Ascenders Rift Chapter 144: An Unknown Era? The One Known as Red


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Far away from the wilds of Qeodreona, within the domain of those from Earth. Inside of a dark building and a spacious room which had a single chair at the summits of a stairway. The RADA Chief Fredrick stared at the person before him in a cold way as he spoke, "So useless, you're telling me that you've failed in your command to demolish a few brats, Falzon? You have shamed our name..."

A few other indistinct figures were also in the room, standing at the various corners with their features shrouded, one beauty with prominent silver hair was also amongst them, looking at the scene in silence.

The person kneeling on the ground was none other than the Administrator who had recently attacked Evan and the others. He had only now made it back to the headquarters and had just offered his report to the RADA Chief.

Falzon's red eyes shone from underneath his robe, though the human before him was ranked higher than him as the Chief, he did not like being lorded over by one.

He lifted his head and glared at him with glowing red eyes that shone from under his hooded robe, as he snapped back, "Is it not your fault? You deliberately gave me the command later; I strongly suspect that you - human- have done this as an act of protection to their group."

As he Falzon sounded his words, a few others who didn't like humans also sided with him as they spoke.

"That's right, who doesn't know that amongst the group is a girl that's your kin? Do you take us for fools, thinking that you a - human, won't show bais towards your flesh and blood?" Another person said.

"I say we should form a meeting and vote him out of the Chief's position. No human should have such high standing!" Someone else said.

The only persons who remained silent were Silver, and a few others, though they looked like humans. They naturally weren't; however, that didn't mean they thought like everyone else.

Falzon made a sly smirk as he saw the conversation was headed where he wanted it, he thought to himself, 'I want to see just how long you can keep this post, and just how much longer you think you can act as you wish in our association.'

The mood was growing tenser by the second, but the RADA Chief Fredrick merely stared at them before shouting, "Silence!" 

In an instant, a towering power erupted from his body, suppressing everyone within the room, pressing them against the ground, causing a few cracks to appear. If one looked closely, only Silver and the two others remained unaffected, mostly because they were not being targeted, and because of their strength.

A slender man with green hair and long golden horn smirked as he stood by Silver's side and spoke, "Huhu, those fools, they don't seem to know that this human had earned his right to reign through overwhelming strength."

Silver shook her head as her silver eyes flashed behind her mask, her gaze was fixed directly onto Fredrick's form as if no one else existed in her world.

"Che! As expected, you don't care about anything always so silent and gloomy..." The man with green hair cursed no longer paying her any mind.

He was about to find something better to do, when a shadow appeared behind them and spoke, "Haha, Green Man you should know Silver's personality, she won't care about anything else except for the leader. Besides, with regards to the issue with the current Chief, what do those newcomers understand? They are only recently arrived, who could they know about those who took part in the Rift Descension Era. If it weren't for the compromise and our old leader achieving that advantage, we would have lost far more lives than necessary, like such, forget about summoning the Ascenders Rift; we would have been forced to leave this world for another."

"Shadow, I didn't think you'd attend with another of your clones, what are you too afraid to show your face these days?" Green Man asked, ignoring his previous words.

"Huhu, who knows?" Shadow said with a creepy looking smile.

As the two spoke to themselves, Silver, whose attention was fixed on the RADA chief had a strange glint in her eyes flashed as she heard Shadow's words. Her mind then recalled a few figures, a team of six wearing different colored combat suits that battle against her, Shadow, Green Man, and the previous RADA Chief.

'The Rift Descension Era... if they had won back then, would we even be here? Would I have ever had the chance to be with you like this?' Silver thought to herself as she continued to stare at the RADA Chief, she knew what she wanted but similarly knew full well why that wish of hers could never happen.

'Ku! This bastard is actually so darn strong, how could he be so powerful?' Falzon cursed in his mind, as he felt it hard to stand while being in the face of Fredrick's aura.

"Hmph!" With a snort, the power vanished, and everyone who was pressured returned to normal. The looked at Fredrick in fear as some lowered their heads.

Fredrick was about to speak, but suddenly a dark chuckle sounded as the mysterious being in a dark robe with glaring red eyes had appeared. He stood in a corner as he spoke, "Huhuhu, so you've seen his strength, do you newcomers still feel ill about my decision?" 

The others knew upon seeing the man promptly lowered their heads, and respectfully answered, "We will respect the decisions of His Excellency!"

The crimson masked man nodded as he turned his eyes to Falzon and spoke, "Falzon, you have fallen in using your only quota for taking action, for now, you'll have to step back. You'll also be losing a portion of the benefits from sending back suitable talents to the Divine Sanctum. Do you have any words to say for yourself?"

Falzon's eyes shone with murder as he stared at Fredrick, but he knew he couldn't do anything, as such, he lowered his head and replied to the masked man, "Your Excellency, I have none..."

"Hmph! You are dismissed!" The crimson masked man said while waving his cloak.

Falzon promptly stood up and opened his winds, with a single flap, he vanished from the room, as if he went into another space.

The crimson masked man looked at everyone, the moment they saw his look, everyone bowed and spoke, "Please excuse us, Your Excellency."

Moments later, everyone vanished from the room, including Green Man, and Shadow, who nodded at the crimson masked man who gave them a similar nod.

Silver stared only at Fredrick for a while before turned and vanished into space, leaving behind an object with a strange marking.

As the crimson masked man saw her actions, he sighed while thinking, 'Again, she'll never learn, how dare you fall in love with the likes of him? Back then, I wonder if she even realizes what her past blunders nearly cost us? Tsk!'

Not bothering to think about her, the crimson masked man shifted his sights towards Fredrick as a smile came on his face when he spoke, "Chief Fredrick, I trust that you know the consequences of going against our agreement, am I right?"

When Fredrick heard this, his face changed as he gripped his fists tightly, before he spoke, "I know..."

The crimson masked man loved this expression the most, he walked up to him and tapped his shoulder before whispering in his ears, "What do you think would happen if 'someone' were to learn about 'that,' thing, hmm? Fredrick, you are a smart man, and that's why I chose you from amongst that bunch as only you can do what is needed as the leader of the RADA group. Now that those pals of yours are showing their faces, I trust you will be able to make the right choice. Don't be foolish enough to draw my hand..."

As the crimson masked man said this, he tapped Fredrick's cheek two times with his palm before walking off towards a different direction and vanishing from the room.

Now, only Fredrick remained in the silent and darkroom, his face was livid, and his arm that gripped the armrest caused it to crack while his body glowed in sinister auras.

Soon, he managed to calm down as he put his thoughts back together. He took out a pendant and stared at it deeply, looking at the image of a beautiful woman as he thought, 'My love, you must hate me now, but I'm sorry, I simply don't have a choice...'

After finishing his thoughts, Fredrick's phone started to ring. He looked at the screen and saw that it was Kain. He promptly answered it, "How did it go?"

Kain replied straightforwardly, "Replying to master, I've successfully made contact."

Fredrick chuckled as he spoke, "Good, patch me through to him,"

Kain then hand over his device, and a familiar voice sounded from behind it, ''Oh, what took you so long to get back to us, huh?"

Fredrick smiled as he replied, "I'm a busy man, filled with quite a status; it's not so easy for people like me to find free time."

The other voice chuckled before it spoke again, "Haha, well, that's to be expected, you are, after all, the ever so dominant and prestigious character, aren't you, Mister Red?"

Fredrick smiled as the air within the room changed, as it now carried a feeling from a different age, one with its own deep story.

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