Ascenders Rift Chapter 152: A Supreme’s Inheritance, Discovering the Portal


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Within the small cavern near the waterfall, Evan, Rick, and Joe looked towards a source of bright lights, noticing that Emilia was hovering before the stupefied Breya and Layla. She gave off a different feeling, almost as if she was a part of nature as a marking of a tree appeared on her forehead while different plants and flowers had started to grow around her body.

Joe was the first to exclaim at this sight as his eyes showed a trace of anxiousness, "Emmy! B-Breya, Layla, what's happening to her?"

Rick was also worried, but he tried to hold himself back, he turned to Evan and saw that even he was surprised at the scene.

At this time, Breya and Layla had retreated from Emilia's position, arriving at their side. They, too, had looks of concern on their faces as they replied.

"I-I don't know, we were seated nearby, and then she started to glow like that from out of the blue, I really don't know what this means..." Breya said as her eyes showed a complicated look; it wasn't in her nature to become so flustered over anything, but as Emilia and her were quite close, she couldn't help behaving as such.

"Me too, I was expecting her to just wake up like normal, but this.... this is far too different. I even went as far as to inspect her stats, but nothing was showing. Evan, what do you think?" Layla asked as she looked over to Evan.

Joe, who was worried as looked over, as Evan heard their words, he woke from his slight daze of surprise and spoke, "Let me check."

As Evan said this, he looked at Emilia again as his eyes sparkled in bright lights when he spoke inwardly, "Inspect."

[Subject is undergoing a metamorphosis; a Supreme's inheritance is unveiling.]

Evan seeing those words was shocked, he exclaimed, "What? How could this be?"

Layla and the others looked at him in worry as Joe asked, "Evan, what's going on? Is she okay?"

Evan tried to press down his shock as he replied, "She's transforming, she actually awakened some kind of power from a Supreme,"

"What?" Joe and the others exclaimed in alarm, as ever since they saw that being in Belanore, as well as that entity that initiated the Calamity, they knew that these beings were far beyond the norm from which they could currently reach.

"You're not joking, right?" Joe asked in suspicion as he carefully looked at Evan.

Rick also found it a bit hard to believe, as did Layla and Breya. On the other hand, Evan knew of her strangeness; he thought to himself, 'So this is the true reason for her absurd Spiritual Based talent. It's no wonder, anything related to a supreme is certainly no joking matter.'

Supreme's were, by all right, powerful beings who were only inferior to Gods. Even Apereh's with his past might and glory was only considered Half Supreme. 

What was scary about him was his overwhelming combat power, far beyond the likes of the Legendary Arc Bearer Alios, and the Ancient Elf Queen Lyeecia, who was once of a similar level.

Evan, having thought of these things, quickly cleared his thoughts as he noticed that the bright lights had finally begun to condense. Soon, Emilia's figure had appeared from it, her aura carrying with it a different vibe as when her feet touched the ground grasses formed beneath them.

"It's finished..." Evan muttered as he then commanded with his mind to inspect her once again. Soon, the details appeared before his eyes.

[Emilia Goldsmith]

[Race - Human | State - Stage 1 Lesser Tier Ascender (Early-Level)]

[Class - Spirit Archer | Supreme Tier Class - 1st Blessing (+1 stat and +1 spirit per Level)]

[Total Stat increase +4 stats per Level (Blessings + Average Stat Increase)]


[Uni's Chosen - Stat Boost | +5 Spirit Power]

[You have awakened as Uni's Chosen, all base stats increased by +5]

[Your attunity with nature's spirits has risen sharply!]

[You have gained the power to control apart of nature!]

[You have been given an abundance of Life Force; your level has increased!]

[Belanore's Conquerors - Stat Boost | +2 All base stats]

[Level - 9]

[Next Level -41000EXP]

[Total EXP - 5]

[Health - 550]

[Spirit Power - 111(Spirit Heart + Class Stat Boost)]

[Strength - 66(38+6+12)]

[Vitality - 56(39+7)]

[Agility - 70(38+4+6+12)]

[Defense -65(33+10+4+4+4)]

[Stat Comparison:]

[Previous: S - 53| V - 43| A - 57| D - 52]

[Current: S - 66| V - 56| A - 70| D - 65]


[Spirit Heart (+6 Spirit per level)]

[Spirit Blessing - A blessing of an inherited spiritual being, any of this kind shall be able to increase the limits of their class by one Tier.]

[Seeking Heart - The power to use the one's spiritual heart to affect their surroundings, increasing one's synchrony with nature.]

[Uni's Seed - You are the chosen blessed by the Supreme Uni, from now on, you will be able to call upon the powers of nature to aid you in battle.]


[Passive - Spirit Assist - If you call for it, the powers of nature will merge with one's soul and body, giving one stat an equivalent level of stat boost.]

[Spirit Bow – A bow formed from the spirits of nature and one's spiritual power, it deals damage based on the amount of channeled Spiritual Power as well as the strength used to draw its string.]


Layla and the others also heard Evan's words, when they looked at Emilia they were a bit hesitant, but before anyone else or Joe could even react, Rick had appeared by Emilia's side.

Emilia was a bit dazed after processing all of that new information, she felt dizzy and was about to fall to the side. However, as this happened, she felt a comfortable feeling as if a sturdy figure was supporting her side.

Normally, she was used to feeling the fat and soft body of her brother, which supported her when she was small, but this time Emilia felt different, with the strong muscles and fresh scent causing her face to flush as her slender palms gripped the shirt of this fellow tightly. 

"Hmm, so good..." Emilia ushered in a slight moan, causing the silent cavern to turn even quieter.

Ahem! "I... I don't think this is the right time or place, so you might want to be a little more observant," Rick said in a bit of a hesitant tone, as his firm demeanor now had a bit of awkwardness.

Emilia hearing this was shocked, she opened her eyes only now realizing that it was Rick. As she looked around, she saw that everyone was looking at her with a strange look, and even Joe, who glared at Rick poisonously, looked at her gravely.

"I... I didn't mean it like that, it was only an accident," Emilia said with a blush on her face as she backed up from Rick, creating a standard amount of space between them.

Rick was a bit disappointed, but he also knew he couldn't do anything at this time, he decided he would seek more chances later.

"Right, I know... I know... it's okay, Emmy, we understand," Breya said with a strange look on her face.

Layla also showed a similar look as she giggled, Evan didn't seem to mind this and was only pondering her change and stats, while Joe was cursing in his mind, 'Rick, good good good! I will never let this go; you have crossed me for the last time!'

Though one noticed his expression, a dark aura could be felt by everyone, but as if they all tactically decided they didn't pay it any mind. Emilia who was carrying an awkward look, had a vague glint in her eyes, as though she seemed embarrassed her thoughts were of a different world.

As if Evan had only now finished his thoughts, he looked at Emilia and spoke while disregarding the previous scene, "Emmy, now that you are awake, how are you feeling?"

When everyone heard this, they looked at her with concern awaiting her word. Emilia looked at them and gripped her slender fists before she smiled and replied, "I feel like I've eased a great burden like I was chained before and have only now broken free from some shackle."

Evan nodded as he heard those words; he spoke again, "That's good. I am glad you are feeling much better. Since this is so, we can get to asking you more about your changes later. Right now, I want to know one thing, can you sense any spirits around here?"

Emilia paused for a bit and closed her eyes before a myriad of different life forces came into her mind. Soon, she opened them again and replied, "Yes, I can sense that there are more than a hundred spirits here, they are all congregated around a strange area, it looks like a distortion of sorts."

Evan was excited hearing those words, he hurriedly grabbed her hand and spoke, "Perfect, Emmy, lead us to this location, that should be the portal we are looking for."

Emilia was a bit shy when Evan grabbed her hand, she hurriedly pulled back and replied, "Okay, follow me,"

Not long after, Evan and the others followed behind Emilia, but as they moved, Evan couldn't help but feel as if two knives were stabbing him. He felt that Rick had an apparent ill intent, while Layla's eyes had a dark light, he sighed while thinking, 'Looks like I got myself into some trouble...'

The group then left the cave, diving into the lake with Emilia at the lead, as they vanished towards the depths of the waters. 

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