Ascenders Rift Chapter 140: The Wilds of Qeodreona


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The lands of Qeodreona were vast indeed, occupying an almost endless sight of forests, plains, and ruins of what seemed like the buildings based on the standard of modern Earth society. No one knew how many years had passed since the fall of their ancient civilization. However, from a glance, it would surely have occurred in a few dozens of years in the past. 

If one looked through the various structures of concrete buildings, ruined highways with strangely shaped vehicles and other objects, one would notice that nature had proven its abilities to fight back against even modern outgrowth. Its roots spread widely amongst the streets, binding all in its embrace with countless large and dense vines rolling down from gigantic branches up above.

Beyond these broken cities and empires that had fallen to nature's grasp, were hills the spanned the distance, reaching far into the now dark purplish sky that signified night-time. Two purple moons hung above the heavens at two different corners, shining an icy light onto the lands below it.

Other than the sight of hills and ruin, one would notice sinister-looking red webs that seemed to have been made of tissue and organs. They spanned a network through various areas, each connecting to a large organ that seemed to have lost all signs of life.

The bones of desiccated corpses of all kinds of creatures were strung about them, some being odd shapes with the majority being of humans. Occasionally, a few sounds of odd creatures could be heard in the wilds, sounding much like the buzzing, squeaking, and chirping of various night type insects. 

Suddenly, a few buzzing sounds were heard, as a horde of huge mosquitos was seen flying towards a direction, each being of a red hue and were no less than 9-meter in size. Their proboscis shimmering in cold, sharp lights from the rays let down by the dual purple moons.

Not too far away from them, one would notice an area where smoke was rising. Looking closer, one would be able to make out a metallic construct that seemed to be a ruined ship that blazed with fire from a recent explosion.

Soon, this horde of mosquitos had arrived within its direct vicinity; they flew about circling it while their eyes scanned the area carefully. However, after a few minutes of lingering, they seemed to have given up as they flew off into the distance, vanishing like burry shades due to high-speed movements.

A moment after they vanished, a few silhouettes had appeared within the windows from nearby ruined buildings, wrapped by thick vines and tree branches. One of them stared at the mosquitos as their eyes flashed using some sort of skill.

[Scarlet Blood Mosquito - Level 8]

[Race - Insect (Common) | State - (Early-Level) Stage 1 Lesser Tier Lifeform]

[Health - 800]

[Strength - 80]

[Vitality - 85]

[Agility - 90]

[Defense - 70]


[Racial Talent: Innate Velocity - The ability to gain an additional boost in speed equal to half current speed when flying.]

[Drain - The ability to boost the draining speed of blood from a victim, enhancing creature survivability.]

[Description - A dangerous breed of insects in the lands of Qeodreona, they usually hunt for prey in groups and are most active during the night hours.]


"Holy shit, these guys are trouble, it's a good thing we acted fast or who knew if we'd even been able to get away," Joe said after inspecting the mosquitos with a look of shock on his face.

"Mn, a few of us have been able to avoid them, but you'd have probably been the first to fall behind. Then again, I suppose they'd naturally target you first, as you're the one with the most substance in our party," Evan said while glancing at Joe with a smile.

As Layla, Breya and Emilia giggled at the joke; Rick made a slight smile before turning his head, Joe, on the other hand, looked at Evan and snorted when he spoke, "Hmph! Well, I'd rather be drained by a mosquito than swallowed by a giant snake, I really don't know how the hell we always end up in these circumstances when traveling with you Evan, it's as if your some magnet for all kinds of disasters." 

When Rick and the others heard this, they felt it to have some level of truth to it, even Layla couldn't help but think to herself as she looked at Evan suspiciously, 'I wonder, is he purposefully bringing us to these danger spots for training?'

Evan sensing Layla's look turned to her and made a cheeky wink, which made her blush to a bit, she looked away while concluding, 'That bastard is definitely doing it on purpose...'

It's a pity that Evan didn't know her thoughts, as well as the current ponderings of the others, as he would feel embarrassed. Only he knew full well that most dangers were beyond his expectations, things he didn't pay attention to, things he remembered clearly, and things that were suspiciously blocked from his memory.

Nobody else in this world could imagine what it felt like for him to be a - second-chancer. Evan sighed while thinking, 'If only I could be like a reincarnated immortal or something, that kind of brain to remember even his mother's breast milk is most envying.'

After thinking to here, Evan then spoke to address their next issue, 'We've already hidden here for long enough to avoid the most dangerous threats that loomed about, so it's time we get moving. Our objective is to keep stealthy, and if we come across decent opportunities, we must take them to gather as much exp as necessary before we continue on our way. The most dangerous thing in these lands is staying in one place...'

Joe nodded and replied, "Alright, then lead the way."

Rick also added, "Yeah, no point staying here!"

Breya looked at a device in her arms that measured the radiation before it outputted, 'Moderate Level on the screen before she nodded and spoke, "Sure, the Nuclear Radiation seems to be standard, with our bodies we don't have much to worry about in this kind of environment.

Even though Evan knew this he nodded agreeing to her words before he looked and saw that Emilia, Layla had arranged themselves and were ready, he nodded and prepared to move out, but right at this moment, the entire silent region shook as a loud explosive sounded across the area.

"Darn pesssst, get out of our way!" A strange voice said in an insect-like tongue, but oddly enough, it was understandable to any intellectual lifeform in the vicinity.

As a voice sounded, a series of booms resounded once more, as one side of the dark vicinity lit up with various light.

When Evan and the others looked over, they noticed that a group of strange-looking insect people of a humanoid structure was battling out against the horde of Scarlet Blood Mosquitos. 

If it were any other time, Evan would have urged everyone to hurry and leave, but after glancing at their stats and observing their bloody struggle against the horde, his lips curved into a smile as he spoke, "Haha, wonderful, looks like we found our first source of good exp. Come, let's go search for a chance to take them out before we leave."

Joe was a bit puzzled as he spoke, "Are you sure? They seem to be holding their own against those mosquitos, can we even take them as we are?"

Evan smiled and swept his eyes across everyone before he inspected his own stats.

[Evan Cross - Special Status - ????????]

[Race - Human | State - Lesser Tier Ascender (Stage 1 - Early)]

[Class - Void Inheritor |??? Tier Class - 1st Blessing (+2 Stats Per Level)]

[Class - Divine Executor |Apex Tier Class - 1st Blessing (+1 Stats Per Level)]

[Total Stat +6 Stats Increase Per Level (Total Blessings + Average Human NSB)]


[The Fallen's Executor - Stat Boost | +5 All base stats]

[Belanore's Conquerors - Stat Boost | +2 All base stats]

[Tusalon's Heros - - Stat Boost | +3 All base stats]

[Level - 9] 

[Next Level -41000EXP]

[Total EXP - 501]

[Health - 550]

[Spirit Power - 55]

[Battle Energy - 54]

[Strength - 102(72+3+3+12+12)]

[Vitality - 79(71+4+4)]

[Agility - 98(72+12+14)]

[Defense - 98(68+12+4+4+6+4)]

[Stat Comparison:]

[Previous: SP - 51| BE - 49| S - 81| V - 70| A - 89| D - 87]

[Current: SP - 55| BE - 54| S - 98| V - 79| A - 98| D - 98]


[Void Spirit - A soul that has an innate connection with all things in the universe, a natural affinity with space, and the world around it. Effects are unknown...]

[Void Manipulation - Passive Talent - Unlocked]

[Host can more freely manipulate objects remotely with the foundation powers of space. Limits are linked to one's Spirit Power.]

[Void Skills:]

[Void Blade - A blade conjured from the universe; it can be wielded to attack with a damaged power connected with one's Spirit Power.]

[Void????? ◆: Sealed - Requires 250 SP to unseal.]

[Executor Skills:]

[Executioner Slash - A blade from the executor is certain to cut all lives, it can cleave away the void bringing any life to its fate.]

[Death... ◆: Sealed 250 BE to unseal.]

[Newest Weapons:]

[HavenGaurd - Rank 1: High Grade (Upgradable)] 

[Damage - 12]

[Durability -8]


After checking his stats, Evan waved his hand causing the very sword that Fidelis once wielded to appear in his arms as a sharp glint appeared in his eyes when he spoke with confidence, "We'll do just fine..." 

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