosion before him, his eyes shrunk as he spoke, "This is a high yield explosive chip, one of the latest technological achievements of the military sector. Even if one has ascended, it is simply impossible to resist an explosion that comes directly from the center of your being. Not until you've at least achieved the levels of Superior Ascended Beings."

Upon speaking here, Evan couldn't help but show a solemn look as he muttered, he looked at the metal box and carefully inspected it before he opened the lid.

Not long after, a bright light flashed before revealing a bundle of shiny dark-colored crystals. On top of them, was a black card with the name, RADA, engraved on its surface.

Evan's face turned solemn as he spoke, "So it was them... this RADA group... just what are they planning. If what that Stalker was saying was correct, then the Black Crystals can be used to access Lesser Spaces, why did I not know of this back then? Since Alan has awakened, would he similarly be a part of this RADA group, was it he who sent that Stalker to assassinate me? Or was it, RADA themselves?"

As Evan spoke to here, he couldn't help but recall Ralph's words, along with his excitement when he entered the Lesser Space and had stumbled upon Aperehs.

"It's too early to judge... that Stalker seemed as if he was acting alone. I can't say for sure that he's related to Alan, but one this is certain after seeing this box's contents. He had a deep connection to RADA, strong enough for them to use such a failsafe to his predicted information breaches. This group is also by far more dangerous than I'd initially imagine, I had originally believed them to be a private entity, but now, their influence in the core of society is far too deep. I must be careful in dealing with them..."

Upon clearing his thoughts, Evan's eyes now shifted towards the explosion once again. However, it had already begun to fade into nothing. Soon, only a wide 15-meter crater was left, as Ralph had utterly vanished from this world.

"It's a pity... but at least I didn't have to use my own hands..." Evan muttered coldly; he then lifted his head, staring at the gray skies as he spoke, "It's time to leave this place."

He was about to say the command but couldn't help but notice that Aperehs sword was humming in the distance. As if it sensed Evan's gaze, the sword uprooted itself, as it instantly appeared before him. Evan was surprised as he spoke, "What's going on here? I've never heard of items left by the Bosses to be useable by awakeners, could it be related to his final words?"

Evan muttered as he recalled what Aperehs said before he died. He looked at the executioner sword deeply before his eyes flashed as he made up his mind.

"Fine, I'll accept your gift..." The moment Evan said this, the sword flashed as it turned into a beam that entered his body. Evan was a bit surprised, but he didn't panic as a notification sounded.

[You have inherited an Apex Tier Artifact, access shall be granted at the appointed rank.]

As Evan saw this, he nodded as he spoke, "So that's how it is, I guess I'll have to look forward to it at that time."

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Upon saying this, he then shouted, "Exit!"

As if the system heard his words, a series of notifications sounded once again.

[Host has requested to leave the Banished World Arelith, Host shall now be transported to the Primary Surface, for Host to gain access to both Classes in the Primary Surface, two Ascenders Crest must be carved. Shall we commence?]

"Do it," Evan replied.

[Confirmed. Commencing...]

As the system said this, two separate lights emitted from Evan's body. One being a silvery-red light as the other was more of a sinister blood-red hue, the rays spiraled around his figure before they fell onto the back of his palms.

Not long after, two separate crests had formed on both of Evan's arms. A silvery-red mark of a star-patterned design and a blood-red mark of a scythe.

Evan wanted to check them out some more, but it was at this time, a bright white light enveloped his being before carrying him towards the summits of the world. In an instant, the light tore through space and time as Evan vanished, leaving behind this harsh and bleak land, cursed to remain obscured for eternity.

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