Ascenders Rift Chapter 147: The Principle of Stages, The Origin Lab


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A bit of time passed, and everyone had already removed their exhaustion from the previous battle. After they looted the remains of the fallen plant lifeform, there were four Rank 1 High-Grade items and one exceedingly rare Rank 2 item that allowed everyone to be satisfied. After dividing up these items, Evan then began to lead the others towards the eastward direction. 

After a while, Layla asked with a puzzled look on her face, "Evan, I thought we were going north, why are we headed towards the east?"

Joe and the others also felt it to be strange, Evan took this chance to show them the key card he got as he replied, "I got this card from that plant man, it seems that it may be connected to some crucial information by which he claimed we could find in a lab. I want to see what these details are before we leave, it shouldn't take us long anyhow..."

"Huh, a lab? Was he some kind of mad scientist that experimented on himself, resulting in a global apocalypse?" Joe asked with suspicion as his eyes flashed.

Breya rolled her eyes at his words, and Layla and Emilia giggled, Rick, on the other hand, remained series as he looked at Evan and spoke, "You should know that the mosquito horde is still chasing us. We can't afford to keep dallying, even that battle with the plant man had taken us quite a bit of time."

Evan replied with a nod, "I know, we'll be taking what we find and reviewing them once we get to safer grounds, lessening our chances of being discovered by the mosquito horde."

Rick hearing this no longer questioned as he calmly followed along, but right at this time, Emilia asked, "Evan, about those monsters, why is it that we've been having so much trouble against those that reached Level 10? Even that RADA fellow who attacked us before was stronger than the usual despite his stats being a bit average compared to even the Mutant Plant Man."

"That's right; I didn't notice it before, yeah he was absurdly more dangerous just by his aura alone. Not to mention him, these Level 10 monsters and that terrifying Water Snake King was far dangerous to look down on..."

 Joe said with a look of recollection, his eyes flashing with a hint of fear.

Layla and the others were also curious about this, Evan replied to them while continuing to lead the party, "It's because they've passed the threshold..."

"Threshold?" Joe and the other asked while showing confused looks.

Evan replied again, "Every lifeform has a stage, each corresponding to their genetic standards of evolution. We, humans, are the weakest of all beings in the universe; when we are born, we are classified as 'Stageless Lifeforms,' but upon awakening and becoming an Ascender, we can change this fate. Much like us, other lifeforms which had become Ascenders can climb in power, reaching the ranks of a Superior or Apex Tier Lifeform, but to do so, they must break through the limits of stages."

Layla and the others remained silent as they listened with detail, the area before them passed as they continued to move eastward.

Evan, who was scoping the area, continued to speak, "When a lifeform reaches Level 10, one or more of their stats would typically reach within the 100's, as such, they will be gifted the option by the Rift System to advance as a Stage 2 Ascended Lifeform. Essentially, they would become a Middle-Level Lesser Tier Lifeform. This change is accompanied by a tremendous stat boost based on that lifeform's potential and Ranked Class. Naturally, the same applies for reaching Stage 3 and the others. As for the RADA Administrator, his true strength was superior to even that of a Stage 3's, but he was merely supressed to the limits of a peak Stage 1 lifeform. If we had fought, we would have won, but because of that eagle mount and his energy, we might have suffered maybe one or two losses."

"So that's how it is..." Rick said as he moved along with the party.

Joe and the others also nodded, having a better idea of what was going on, but Layla frowned as she spoke, "But Evan, wouldn't this mean that even after we humans reach Level 10, we won't be able to achieve Stage 2?"

Joe and the others only now realized, they checked their stats and sure enough other than the boost brought by weapons and other things allowing some stats to near and reach 100, their base stats were still a long way off.

"What's the meaning of this? How are we to survive if we can't advance quickly enough to face our strengthened enemies?" Joe asked with anger on his face.

Evan sighed as he replied, "This is what it means to be human, we must face the harder road. For us to evolve, we would typically need to wait until we have achieved a deeper level, and most times, only one of our stats shall achieve 100. Those in this category are usually those with special talents like you guys, allowing for you to become single attribute Ascenders. Still, other than this, some can choose to wait it out, and try their hardest to become multiple attribute Ascenders, this will naturally increase their battle power more comprehensively, but the only downside is that it will take longer. Plus, they will remain weakened for an extended period. While not only us humans, other Ascended Lifeforms have this capacity as well, but they are generally capable of achieving dual attribute awakening being naturally superior to us."

"Tch! How troubling..." Rick murmured as he didn't like how difficult it was for humans to level up.

Joe and the others also had similar opinions, Evan noticed their silence and spoke, "Come on cheer up, there's no point complaining about our innate disadvantages. Even if we are limited, we can still achieve great things, there are Rank 2 equipment and other boosters that can aid us, and if you are willing to sacrifice a longer period of weakness, you can still rise to become a fairly powerful being. What choice will you be making?"

"Naturally, its speed, humph! I refuse to believe that I can't defeat those monsters by taking one aspect to the limits," Rick said positively.

"A good defense is just good as any offense, I already know my path," Joe said with a smile.

"Since I've been blessed with vitality, I should naturally make use of it as well, who knows I might awaken something special," Layla said with a firm look in her eyes.

Evan nodded as he thought, 'Indeed you certainly will...'

When Evan thought here, he recalled that she had awakened a few sets of mysterious powers back then, but he didn't know she was an angel only thought it had something to do with her class.

"I... I think I'll take the long road and walk the path of all attributes," Emilia said.

"My stats are quite low; I'll either try the same with sister Emmy or go for an agility attribute. I guess I'll know more when the time arrives for me to make a choice..." Breya said with a pondering expression.

Evan looked at them with a bit of surprise, but then he thought it was in the reason given their stats, he replied, "Good, that will only make you strong at the appointed time, the jump in stats should offset most disadvantages."

Everyone nodded as they supported their decision. Joe then looked at Evan and asked, "Evan, what about you? What path are you planning on walking?"

Everyone hearing this also looked over at him, Evan seeing this smiled as he replied, "Naturally, I am also going to try my hands had the all attribute option, it would be a waste to my base stats if I didn't have that much ambition."

"Haha, of course," Joe said, his eyes flickered strangely.

As the group continued their discussion, they soon arrived at a fenced-off area. The fences seemed to have deteriorated due to the passage of time, having rust and breakages all over. 

There were even plants and moss all over its surface; beyond this fence was a sight of endless tree roots that grow tall, covering what used to be a simple compound for a remote and isolated facility.

Just looking around, one would notice cracks on its windows and hear many different shuffling noises could be heard within and around it, showing that there were quite a few lifeforms in the area.

Evan's eyes narrowed as he looked around, he spoke, "Everyone, it would seem that this is the place, that so-called Origin Lab. Be careful, for I am sensing quite a few powerful energies..."

Joe and the others grew stern at those words, while Breya took out her device and used it to scan the area, as she did her face sunk as she saw that there were more than a few dozens of these energy signals moving about, one of them seemed even to be nearby.

Breya was about to warn them, but right before she could, a whistling sound was heard as if something was rapidly moving through the wind. In an instant, it arrived before Evan's face, leaving everyone no chance to react, but Evan seemed to have sensed it beforehand.

Ting! With a sound of metal clashing, Evan had somehow managed to block the attack that headed after him. In the same flash, what attacked him vanished and appeared a few meters away, a tiny silhouette shrouded by the leaves.

Evan and the others looked at this being in shock, as they felt something they never thought they'd experience in this world.

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