Ascenders Rift Chapter 2: Evan’s Goals, A Witch’s Visi


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Time passed quickly, and a new day had arrived, as the morning light swept over the big city. It crept through the open windows of various buildings and high-rise, much like these areas, the apartment sectors were well lit. At these hours, there would those who got up to get an early start for the new day, doing routine exercises on the sideways and nearby parks. However, other than these few, many others slept soundly, trying to take in as much rest and hours they could get from the morning.

Evan was one such person, after last night strange events, unknown to even himself he had somehow arrived in an apartment. A reasonably sized room with small windows, a single bed, a small fridge, electric stuff, and a bathroom. The small amount of furniture consisting of desk and chairs, were oddly clean as even the carpet on the floor seemed to have been in pristine condition.

At this moment, the rays of light from the sun had beamed across Evan's bed, resting onto his somewhat haggard face. As if he sensed this, Evan's eyes trembled, forcing him to awaken to the current scene.

"This is... my room... how could I be here?!" Evan's exclaimed in shock as he rapidly rose to his feet, but it was at this very moment his head became heavy and his foot slightly unstable.

"Uh... this feeling. As if I'd been madly drinking all night, when would I have had this chance to act so foolish?" Evan shouted once more as he grasped the side of his forehead, he struggled to keep his balance before sitting himself down to think.

"Something's not right, how could I even be here again, after what happened to the world? I should have already-wait, that's right, the world..." As Evan said this, his eyes flickered as he once more rose to his feet and slowly walked towards the window.

Upon arriving here, he shifted the curtain, finally revealing the purely lit scene. The white clouds were looming in the air, along with the pure blue sky and high-rise buildings in good condition.

Evan seeing this sight was stunned, but it only took a moment for him to calm down, as the pain in his head started to fade, he began to recall the happenings of yesterday and last night. He then shifted his sight to the calendar in his room, noticing the date - January 5, 2050. After confirming this, his thoughts became apparent as he finally made his way to the mirror, looking at his youthful, handsome face, with pale and meek features.

Evan smiled as he touched his cheek and spoke, "So that's how it is, it turns out that last night wasn't a dream, I was indeed sent back here after choosing that option from that devilish god."

As he spoke here, his eyes shifted to the blood-red pendant that was now hanging around his chest. Upon seeing this, Evan smirked as he thought, "This thing... it seemed as if everything is occurring in the same order. Since I received the Void Blood Pendant at the same time, I suppose I'll be getting my Ascenders Crest the very same way yet again."

As he recalled the scene from last night, Evan began to contemplate, "If I were to recall correctly, I was released from prison after being framed for an assault against that hussy from my high school year. Hmph! Although I was a bit impulsive back then, I did act to save a girl from that pesky brother of hers. If I were to recall correctly, that girl was also the sister of Fatty Joe. The very same person that should have brought me back here..."

As he recalled Fatso Joe, Evan's eyes couldn't help but get watery as he remembered the scene of him dying not too long after the apocalyptic events.

"Fatty Joe, you were truly a great friend, never did I think that despite me locked away after our school graduation, and you having your family suppressed by that bastard. You'd still go out of your way to help me behind my back for years, going as far as to maintain and pay the rent of this dirty old apartment in my stead. In the end, I let you die to that vile, 'Orc Bastard' of the Third Rift..."

Evan thought for a moment with a sad look in his eyes before he gripped his fists tightly. As he recalled Fatso Joe, and the many others before including a purple-haired female, his eyes then turned sharp as he muttered, "Never, never again will I lose those who are important to me! Neither Joe nor Layla. This time I shall defeat them all, bringing an end to this endless nightmare..."

As Evan said this, his sights once more set onto the pendant in his arms, focusing on the strange markings as he spoke, "Since I've been sent back to one month before the world changes, I have to use the most of this time to prepare for once the 'Ascenders Rifts' arrives it will be late. I need to enter a training zone... If I can force myself to awaken at an earlier time, then I might have a chance to exceed everyone else by a mile. Only by doing so can I truly control the situation if things get out of hand..."

While Evan muttered, his eyes flashed as he recalled a few scenes from the past, many different experts who were far more capable than him, acting for their benefits. Because of his mental state back then, even during the apocalyptic events, he didn't show any shred of interest, starting to strengthen himself much later than the others. He hardly showed any effort even when venturing into the rifts, and the only time he finally realized his mistake is when Fatso Joe died fighting to protect his life from the Orc Lord.

After recalling these scenes, Evan shook his head before looking at the pendant on his chest and grasping it as he spoke, "Normally, it would be impossible to enter a training zone, as the rifts have yet to open. But, this pendant of mine has the unique properties of space. I should be able to--"

As Evan was thinking about his next steps, however, there soon came a change.

Knock! Knock! The knocking sounds of his apartment door quickly pulled Evan away from his thoughts, causing him to frown, but soon his eyes rose as if he just recalled something.

"Yes, today is the fifth, right? I had almost forgotten; this should be the day that 'the witch' visits. Tsk! More troubles on my already burdensome mind..."

As he finished his words, the knob of his door turned as this strange visitor opened it. Not long after, the sounds of high heels were heard as a grown woman entered the main room, followed by a young seventeen-year-old girl.

She had a curvaceous figure, full chest, and tawny complexion as if she was born from makeup. Her long red-dyed hair, perfectly matching with her red lips, and her delicate nose fitting perfectly with her thin almond eyes.

The younger girl beside her had similar features, but she was less grown, her eyes more of a rounded look. Both wore fancy dresses with branded bags hanging from their shoulders and just by standing there, they seemed as if they were out of place with the simple, low standard apartment.

The young girl had a look of disgust in her eyes when she saw Evan, who still stood at the window, gazing at the world outside, as if he didn't notice their presence. She wanted to curse, but the woman at her side looked at her before shaking her head. As she saw this, the girl calmed her temper and puffed her mouth. The woman then took a slight step forward, pausing before speaking.

"Nephew Evan, what's wrong? Don't you see your aunty? Have you already forgotten your decorum after spending time in jail?" She asked in a slightly proud tone.

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Evan shook his head as he heard this, he turned around and gazed into the eyes of the woman as he blandly spoke, "Ah, yes, I remember now. Leah and Susie, what brings you both to my abode?"

Susie, who was the young girl, grew enraged at these words she shouted while pointing at him, "Evan, have you no respect?! You better fix the way you speak to your Aunt Leah; my mother should be addressed with more respect!"

Leah, who listened to her daughter's words smiled, although she was upset, she merely shook it off and spoke while looking at him, "Evan,"

Leah said, no longer addressing him with the title 'nephew' as she continued to speak, "That was rude of you, please be more polite in the future. I only came here to hand over your inheritance, you are now 19 years of age, as such, you are entitled to receive the things left for you by your parents."

She reached for a letter in her bag and placed it on top of a table. After doing this, Leah looked at Evan's once more with a more disdainful look as she spoke while leaving, "My sweet Susie, come now. We don't want to stay here any longer; you have to prepare for college starting next week, and not be held back by two years like 'some people' in this world. Also, the scum of a rapist will rub off on our new Gucci wears..."

"Yes, mother!" Susie replied with a smile as she turned around, no longer paying attention to Evan.

Soon, both mother and daughter had left the apartment, Evan seeing this looked at the door which was left wide open with cold eyes as he spoke, "Hmph! It was also because of that witch that I had fallen even deeper into depression, daring to steal my parent's inheritance and leaving me with only enough to start the first year of college. Truly a vile woman, if I were to remember correctly her husband was none other Milano Lewis, a prominent executive of the Norton Bank, with various hands in the law firm. There's no point in even trying to prove her wrong."

After thinking to here, Evan shook his head as his eyes sharply gleamed when he muttered, "She should be lucky that I'm no longer as I was before. Otherwise, I would have killed her and her entire family. Right now, my priority is to get stronger, as for college..."

As Evan spoke to here, his eyes flashed with the images of the purple-haired beauty before they grew firm as he spoke again while looking out his window, "It can wait for about a week or so, I'll go even if it's meaningless, simply to see her again..."

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