Ascenders Rift Chapter 160: Breya’s Scheme, A Woman’s Curse?


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Currently, the scene was one of silence, as other than the sounds of live music, and the banter of individuals from different seating areas. Joe and the others looked towards Breya in surprise.

By this time, Breya, who was previously calm and silent, had collapsed on the table, her face flushed red as if she was dead drunk. She started to inch towards Razel while mumbling, "Hiccup! I say... you sir are quite the handsome one. I... I don't think I can hold myself back. Can we...?"

Razel was a bit stunned by this change; he was originally watching the proceedings as he ignored the female that was trying to get his attention at his side. However, seeing someone of Breya looks and demeanor, especially her abundance acting in such a weak and unguarded way, he couldn't help but feel a fire deep in his chest.

Emilia and Layla were concerned as they didn't think she would do something foolish; they were about to get up and take her to a resting area, but soon, the looks on their faces changed.

Layla's face turned from worry to shock then to understanding as she looked down and saw a few threads binding her feet before it slipped away.

'Poor Joe...' Layla thought as she shifted her eyes to the now disturbed Joe that was staring at her while gritting his teeth.

Emilia also knew what was going on; she looked at Breya then at Joe as she shook her head while thinking, 'Brother, although I'm your sister, I'm sorry, but today I'll have to take my sister's side.'

As experienced as Evan was, he didn't know the mind games of women; he looked at Breya and spoke, "Breya, why not..."

He was about to say something, but suddenly, an arm pinched his side, causing him to bite his lips due to the pain. He looked at saw that Layla was glaring at him as she hinted towards Joe with her eyes.

Evan, who then saw Joe's expression finally understood the current scenario, his eyes shone with pity as he thought, 'And I thought Rick had it bad, it seems that Joe has found himself a formidable enemy.'

Rick took pleasure in Joe's misfortune, as he didn't even hide the sneer on his face when he looked at him, showing a manner far from a princely bearing.

Emilia was only a few steps from being escorted by Razel, but as if Joe couldn't stand the current scene, he hurried over to her side and slapped her on her shoulder and pulled her to his side.

"Breya, what's wrong with you? A soldier should have more tact; I am ashamed that you could show this kind of behavior," Joe said with an angry look, this look was even more furious that any shown when someone stole his snacks.

Breya hearing this seemed to still be in her state of drunkenness, she collapsed into his fat chest, treating his soft belly as a cushion as she poked it with her fingers and whispered with a charming face, 'Hmm~ so sweet... so soft... hehe! Hiccup! Joeewwyyyy... it's strange... from your tone; it almost sounds as if I'm quite important to you... am I right? Joeewwyyyy...'

When Joe heard those words and saw the look on her face, his heart started to race as his mind went blank, he never knew he would be put on such a spot.

What's worse was that it seemed that not only Evan and the others, quite a few strangers, had ended what they were doing to pay attention to his daytime drama.

Joe answered in a flustered manner while trying to push her away, "W-what are y-you saying? Hurry and get to your senses!"

Breya seemed to have been provoked by his manner; she lifted her head and stared at him with a red face that now had a tinge of anger. 

"Humph! You're such a coward! Since you won't admit it, then I'll go waste away with others," Breya said she hurriedly ran off to another corner moving in an unsteady manner as she could fall over at any time.

"This darn girl..." Joe cursed as he saw this scene, he looked at everyone and spoke, "I-I'll hurry and bring her to her senses."

Even hearing this smirked as he spoke, "Of course, that I know for sure, I am certain that only you can do it, Joe. Don't let us down,"

The others laughed softly at those words; Joe's face turned a bit red as he glared at Evan before hurrying after the seemingly rampant Breya.

Leo didn't seem to mind them; currently, he was in joy, having come home from the front lines doing tedious work. He seemed to be laughing while chatting with the women in his arms, but if one looked closely, they would see that his eyes were vaguely staring at the oddly silent Julie, who carried a downcast look.

Leo thought to himself, 'What's bothering her? She's been like this since we got here?'

When Leo pondered this, he decided to look around, but his eyes couldn't help but falter as he saw a peculiar individual around a table.

'Shit! What's that bastard doing here at this hour?' Leo thought as he saw a troublesome face.

He was about to suggest that they leave and get to their resting quarters, but right now, his eyes widened in surprise as he saw Breya's actions near the person.

'What is she doing?' Leo inwardly exclaimed as he saw a terrible scene.

Breya was now disturbing a group around a counter, as she grabbed one of the wine bottles, gulping it down. She knew that Joe was coming over her direction, which caused her to make a sly smile as she whispered, "Hehe, so easy..."

Despite saying this, however, it seemed that she had consumed too much alcohol and was beginning to get wasted. 

The other party that sat around the counter was a decent looking blond-haired man in a suit; he had slender eyes and an aquiline nose and fine lips while his hair was curly.

He was initially talking with a crowd of sturdy-looking men laughing and enjoying themselves. However, as if the man only now noticed it, he glared at her and shouted, "Hey, what are you...?"

Just as he was about to lash out, this individual's eyes soon brightened as he saw the appearance of the beauty before him. His eyes keenly swept across her graceful figure filled with abundance in the right areas, causing him to gulp.

"Oh my… Ande, where did this chick come from? I have to say, they don't come of a finer grade than this..." A fellow around the counter said as he whistled in surprise.

Ande hearing this didn't reply, he smiled as he noticed that she was on the verge of losing sanity. He then spoke while inching over to her with his hand forward, "My dear lady, you seem a bit tired, would you like to get some fresh air?"

Breya didn't pay the man any mind; the alcohol was already taking more substantial effects, so she tossed the bottle towards him and spoke in an intoxicated manner when pointing her finger, "You... scum... donnnn't yooouuuu daaarrreee to... burp! Cross this lady... can't... can't you see I... I... am a pure maiden of heart?"

Ande frowned at this manner, he looked at his men and nodded, as they saw this the guys left their seats and walked over prepared to surround her as Ande spoke with a warm smile, "Don't be like that? Can't you see that I'm only trying to help? Don't worry; when we leave here, I'll take good care of you."

At this point, Breya's sanity was gone, and her plan of leading Joe into a corner to reveal his feelings had failed halfway. Right now, she began to see stars as she couldn't even mumble, it seemed that the liquor on this table had something far beyond the likes the average standard.

Just as she was about to collapse into the man's arms, a sturdy and powerful arm grasped her limp body, pulling her into his soft embrace.

Joe looked at the intoxicated Breya and shook his head as he whispered in her ear, "How tiring... I didn't think you could be such a handful, huhu, that trick of yours almost worked. It's a pity that the liquor in this place was a tad bit too strong, or you might have gotten me to submit."

Breya was only consciousness enough to her his first sentence, as after falling onto his chest, she fell into a cozy dream, looking no different from a sweet little devil.

Ande who saw this was naturally angry as he didn't know where this fellow had suddenly come from, the men that were previous about to surround Breya now surrounded Joe as the mood here turned into a cold one.

"You there, I'll give you five seconds to leave behind the woman, if you don't I'll have to teach you how to respect your superiors," Ande said in an icy manner.

Joe only now looked at the man before him, he didn't like the other party's tone, nor his words, it caused his mood to turn sour as he glared at the other party.

A few other guests noticed this scene and became shocked as they realized the party's status.

"Who? Who has the guts to provoke a madman like Anderson?" Someone said in shock.

"T-that fat fool is done!" Another said as he looked at the scene.

"And yet another will die, for the sake of a woman, it's truly as the ancients say, a beauty grants many blessings, but each man must bear her curse..." A wisened man said as he sighed when looking at the picture.

The mood within Heaven's Parlor then shifted to a dark one, ushering a new change.

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