Ascenders Rift Chapter 161: Mark Anderson, Diffusing the Conflic


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The scene within Heaven's Parlor was one of stillness, as no matter what was happening prior, everyone had shifted their sights onto the spectacle unfolding. Many knew of the man blocking Joe's and Breya's path, knowing full well of his savagery in the entire city.

A few casts look of pity the duo, as it could be seen from a glance that they were of a romantic nature, but others had gazes filled with dark intentions as they ridicule them behind their backs.

"Those two are done for, I really don't know how they got on that fellow's bad side," A different individual said while seated in a corner, it was a young woman with short blue hair dressed elegantly.

The person who sat by her was a rough-looking man with a square-shaped face, upturned hair, and loose clothing. He gazed at the scene before smirking as he replied, "I don't think so, take a look over there, if I were to recall correctly they came from that group and our old friend just so happens to be there."

The woman turned and looked at the scene, as her small eyes flashed in surprise when she spoke, "Huh? Did that fellow come back? Humph! I bet he was just lazing off again..."

The other man shook his head and spoke, "Who cares? Let's watch for a while longer, then go visit our friend."

"Pssh! Fine," The woman said sheepishly while drinking wine.

At this time, Evan, Rick, and the others had noticed Joe's predicament, but as if they tacitly agree, no one showed any interest in interfering.

Leo, whose face was ugly, only now turned to Evan's party and spoke while bowing, "My dear friends, I am terribly sorry, it seems we may have a bit of trouble on our hands. Let me do my best to resolve it as peacefully as possible!"

"Trouble?" Evan said in a strange tone as he chuckled, he then replied, "No problem Sir Leo, we won't blame you for the current happenings, after all, it was partly our side's fault. However, as for the blatant provocation of the other party, I hope that you won't take our friend's potential actions as too offensive."

Leo made a puzzled look as he heard Evan's words, he thought to himself, 'Actions? Are they thinking of fighting against that madman? Shit, I have to stop this before it gets worse. Otherwise, I'll have no way to explain it to my father.'

After fixing his thoughts, Leo rose to his feet and send away his women before he glanced at Evan and spoke, "Please excuse me."

As Leo said this, he turned to Julie's side and saw that she had a dark look on her face, he spoke, "Julie, If I had known he would be here then I wouldn't have brought you here. I'm sorry..."

After Leo said this, he glanced at Razel and nodded, Razel then got up from his seat sending away the woman by his side The two then began to make their way over to the scene of conflict that seemed as if it was only moments from setting off.

Upon hearing Leo's words, Julie sighed as she thought to herself while watching his back, "You dummy, how would you know? While he's been here consolidating his newfound status, it's no wonder my family isn't objective about that decision..."

As Julie thought here, her eyes showed traces of anger as she stared at the scene. She clenched her teeth before a firm look came in her eyes as she followed behind them while thinking, 'I'll face him today as well.'

Evan, who had been calmly sipping liquor, looked at the drama around as he spoke, "It seems that we might have sparked some conflict by unknowingly coming here."

Rick hearing his words, answered casually with spinning his wine glass, "Isn't that normal? It's only natural that such a thing occurs during this kind of setting,"

"Haha, maybe so," Evan answered back.

Layla didn't pay them any mind, as she was only looking at the scene before them with curious eyes. Emilia, on the other hand, no longer had her calm and gentle nature, she stared at the man with a sharp look in large rounded eyes.

Rick glancing at this even began to feel a chill as he thought, 'To think that she could have such another side. Oh my... she's filled with so many faces. I wonder, how long will it take for me to see them all...'

While Rick, Layla, and Evan had an air of leisure, Joe and Ande were currently staring at each other in silence. Ande was a patient man, as he knew how to make others bend to his will. No matter how tough they act on the surface when it gets down to it, he would have ways to break them down.

"Hmph! The silent treatment is right; I'm always fond of guys like you, daring to be so bold in front of an Anderson. You must genuinely have guts written in your name, men! Take him; we'll let him learn a bit more in the Punishment Quarters," Ande said with a sinister smile on his face.

The crown hearing this gasped in shock, as they knew that his fate had already been decided. However, Joe merely looked at Ande as if he was looking at a fool, he gently held the sleeping Breya and spoke, "Man, I say you sure know how to yap like a bitch, I thought you'd have something better to say, but it seems I was wrong, you're just another one of those cliché characters from fiction."

The guys that surrounded Joe were about to charge towards him, but as they heard his words, they couldn't help but look towards him in shock.

Ande was immensely angered by those words as if a nerve was hit; his face turned red as veins popped up everywhere, giving him a savage appearance.

"That son of a bitch, you dare to insult me! What are you waiting for? Break his bones and drag him to kneel before me!" Ande yelled.

"Y-yes Sir Anderson!" The men said no longer using Ande; it seemed that they knew how fearful he would get when angered as such, they dropped the casual speech.

The men just started to make a move, and Joe's eyes flashed as a cheeky smirk came on his face when he raised one the arm, causing the fat around it to condense by a section as if something was happening. Yet, before both parties could clash, a different scene occurred.

Blaze! A cluster of fire bolted from an area causing everyone to cry out in alarm, the guards even back off from Joe as the fire had drawn a barrier around him.

"This ability... could it be?" The guards seeing the flames were a bit stunned as they spoke, they full well knew that only one person in their city could use fire like this one.

Ande narrowed his eyes as he shifted it from Joe and turned towards the duo that had appeared nearby. When he saw the one at the lead, he couldn't help but smirk as he spoke, "Well look at this, if it isn't my old rival. Leo, oh Leo, I wonder, what gave you the courage to come to act in such a manner? You do know what happens when people I don't like try to hinder my affairs, do you?"

Leo naturally knew well, but at this time, he had no other choice, he spoke in a solemn tone, "Mark, do you know what you are doing? These people are my... no, our cities special guests, if you know what's good for you, then don't provoke them any more than you already have..."

As Leo said this, he couldn't help but grip his fists tightly, he knew of the Anderson Family background. Although his father is the City Head, he didn't control everything, as those who dealt with all military affairs were none other than their family.

As such, he could only take a gamble by making Joe and the others appear more mysterious than necessary, forcing Mark Anderson to fall into short contemplation.

As expected, Mark didn't tell his men to continue attacking, he eyed Leo, and Razel, before shifting his eyes onto Joe and Breya once more.

Noticing that Joe held the sleeping beauty while no longer paying him no attention as he walked away. He couldn't help but feel even angrier as he thought to himself, 'Damn little bastard, he's so quick to leave with my woman. I want to see what makes him so special!'

When Mark thought to this, he looked at a nearby lackey and whispered something in his ears. The lackey then sent a message to a number on his wristlet.

After a few seconds of waiting, a sound was heard as the lackey then looked at Mark and sent him the details. Mark then read the information in silence, causing his eyes to shrink. He stared at Joe again, before looking over at the distant table, noticing a few other men and other beauties.

His eyes flashed as he thought, 'So they aren't from our space, humans from a different region? Interestingly, that darn Leo had such good luck. He found such a fine breed of women and strange characters... tsk, no matter since I can't deal with that fat bloke, for now, I'll have to be a little more patient.'

The entire parlor remained in silence, as everyone was waiting to hear what he would decide, Leo looked at Mark in silence, while Mark purposely dragged out the time.

He was about to speak, but right then and there, he noticed that a familiar beauty was walking to their side, a gorgeous lady that made him reveal a sly smile as he spoke in a warm voice, "Oh, so you're here too, my dear fiancée..."

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