Ascenders Rift Chapter 139: The Water Snake King, Danger Beyond Danger


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When Evan, Layla, and Emilia had arrived on the ship's deck, they, along with Joe, Breya and Rick could only look up in awe at the sight of a majestic creature. It seemed similar to that of an Indigenous Water Snake, but it was more than a few hundred meters large having a diameter of a dozen or so meters. It's glaring yellow eyes gazing at their location as if it could see through anything in the world.

[Water Snake King - Level 13]

[Race - Water Snake (Superior) | State - Stage 2 Lesser Tier Lifeform(Mid-Level)]

[Ascended Path - All Attribute-Based Ascended Lifeform]

[Health - 1300]

[Water Mana - 110]

[Strength - 149]

[Vitality - 145]

[Agility - 149]

[Defense - 145]


[Innate Skill - Eyes of Perception - The ability to see things more keenly using great perception.]

[Water Control - The ability to control water in its surroundings using it to bolster its attack or defense tactics.]

[Poison Smog - Spew out a highly toxic water vapor from its mouth that can immobilize all weaker lifeforms.]

[Description - An extremely terrifying evolved breed of the water snake, its nature is mild-mannered and gently, but its views are lacking due to its overabundant affection for its kin.]


"W-we were finished!" Joe said in horror as he looked at the monstrosity before his eyes, he knew there was absolutely nothing that could be done against the being.

Emilia and Layla fell helplessly on their knees while trembling, as only Breya, Rick, and Evan managed to keep some level of composure.

"Darn, how do we get out of this one?" Rick asked.

Breya wracked her mind but couldn't come up with anything, Evan, on the other hand, frowned while staring at the beast.

'If I recall right, this creature should be the ruler of this region; it wasn't normally a violent type, what could have provoked it?' Evan thought as he looked around the deck.

Yet, as he saw the corpses of the water snakes killed by Joe and the others, he couldn't help but smack his head while in thought, 'Shit, I had forgotten to warn them about this, how could I be so foolish?'

As if it didn't care about Evan's regret, nor the despair of the others, the Water Snake King opened its mouth and roared in a human tongue, "Filthy humans, you shall pay for slaughtering my kind, prepare yourselves for death!"

"Bastard, if your shitty kids didn't attack us, would we even bother to fight them? Get lost!" Joe shouted as he tossed a piece of the dead water snake's corpse towards it provoking it even further.

The Water Snake King grew even more enraged. A towering amount of blue mana erupted from its body, causing the ocean to rise around him for a few hundreds of meters, looking no different from a calamity.

Evan seeing this, knew they have to risk it all, his body erupted with bright crimson Battle Power, as his Void Sword materialized when he shouted, "Everyone, do your best to stay together, we have only one chance!"

"R-Right!" Layla and Emilia said hesitantly recovering their state of mind to a stable degree, as they stood close behind him in battle posture.

Rick, Joe, and Breya had also gathered around Evan in a battle formation. The Water Snake King didn't want to waste time; its golden eyes shone in a murderous light as it made a battle cry and ushered their ends, "Live in despair at the bottom of my stomach!"

Instantly, its enormous body descended like a raging storm as the water geysers around it collapsed, sending giant tsunamis everywhere.

While everyone watched the giant maw approaching them with panicked eyes, they could do nothing as the creature was far more powerful and faster than them.

Evan looked at this with flashing eyes as he thought, 'Hmm, if it's like this, then it should be easier...'

Following his words, the world around him and everyone turned black as if they had entered another realm, as Layla and the other looked around in worry. 

Around them was a massive world of flesh and tissue, that was only moments away from contracting to push them down towards an area of sure demise. Evan didn't waste time as he promptly used his Spiritual Power to elevate the boat by a section, freeing it from the influence of the slipper tongue that tried to guide them to their doom.

When everyone saw his action, they sighed in relief, but no one let their guard down, not while inside of another creature's mouth.

Evan looked at them and spoke with a smile on his face as if he wasn't bothered by being swallowed, "Haha, you guys are acting like it's the end of the world. We've only been swallowed its nothing serious,"

Everyone looked at him in shock, as Rick glared at him and spoke, "We've only been swallowed? You say that like it's such a common thing, do, please tell us how you expect us to survive this Evan?"

Joe and the others also felt that Evan was a bit too optimistic, Evan shook his head and pointed towards the ground, their one would see a tongue that fidgeted as if it lost its target.

"We'll attack that, and like all other creatures, if something disturbs its tongue, it will spit, the question is just how far and which direction it will take us. Judging by the time, it shouldn't have submerged itself," Evan said with a smile.

When Joe and the others heard this their eyes brightened as Rick showed an understanding look, Evan nodded as he didn't waste any more time he spoke, "Breya bind us to the ship with your threads, and as for everyone else, attack with me!"

Following Evan's words, Breya sent a series of threads around everyone that tightly bounded them to the ship's deck. 

Soon, Evan raised his hand and cut out a large slash wave with more than a quarter of his Battle Energy, as Joe and the others used roughly the same of theirs, each using their special attack skills in the same direction.

In moments, the world inside of the snake's mouth became a colorful one, filled with light, but on the outside, a different scene occurred.

Though the previous act took a while to describe, it had in fact, occurred in no more than a few seconds, as the Water Snake King upon roaring immediately descended and swallowed Evan's party. It then raised its head to the sky in an attempt to swallow them down, but right at this time, its eyes looked puzzled as if it couldn't quite understand why they vanished from his mouth.

Right before it could get to the bottom of things, the Water Snake King's eyes widened in alarm as it felt a surge of pain from its tongue. Though its stats were overwhelming, and it could easily crush people of a similar caliber to Evan's group as a Mid Class Stage 1 Lesser Tier Lifeform, it's internals will always be inferior.

"Roar!" With a painful wail, the Water Snake King spat as hard as it could in a random direction, spitting the Evan and the others towards the distant horizon at speeds that were many times that of a cannon shell.

After spitting, the Water Snake King glared at the direction he spat as his rage-filled voice sounded, "Damn bugs! I will have my revenge!"

The Water Snake King was about to charge, but right at this moment, it sensed a profound danger, causing it to dive towards the ocean's depths in alarm hurriedly.

Instantly, a ray of blood light came from the summits of the sky striking into the ocean, it made a deep gash onto the back of the Water Snake King that was already a few hundred meters below sea level.

The Water Snake King wailed in pain again, but this only caused it to increase its acceleration potential, vanishing from this region of waters like a ray of light.

At this moment, above these waters, a large Horde Carrier had appeared being a few hundred meters in size, followed by many other large and small ones.

Five mighty beings stood at the very top of the largest Horde Carrier with their strange patterned clothing fluttering due to the winds.

Looking at them carefully, one would notice that two amongst them were familiar, as the others had their features shrouded by their garments. 

The duo was of an edgy-looking female like creature, with a slender figure and long hair with sharp arms and legs like blades. As the other was a male creature with wings, it was of male gender and had pointed protrusions from his back and chest, giving him an unsightly appearance.

This duo was none other than Khenul and Candron, followed by Xakkok, Ekver, and Hugrils of the Eight Destroyers.

Candron currently had a long and large piece of bone that seemed to be fashioned into a spear in his arms; his eyes stared at the ocean waters as a frown came on his face when he spoke, "Tsk! That pesky little snake got away again, such a quick and sneaky little shit!"

Khenul glanced at him and spoke only a single word, "Useless,"

Candron looked at Khenul, who was no longer looking at him and shook his head before he glared at the distance and knitted his brows in thought, 'Odd, I wonder, what did they try to eat just now?'

Candron's pondered for a while but no longer wasted time to think it over, before his eyes was a scene of a region surrounded by a golden barrier, he licked his lips as his eyes flashed in a sinister light when he spoke, "Hah, let's see how they to do this time?"

The eyes of Khenul and the other's shone as chuckles could be heard from each of the Eight Destroyers, they knew things wouldn't be so easy again on those weak lifeforms called humans. The scene here no different from the prelude to hell…

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