Ascenders Rift Chapter 130: Sudden Conflict, Startling the Crowd


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A heavy tension filled the room as everyone grew silent at the scene before them, Evan who was calmly making his way back towards Joe and the others couldn't help but halt his steps as two individuals now stood before him. Looking at them carefully, he felt that their strengths were no different from Level 2's and while he didn't know or care who they were, the onlookers knew full well that they were rising talents among Ascenders, known as Kieran and Finlay.

Kieran being a well-known playboy, would stop at nothing when it comes to claiming beautiful women for his own; even the slightest grievance caused to one would be viewed as his problem.

Finlay, on the other hand, was more of a silent type, he had never shown interest to anyone or anything, but only his most brutal side, which was known by all. The fact that someone he has developed an interest for has broken down into tears was more than enough to warrant him acting.

Evan tilted his head in confusion as he looked at the two individuals that blocked his path as he spoke, "Is there something I can help you with?"

The audience hearing his words was startled; not only he pretended not to know them, but he had the audacity to talk to him in such a casual manner.

"This bloke is a dead man," One person said with a sigh.

"Ha, serves him right, who told him to enter such a place with no common sense? It's better he dies early, less he suffer something worse with that brain of his..." Someone else added.

Joe and the others had only now noticed this change; they looked at the scene with various expressions as they commented.

"Haha, finally, he gets what he deserves," Joe said with a healthy smile as he bit a chicken leg, causing the oil to run down his mouth.

Breya looked at this as she mocked, "Can it kill you to eat properly? Look, you're even making a mess of yourself."

Joe hearing her words was not phased in the slightest; he merely bit the leg harder and chewed faster as he replied while glancing at her, "So, what's it to you? Are you going to help me clean up?"

"As a matter of fact, I might just do so," Breya said in a bold tone, her eyes staring deeply at Joe as if he was the meat instead of the chicken leg in his hands.

It wasn't the first time Joe had seen such a look, he gulped down a chunk of meat, causing it to nearly choke him. He soon shook his head and carefully wiped his mouth before he grabbed his knife and fork and ate gracefully.

Breya snickered at this as Emilia looked at them in silence before her eyes glanced towards the silent Rick, her thoughts unknown to the world.

Rick sensed Emilia's gaze, but he didn't dare to turn towards her, as Joe seemed to have been even more vigilant lately. Even now, Joe was glaring at Rick through the corners of his eyes, slightly acting as if he was doing something else. But in truth, he was merely keeping an eye on his greatest enemy.

Layla looked at the strange scene and shook her head not daring to interfere, she shifted her sights onto Evan as she prepared to get up and help out, but right at this time, Evan raised his arm slightly as his fingers spread wide open, making the halt signal.

Layla seeing this, no longer did anything but continued to eat. Still, though it seemed like Evan had made a halt sign to his party, to everyone else, he looked like an idiot that had lost his mind due to the pressure.

Kieran, who had been sizing up Evan, showed a haughty look as he saw his actions. He sneered, "You think that by offering respects now, we'll let you go? You must be as naive as you are stupid, how dare you let beauty Scarlet cry tears? Here's what we'll do, you go stand before her and kneel as you apologize, only then will I, Kieran, let you pass in peace."

Finlay, who glared at Evan in silence, took this moment to speak his thoughts, "I am also in agreement, you pal is no different from a disgrace to all men, people like you aren't meant to be in this world for long, so you'd better wise up and do as your told," Finlay said while cracking his knuckles.

As Evan heard their words, he couldn't help but feel like laughing, he only realized what was going on, and to be honest, he only thought it funny as he hadn't experienced something like this in years.

"I believe you gentlemen are mistaken; things aren't as you see it, now if you'll excuse me, I..." Evan was about to clarify the circumstances, as his face was one of calmness.

However, fate itself had other plans before he could finish his words, both Kieran and Finlay spoke in a louder and colder tone, "Cut the crap and get kneeling!"

The crowd mocked as they saw this scene and observed with excitement. Joe and the others also smiled at this sight, while even Rick's mouth curved into a teasing smile.

Yet, Evan remained calm and indifferent if he were so easily upset about random upstarts, then his previous experience would be wasted, or at least, the knowledge from what he could recall.

"I'll be going now gentlemen, next time, do please remember to take keen of your situations..." Evan said with a business-like smile on his face as he walked forward.

Everyone looked at Evan's action in bewilderment as they would have never thought he would be so bold, taking a step directly at the center of Kieran and Finlay, while ignoring their warning. 

They knew that right now, this was no longer about the female, but an insult to the duo's pride. At this time, the entrance of the Golden Palace opened, and the members of the Clover Squad Ascender's Party had entered. They were about to move towards a table but couldn't help but notice the scene.

Reil couldn't help but narrow his eyes as he stared at Evan's direction before it opened wide in shock as he thought, 'This... how did he get here before us? You're telling me that he was able to slip by us unnoticed on that broad highway.'

While he was shocked, everyone else amongst his party was alarmed, as they knew that traveling from their previous location was a feat. Even with their van, it took them a few hours, but oddly, Evan and his team had arrived before them, they didn't know what kind of mad power would be needed to accomplish such a feat.

Though Reil and his party were curious, they didn't have time to think anything else as the scene here had already shifted.

Kieran and Finlay naturally grew enraged at Evan's behavior, the moment his foot touched the ground, their eyes gleamed in a harmful ray as they acted.

"You son of a bitch, since you refuse to kneel with words, allow me to help you with action!" Kieran said as his eyes flashed fiercely, he twisted his body, lowering his stance and kicked towards Evan's legs with his blurry fast leg.

"Get down!" Finlay yelled as he made a similar but slower movement, striking his fist towards Evan's face, the power behind his body many times that of even Kerian as if he specialized in brute force.

As Reil looked on with sharp eyes, the crowd looked on in anticipation. Evan merely shifted his leg to the side as he easily voided Kieran's lower kick and stepped past him. However, as for Finlay 's overpowering fist, it went straight for his head as even the wind could be hard around it due to its force.

Evan smirked as he raised his right arm and made a thumbs-up posture; he then rapidly swept his arm towards Finlay's fist, making a loud banging noise.

Following a mini shockwave, every look at the result in shock, as even Reil and his companions couldn't help but utter in surprise.

"Am I seeing things? How could someone so strong exists apart from those experts of RADA?" Reil said as he looked at the scene before him in utter awe.

Even his female companion couldn't help but have strange lights in her eyes as she licked her lips. The audience was no less stunned as one man trembled as he looked at Evan in fear.

Yet, the one who felt the worse was none other than Finlay himself; his legs grew weak as he knelt on the ground, causing his leg armor to make clanking noises as he looked at his fists that was balanced by Evan's thumb in shock.

"H...his thumb, he blocked my full power punch with his fucking thumb?" Finlay said in shock as he couldn't quite grasp the situation, he felt as if he was tossed into a different world.

On the other hand, Evan was at ease; he gently moved Finlay's hand to the side with his thumb as he looked at him like a gentle senior coaxing a child as he spoke, "Go on now, don't let this mistake happen again."

After saying this, Evan walked past him and ignored the frightened Kieran, who didn't even dare to open his mouth and say anything. The crowd watched the back of this unknown, mysterious young man that had appeared out of nowhere with dread, as silence reigned supreme. 

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