Ascenders Rift Chapter 120: A Grand Celebration, The Justice Party


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While Evan, Layla, Joe, and the others were training within the extremely dangerous Lesser Space. There were changes occurring on the outside that the previous world would have never anticipated. It had been over two months since the battles against the Lesser Spaces had started, and all of humanity had begun to show signs of change.

The various significant powers of the United Western Nations, Allied Eastern Union, and the Southern Arctic Society now having formed a cohesive partnership and structure to cope with the sudden disasters. Some cities and towns were lost to the hordes of not only beasts that had transformed as the Lesser Spaces influenced them, but also the beings that poured out in large numbers. 

If one were even to travel a few kilometers from a core major city, they would see the wreckage of what used to be peaceful grounds, prowling with savage mutated animals and remnants from the various conquered Lesser Spaces. 

The human's of this age, now traveled about in large parties, venturing in large vans or trucks with heavy weapons or fantasy style armors and pieces of equipment, each of them giving off a strong vibe as if they had been through countless battles and seen many tragedies. With the rise of Ascenders from various factions or even rogues, awakening various special abilities from gaining classes, the world had slowly begun to enter a period of stability.

Currently, within Earling Star, one of the significant core fortress cities of the newly transformed Morning Star Empire. The scenes shown were not that different from a few months prior, with vehicles moving back and forth and people walking about the streets.

If anything, the major difference would be that each of these persons wore different get-ups, some in medieval cloaks, or armors with various swords, spears, and other combat arsenals. Being a fortress city, others also wore military uniforms, with state-of-the-art rifles on their backs as they patrolled the streets behind military vans. 

Occasionally, one would hear a series of loud noises, as groups of red mechs, soared over the skies, each having a sword emblem engraved on their surfaces as they left behind trailing red smoke in the air. Some nearby buildings had curtains that hung from their windows with this very same symbol, as even the street itself had flowers and roses at the sides, leading all the way towards the center of Earling Star. 

Looking at this scene, it would seem as if there was some celebration in the making. Noticing the changes, some of the individuals who sat in an outdoor bar, couldn't help but look at the sky with awe as they spoke amongst themselves.

"It's finally the day," One man said.

"Yeah, it had been put off for long enough, it's about time things fell into place," Another person said while looking at the sky in awe.

"Humph!" A middle-aged man who sat farther away snorted at those words as he drank from a bottle of wine.

The people hearing this looked at the man and questioned, "Why are you acting all grumpy? Can't you see that today is a special one?"

The person hearing this scoffed as he spat on the ground, "As if I'd care, if you ask me all of it's just pretentious, the world is in a state of disorder, so many lives have been lost, the only place that can maintain such a shitty scene of order is this damn city. Yet, our little prince wants to use this day to perform the crowning ceremony?"

A few persons hearing his words felt it to be in reason, but others looked at him with hate and cursed.

"What the hell are you saying? It's because of such events that we can enliven the spirits of many! If it weren't for the Royal Knights and the esteemed RADA association, how would even be able to preserve our city of Earling Star?" Someone said in anger.

The middle-aged man shook his head and turned towards the person who spoke and fixed his hat, causing his features to become more visible. He was a bald white-skinned man with a thick mustache and a five o'clock shadow.

He then replied in an apathetic tone, "RADA? Royal Knights? You seem to be quite blind, what of the effort of the hard-working wanderers? What of the effort of the MSS? What of the effort of the Justice Party?"

The person hearing this hesitated for a bit before he gritted his teeth and spoke in a loud voice, "Nonsense! They may be acting for humanity, but they still aren't legitimate heroes, failing to comply with the palace's command, and not even showing respect to the rising prince is no different from betrayal to our empire, regardless of their deeds. For you to support them, I believe that you are just like them, a renegade with no respect to his leaders."

"That's right; you're just a rotten fellow who doesn't know shit that he's saying. Oldtimer, it's best if you get lost before I have to force you to eat shit!" Another person said as he looked at the middle-aged man with fierce eyes.

"Get up and get lost!" Another person added as he tossed a bottle of bear on the ground nearby.

As a commotion started, the owner was forced to act, he came to the middle-aged man and spoke in a stern tone, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask you leave, your bill is on us..."

The middle-aged man seeing this shook his head and fixed his hat, covering the upper portion of his face as he left the outdoor bar. He then wandered the streets with his hands in the pocket of his overcoat, acting as if he was moving about aimlessly. However, if one paid attention to this man, they would notice that while he moved, his eyes concealed by the shadows of his hat shifted to the side.

Suddenly, he took a sharp right turn, walking into an alleyway for a few dozens of meters. Soon, he had arrived at a dark enough area where a tall wall and piles of trash blocked one's way forward.

As he stood her silently, he slanted his head to the side glanced behind him as he spoke, "You've been following me for a while now, why not say what's on your mind?"

The area was quiet for a while before a slight chuckle was heard as a woman's voice sounded, "How perceptive..."

Not long after, a beauty with white hair that was styled in a bob cut phased out of nothingness. She stood there a few feet distance behind the middle-aged man as if she was there from the beginning.

The man finally turned around and faced her, sizing up her curvy figure that wore tight-fitting black spandex suit with a spider marking on her chest. He stared at her delicate face with red lips, and brown eyes as his pupil's contact lens flickered with intricate symbols.

Suddenly, the man smiled and spoke, "Black Spider, counterintelligence operative of the MSS, and the lead of the new RDF's Special Intelligence Division. To what do I have the honor of meeting such a character?"

Black Spider didn't seem to mind that he knew her; she smiled and stared at him as she spoke, "Sector Chief Brook, or rather, Black Justice. I... no, we would like to make a proposition to you and your friends from the Justice Party. Are you interested?"

Sector Chief Brook frowned as he heard those words, he stared at Black Spider's face with an intense look before he rubbed his mustache and replied, "It is true as they say, your skills are the best of the best for you to be able to trace my identity. I can only say bravo to you, woman..."

"..." Black Spider didn't reply as she heard his words; she merely stared at him silently as if she was a machine.

Sector Chief Brook seeing her look sighed as he lifted his head, staring at the cloudy blue sky covered by a strange semi-transparent barrier.

After a while, he took down his head and showed a smile as he spoke to her, "Fine, we are open to discussion,"

Black Spider finally showed a more friendly look as she spoke once more, "Perfect, then if you'd only contact those friends of yours, we can begin to discuss our partnership."

Sector Chief Brook smirked at those words, as he spoke, "Sure, you can speak to them now."

When Black Spider heard this, she narrowed her eyes, but suddenly, she felt a feeling as if two individuals were staring at her back. In shock, Black Spider hurriedly turned around and noticed that two persons were standing in an obscure corner in silence for an unknown period.

Their figures shrouded by the shadows cast by the buildings, but if one looked closely, they would be able to make out that one of them had a fat belly and golden hair, and the other had a slim body with white hair.

After regaining in her shock, Black Spider calmed down and looked at the duo with surprise as she thought to herself, 'To think it was the two of you, how very interesting...'

The golden-haired man then spoke from the shadows as he gestured with a waving motion, "Well, don't just keep standing here, there are eyes everywhere, you know. Let's take this meeting somewhere else..."

As he said this, both Black Spider and Sector Chief Brook followed along, as they left behind the empty scene of the alleyway. Still, while changes were happening here, so was the scene at the royal palace grounds.


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