Ascenders Rift Chapter 127: Departing from Tusalon, The Eight Destroyers?


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 The dark palace was both gloomy and silent, as even with the passing of its ruler and cursed undead who watched over its domain. There were never any changes, leaving only the silent wind that blew through the open windows, and the various sounds of undead beings as its ambiance. After defeating Fidelis from their clash a few moments ago, Evan and the others had decided to take a temporary rest before they left Tusalon's Lesser Space.

Right at this moment, they were each seated within the gloomy King's Chamber, recovering from their battle's injuries.

"So, who is that woman he spoke of?" Joe asked to break as everyone was currently seated in silence. 

Layla, who was the exception, had yet to awaken from slumber due to overusing her energies. Breya, Rick, and Emilia looked at Evan with looks of curiosity as they too had similar thoughts to the person Fidelis had mentioned.

Evan stared at the portrait behind them, resting behind the throne as his eyes flashed as if recalling the things he learned in the past before he replied, ''I believe she was known as Carnesia, a princess of these lands, daughter of a mad king who threatened the world..."

Rick, hearing this frowned as he spoke, "A mad king? I didn't see any details of a mad king, was he the Cursed Hero Fidelis or someone else?"

Evan shifted his eyes towards a nearby corner; there, a statue of a middle-aged man with blond hair wearing a crown was visible. He had sad eyes and seemed a bit crazy at a glance. Evan replied once more while pointing his finger, "He's right over there, a man who had existed during the time of Fidelis, I believe he was said to have sacrificed his humanity to walk the path of the occult ways, becoming a necromancer. As Fidelis slew him, I don't know of the exact details, but it should have most likely been a part of his curse..."

"Hmm, why only a part?" Rick asked with puzzled eyes.

"That's because the only being that can truly curse a man, especially one of Fidelis's caliber, could only be that which has surpassed all the standard tiers of lifeforms," Evan replied with dark eyes.

"You don't mean..." Rick's face turned solemn as did everyone else, but right before he could finish his words, Layla, who rested on Evan's shoulder twitched and turned.

Evan, who saw this, gently ran his hand across her hair as he spoke, "Correct, only a Supreme or that which calls itself as God can perform such a thing. If we aren't careful, we can also similarly succumb to such a fate."

When Rick and the others heard this, they clenched their fists tightly as their eyes shone with stubbornness.

Joe couldn't help but speak, "Hmph! I won't be another man's pawn in some game forever; sooner or later, we'll be sure to get him back..."

"Brother is right, I for one won't stand to be toyed with by another," Emilia said as she gripped her slender palms tightly, her innocent face showing a firm look. Yet, though she said this, she made a whisper that only she herself could hear, "I'd rather toy with them myself…"

Evan thought he heard something strange, but he didn't pay it any mind as he noticed that Breya's eyes shifted to Layla as she spoke, "Evan, I have a question about Layla."

When Joe and the others heard this, they looked towards Layla with deep looks, as there was no one amongst them who didn't notice her strangeness.

Evan sighed as he glanced at Layla before speaking, "I'm sure she will tell you on her own time, I'm not the one to question."

Joe and the others looked at each other before they replied, "Fine."

Evan seeing this nodded as he looked around and felt that the time was right, he spoke, "Speaking of Layla, now that it seems that she's coming around, we should get ready to leave here and head back to Earling Star. We need to supply ourselves a bit and contact the others before we head off; it will be a harsh journey across the lands of this world."

Joe and the others nodded at those words, and they began to arrange themselves, but at this time, Rick couldn't help but ask, "Evan, did you get anything strange from the battle with Fidelis just now?"

Evan smiled as he heard this, he glanced at Rick and the others and spoke, "Hmm, and why might you think that?"

Rick looked at Evan deeply and spoke while waving, causing a black spear to appear in his palm, "Well, that's because everyone else has gotten more than just experience. I even seemed to have received an even stronger spear."

Joe, who was listening, also spoke while lifting his arm, showing a dark band with special engravings, "I got a wristband."

Emilia and Breya also spoke as they pointed to two shiny earrings, "Us as well, we got these similar earrings."

Evan looked at the gear with a smile as he shifted his eyes to Layla, noticing her strange-looking earrings as he spoke, "You're right, I did receive something, maybe a little more than I had initially expected. However, I've received along with that surprise, an old partner of mine..."

"Old Partner?" Rick asked while narrowing his eyes.

Joe and the others also looked at Evan with a strange look, they have always found him odd, especially with his words that carried hints of unusual things.

"You'll know soon, one day I'll explain it all," Evan said with a smile as he stared at his palms, he never thought that his unique status would give him this kind of surprise.

Joe and the others looked at him carefully, but no one pushed the issue further. Not long after, everyone had already readied themselves, even Layla had awoken and was sizing up her strange ruby-colored earing.

'Why does it feel so familiar? Is it because we are the same?' Layla thought to herself while fiddling with the earring. However, she soon put it back on her ears as she knew now wasn't the time to search for answers.

They each gave the sad-looking King's Chamber and the grim world another look before Evan sighed and spoke, "Transfer!"

A bright ray bolted from the heavens, covering their forms before it swept them away from this grim-looking world, leaving it to its fate of eternal solitude.


Far away in the lands of Qeodreona, within the sector that was dominated by the Mother Breed. If one were to look around the pure green skies, they would notice that clusters upon clusters of Horde Carriers, ranging from hundreds of meters in size to much smaller ones floated in the air.

At this moment, two humanoid figures hovered in the air, one with wings made from flesh and tissue as the other rode on top of a large insect. Their bodies had dark robes with unique patterns, as their faces had long horns with three sinister-looking eyes that had opaque scleras and red irises.

The one who rode on top of the insect had a more edgy look and seemed to be of the female gender, with a slender figure and long hair with sharp arms and legs like blades. As for the other, which had wings, it was of male gender and had pointed protrusions from his back and chest, giving him an unsightly appearance.

These two stood at the front of their massive army as they spoke while descending into the Mother Cave.

"Candrons, what do you think of that mother would say once she hears about our result?" The male said as he flapped his wings while descending.

"Khenul, what mother thinks and feels isn't up for us to debate, we should only carry out her orders and report any circumstances," Candrons said with an icy voice, her eyes not even showing a trace of fear for her death.

Khenul glanced at her and shook his head while thinking, 'Tsk! As always, you fools are always so quick to act like that, what if she asked you to die? Bah, I guess it can't be helped now...'

Not long after their words, these two had arrived in the large room where a beautiful woman was seated on the top of a throne flesh and bones. Standing before her were six individuals in unique patterned cloaks, whose eyes shone from underneath their hoods as they watched them in silence.

Khenul's eyes narrowed as he didn't see Galadron anywhere, he gulped as he stared at the silent Queen of their Mother Breed, the ever so dominant and oppressive Galgorax, feeling a trace of nervousness.

"We greet Queen Mother!" Both Khenul and Candrons said as they knelt before her.

Galgorax wasn't in a good mood; she looked at the duo with glowing red eyes as she spoke, "Did you fail as well?"

"...." Candrons remained silent, as Khenul started to tremble a bit.

After taking a deep breath, Candron spoke, "It is as you've stated mother, these humans are well protected, we can not bring harm to them unless the barrier that shields them is handled."

Galgorax frowned when she heard those words; her veins grew visible on her forehead, as her eyes glowed even more brightly, and her body erupted in a dense amount of blood-red aura.

Bang! Instantly, the entire domain of the Mother Breed began to shake as if something terrifying was brewing at its core. After a good while, the shaking faded, and her terrifying powers receded as all the individuals gathered in the room trembled while staying silent.

Galgorax, having calmed her anger, gripped the armrests on her throne, causing the bones to make cracking sounds as she spoke in a cold tone, "Failure does not happen again, do you understand..."

Everyone promptly nodded and replied, "Yes, mother!"

Galgorax snorted then spoke, "You are my Eight Destroyers. No one is to survive your wrath. If it is the humans are protected, and we cannot kill them, let them be, but I don't believe that their barrier will keep them safe for long. I want Candron, Khenul, Xakkok, Ekver, and Hugrils to lead the main force to block their domain; no one gets in and out! As for here, Vrak, Egzods, and Deerut will stay as the final lines of defense as that 'Insect Whore' is always watching for opportunities; we will only act if necessary."

"As mother wishes!" Candron and Khenul said along with the other individuals from the Eight Destroyers.

Galgorax was about end the meeting, but Khenul, who was a bit wary, spoke out his concern, "Mother, If I may... might I inquire the whereabouts of Galadron? What will he be doing?"

When the others of the Eight Destroyers heard this, their eyes flickered as they remained silent. Galgorax looked at each of them before she made a strange smile and replied, "Galadron is far different from you all, he is not a member of the Eight Destroyers and has no need to partake in your affairs. Now then, you are dismissed!"

Hearing those words, everyone had an odd look on their faces, but no questioned her commanded, their body flashed before they vanished from her quarters.

Galgorax then smiled and licked her lips before she rose from her throne. She walked towards an unknown section of the room before she vanished in a region of darkness, unknown to all.

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