Ascenders Rift Chapter 142: Layla’s Worry, The Looming Danger


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This night was a long one, but it didn't take long for Evan to get the information he needed. Now, he had learned quite a few interesting details about both the Mother Nest and those of the Insect Hive. 

Behind Evan was the corpse of Captain Slasgh, broken in almost every way possible. One could see his internals and just about every part of his body scattered about the floor of a dark, cold underground room in some ancient building.

Evan slowly made his way towards the surface, moving up a flight of stairs as his figure was shrouded in the darkness of the building. 

'So, he's saying that the Insect Hive's Queen was plotting an attack against the Mother Nest but grew suspicious of their recent activities. I suppose that Galgorax is now doing the lockdown method, it's happened far too early, much so too soon...' Evan thought with a sigh while climbing the stairs.

Soon after, his eyes flickered as he assessed, 'No matter, let it be as it should, now that they've lost a squad from their Insect Hive, they'll naturally assume the Mother Nest did it. With them fighting, there will be more benefits to our side in the end. I can maneuver around them, only when they face each other as their most significant threats. If anything, I can only hope and trust that Alan, along with those powers from the major forces, can do a better job and lessen the number of lives lost to the enemies.'

As Evan thought to here, his eyes turned sharp once more as he recalled the major threats at home. He continued his thoughts, 'And in doing so, they should also show their worth to humanity rather than let that darn RADA group steal more talents. I have yet to understand their true goals, and it's not like we can raid them, not with people as powerful as Silver, or that strange alien inside of its core. I'll need more time to strengthen myself as well as Rick and the others, maybe... maybe once we arrive at the Fourth or Fifth Calamity's World, that should be enough for us to fight back. As for that newly risen king, I'll need to find a way to understand his motives... it's even likely that he's far more dangerous than RADA.'

After finishing his thoughts, Evan had now arrived at the exit that had a cold purple light shining from beyond it.

The moment he emerged, his figure became more visible, as the moonlight shone upon his form, painting a gruesome picture. If one were to pay attention, they would see that he was covered in green blood and organs, giving him a sickening appearance.

Evan's eyes flickered in a reddish light for a moment, as he closed his eyes and ushered, 'Wonderful...'

As Evan said this, he felt the urge to kill and torture some more, but soon, he shook off this mood as he knew it was a by-product of his previous life.

He looked around and saw that no one was around, he heaved a sigh of relief at this sight as he didn't want anyone, especially Layla, to see this side. Quickly, he headed to an area where no one was around and cleaned himself up with a mechanical object that seemed to hold a vast water supply.

At a distance away from here, a shadow could be seen looking here in silence, Layla looked at Evan with a deep look while she sat in a hidden location on a balcony. However, rather than shivering in fear, her eyes only showed traces of worry as if she could see that what laid beyond Evan's previous appearance was a dark story.

'What have you been through that you're not telling us? Why do you know so much? Why must you try to keep a wall between everyone and yourself?' Layla asked in her mind as she stared at his figure; eventually, she spaced out, forgetting everything else.

Unknowingly to her, enough time had passed for Evan to finish cleaning himself up. By the time Layla awakened her senses, she had found that an arm was wrapped around her slender waist, as Evan was seated by her side in silence, staring at the twin moons.

Evan had initially wanted to address everyone about the next steps, especially after he learned whose domain they were now inside. However, he felt that Layla's psychological health was just as necessary; even if danger comes, there will always be a way to counter it.

Besides, if one was perfect, one wasn't human; only by suffering and growing from countless imperfections and failed plans can one indeed be considered a human being.

"What troubles you, Layla?" Evan asked while continuing to stare at the two moons, his eyes showing a distant look.

Layla paused for a bit before she grabbed his arm that bound her waist and spoke while lifting her head to look at him, 'I want to know what you are keeping from us...'

"No," Evan replied straightforwardly.

Layla paused for a bit before she complained, "Why? Is it because you don't trust me? Am I not worthy enough to know of your heart? Your worries? Am I not good enough to understand the person I...?"

Layla wanted to curse more, but Evan quickly placed a finger on her mouth. When this happened, Layla started to cry as she moved his finger and spoke, "I... I only want to know... is it that bad?"

Evan seeing this sighed, he used his arm to wipe her tears as he spoke, "Layla..."

When Layla heard his gentle call, she looked at him with her gorgeous tearful eyes of two different colors. One hazel and one ruby, giving one a feeling of endless mystery.

Every time Evan saw that eye, he could only remember a cold and icy beauty, with a soft heart, ready to face the world and those who were against him. Instilling him with even more emotion, but it was a bittersweet feeling, as every time he saw it, he remembered the scenes of her tragic death.

'Will... will you love me even... even after this...?' The voice of a beautiful Layla whose body was crushed to bits said, as she stared at him with weak but hopeful eyes.

Evan recalled his reply at the depths of his mind, 'Always and forevermore, to the ends of eternity...'

The last scenes of this memory then faded, as everything faded to blackness. Evan soon recovered from his momentary daze that lasted a few seconds as he was still staring at the current time's Layla's face.

Evan took a deep breath and spoke, "Layla, some things are better off not knowing, somethings will break even the firmest of spirits and only by maturing to a certain extent can one be able to bare them. Are you really that willing to suffer in hell with me, knowing full well of its uncertainty?"

Layla did not even hesitate for a second as she replied with her firm looking eyes, "I want to know," Her ruby left eyes shining even brighter, as if evoking her current spirit that wouldn't back down.

Evan sighed before he smiled and rubbed her cheek as he spoke, "Fine, then I will tell you, I shall tell you of my story but as for the rest... I'll slowly introduce it to you over and everyone else over time."

Layla's face brightened as she heard this, she smiled and spoke, "Hehe, I'm glad you are finally willing to show this kind of trust to me."

Evan lifted her chin and made a sly smile as he replied, "Then let me show you another way a man shows his trust..."

Layla's face turned red as she hit his chest with her palm and spoke, "You bastard,"

The two continued to play, before turning silent as the night observed the duo's acts of wonder, despite the gloomy and hazardous surroundings, filled with unknown dangers.

Joe and the others were located in the different buildings, at carefully chosen lookout spots. They each hid well and prepared to rest for the night, ignoring the duo's private moment.


A distance away from Evan's party, within a sector that had a broad lake that spanned a few hundred meters, one would notice a small land with a chair.

Here, many bones belonged to all kinds of creatures no matter the race; in fact, a few recently dried corpses were also among the bones, looking as if they were drained clean of blood.

A beautiful woman with blood-colored hair and a body that draws the souls of any man sat on the chair bare naked; her body was covered in unique markings that spiraled around her curvaceous form, as the rest of her figure seemed like a cross between a bug and human.

This woman sat silently, opening her mouth, as her unusually sharp tongue that gleamed like metal was plunged into a living creature drinking its blood at a calm place. Soon, a group of injured mosquitos had flown from the distance, flying towards her before halting at the lake.

The woman seeing this put down her food, her eyes flashing in a cold light as she spoke, "Who did it? Who dared to injure you my children?"

The mosquitos made a buzzing noise which she could understand, causing her face to turn livid, as she became filled with an endless rage as she shrouded, her voice echoing across the gloomy night, "Those who injure my children shall face death, no one will escape!"

The world grew a shade darker as if a disaster like no other was ready to be set on the loose.

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