Ascenders Rift Chapter 156: Meeting for the First Time, A Different Threa


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The room was quiet, as Evan and Leon's group looked at each other. After their initial greetings, Leon took a step forward and spoke with a welcoming tone, "Greetings comrades of humankind, it is an honor to make your acquaintance, my name is Leo Morison, and those behind me are Julie Wester and Razel Briggs. We are the core chain of command here at this checkpoint, might I inquire who you are and what your purpose is for intruding our domain?"

As Evan saw the persons who were introduced, he couldn't help but nod while thinking, 'I've heard about them from the party that visited them, but they didn't share much in the end. Neither did they aid with the battle in my last life. I wonder what might have happened...'

Though Evan was pondering, he didn't ignore Leo for too long as he replied with a smile, "It's good to meet you, Leo, my name is Evan Cross, like I believe you've already assumed, we are indeed humans from another world. As for how we got here, I believe we can speak about that later. Behind me are my comrades, Layla, Emilia, Joe, Breya and Rick."

After introducing Layla and the others, Evan continued to say, "We've come here baring no ill intentions, it just so happens that we are also enemies with your adversaries. As such, what better way to fight against them than to seek the aid of their foes? We come with more in-depth knowledge of your enemies, details that I believe will be of great concern to your society's best interest. However, before we pass this information on, we would like to request one thing."

Leo and the others listened intently, when they heard his final most words, their eyes narrowed as they looked at Evan deeply.

'What are they really seeking?' Julie thought to herself as her eyes flashed with suspicion.

Razel also looked at Evan silently, his sharp eyes that could see through most persons showed a trace of surprise as he found that he couldn't figure out his intentions.

'Such a young fellow, and yet he is capable of hiding his thoughts to this kind of level. It's almost as if he's lived for as much of a time as I have... experiencing many things...' Razel thought to himself as he eyed Evan.

"..." Leon remained silent, but as for the tech specialist, she seemed to be fiddling with her wristlet while watching with a strange look.

Evan noticing their silence smirked as he continued, "It's simple, our request to have temporary lodging in your domain that we can use as a resting point as we occasionally venture out to battle against these monsters."

"Hmm? Lodging? The what of your sides humans, why do you need to stay here in our domain?" Leo asked with an odd expression.

The others couldn't help but find it strange, as Razel pondered, 'Hmm, could it be that we've overthought things and their forces are much weaker than ours?'

When Razel thought here, he stared at Evan deeply as well as Joe and the others, but no matter how he stared, he couldn't glean anything from their confident appearance.

Evan looked at Leo and replied to his question, "Let's just say that our side is focused on the detailing with the brunt of the Mother Breed's forces, as such, we have been despatched to wilt away their remnant forces. Not only that, but we are also plotting on dealing with the Insect Hive at the same time."

"What?" Everyone exclaimed in shock, when they heard that their side was at the forefront of the battle against the Mother Breed, they couldn't help but show looks of disbelief.

Everyone knew just how dangerous those mutators were, and any form of direct conflict would lead to no good end, for their group to be able to withstand it in their opinion was a testament of their strength. The looks in their eyes soon changed, as even the guards had bright eyes as if filled with expectation.

"You mean to say that your forces are able to confront them directly and not perish! Outstanding!" Leo said as he looked at Evan with a new look in his eyes.

"Yes, they must all be quite powerful," Julie added with a spark in her eyes and smile on her face.

Evan smiled and said nothing, neither did Joe or the others, who know of the actual truth. When you find yourself in an advantageous position, there is no need to ruin it by giving out more information than necessary to the opposing side.

After calming down their moods, Leo and the others looked at each other before nodding. Leo then glanced at Evan before speaking, "Okay, we have concluded that your side is of no ill intent, with regards to this discussion, I shall arrange for you to speak with our leaders at the Central City. Only they can, in the end, make a final decision about your request in treating our hideaway as a temporary base camp. If you would like to have that right, you will need to provide our kind with more details of the Mother Breed and Insect Hive that we don't already have."

Evan, hearing this nodded as he replied, "Good, we will share what we can."

Leon stared at Evan's face genuinely before he made an inviting smile and gestured towards his entire party while speaking in a laid back manner, "Haha, perfect, come now-come now... let us rest and end all this serious talk. I shall take you all to the best lounge in the central city as we await a date for the meeting, I am sure that there are many things we can share over good drinks and food."

Julie, Razel, and Kens looked at his current manner while rolling their eyes as they thought, 'There he goes again, back to his usual self...'

Evan found that Leon's current manner was interesting, he thought to himself, 'Such a curious fellow...'

As he thought here, Evan looked at Joe and the others to hear their opinions.

Joe laughed while slapping his belly, causing it to jiggle as he spoke, "It's about damn time! I really can't stand all this serious talk myself, I'm not made for this kind of stuff. Evan, this brother is kind enough to offer us drinks and food; I'd say his sincerity is of the first class. Come, let's take up his offer!"

Emilia's eyes beamed as she was quite hungry herself, but didn't dare to show it in her usual manner, she spoke, "Brother is right, and I've also been asleep for too long so right now I am famished."

Layla also smiled and spoke, "That's right; I also want to learn a bit about this world's humans."

"Mm, I as well," Breya added with a smile as she looked around the room, seeing the various technological devices.

Breya's eyes caught notice of the tech specialist, but as the specialist saw her, she hurriedly turned her head and pretended to check the machine.

Breya frowned at this sight, no longer looking at her as she fell into a slight moment of thought. Rick also noticed this, but he merely glanced at her before looking away.

Evan who heard everyone's words then replied to Leo, "Well, Leo, you heard them, let's do it your way."

"Great, this way, follow me!" Leo said with a smile as he led Evan's party along with Julie and Razel from the confined investigation room towards the outside. After leaving behind a few commands to their direct subordinates, he sent a digital message over to the Central City as he brought Evan and the others towards the checkpoint's transportation hub.

While walking, Layla and the others couldn't help but look around at the various high-powered particle guns on the walls. They even felt fascinated by the mix of fantasy equipment and high-powered military suits, much like Earth's forces in the current age.

Layla looked at the walls as she spoke, "These walls are pretty tall, but I'm curious, what are they preventing? After all, if you do get invaded, wouldn't all danger come from the portal to the outside world?"

As Leo, Razel, and Julie heard this, they made bitter smiles before Leo spoke, "You are right; we have to protect ourselves from the portal's if our enemies intrude. However, while we have indeed found safety in this Hidden Space, it doesn't mean that this world is not without its sources of danger..."

When Evan and the others heard this, they looked at Leo in curiosity as Evan thought, 'A different danger, then is this the reason for their absence during that hellish phase back then?'

As Evan thought to here, he spoke, "What kind of danger is it?"

Leo looked at Evan genuinely before he replied with a sigh, "They are not as powerful as the Mother Breed, or as numerous as the Insect Hive. This enemy is stranger, have you ever heard of an enemy that is small in number to be overlooked, but is extremely dangerous if it gets past your defenses."

Evan and the others remained silent as they listened to Leo's words, Leo shook his head and gazed towards the sky as he spoke in a cold tone, "The enemy who can do that is non-other than a parasite..."

When everyone heard this, a cold feeling filled the air, as everyone felt a chill, knowing full well that things in this realm were far more than they seemed.

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