Ascenders Rift Chapter 111: The Calamity of the Rifts, Each Nation’s War


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It was a city that was on the brink of collapse, its high rise showing traces of damages, and the concrete floor had been ruined by craters and corpses as the bodies of both humans and beasts littered the area for as far as one could see. If one looked around, they would notice that many clusters of smoke were rising from various areas, as the sounds of damaged vehicle alarms resounded throughout the distance, along with the sounds of rapid gunfire and explosives.

As the civilians scampered about in a panic, a string of bullets showered across an open street against a horde of orcs in simple armor. On one side was the army that wore standard military uniforms with assault rifles that fired away, yet, though some of the orcs were injured with a few of them succumbing to their wounds. Many had still managed to break through the army's bullet net as they savagely assaulted the soldiers.

"Ahh!" One soldier cried out in pain as his body was gripped by two of the orcs before he was ripped apart.

As more and more of these scenes played out a commanding officer's face turned pale, he shouted, "All men fall back!"

He was about to escape in his Humvee, but right at this moment, there was a change. A soft but commanding voice with a Russian accent sounded from a nearby speaker, "You call yourselves soldiers, retreating before you even save the civilians truly a disgrace!"

Following those words, a string of heavy-duty gunshots was heard as a blond-haired woman with robust arms, deep-set blue eyes, garbed in black military uniform and a hat had appeared. Her bound her danced behind her back as she stood atop of a black army jeep with a heavy machine gun firmly grasped in her arms, releasing bullets upon bullets towards the monsters.

Each bullet fired seemed to have even more penetrative power, as they tore through the flesh of these orcs like a knife through butter.

The commanding officer seeing this beauty had a joyous expression, he ignored her previous words as he shouted, "Hold steady troops, gather the civilians and make way, the Special Forces Division is here!"

The others hearing this soon felt a sense of relief, but they didn't dare to let their guards down and continued to pull back.

Following the commander's words, a few similar colored jeeps appeared driving through their ranks with the SDF symbol on their sides. Inside of them were many others dressed like her, some of them even wore helmets. They each began firing specialized weapons, that bore through the orcs in clusters while some also tossed bombs and fired rockets.

A well-built man no different from those seen in bodybuilding competitions was seen within their ranks, he sat on top of the army jeep dressed in only a camo trousers as his bald head shone as if it was shined with oil. He had a stubble of beard around his chin, a hook nose, and sharp looking eyes below a dark gray camo headband that wrapped around the entire of his forehead.

This man glanced at the woman with the heavy machine guns while he casually tossed cannon shells towards the orcs, causing them to explode into bits of gore as he spoke, "Mille, you're one to talk, a real soldier doesn't need guns..."

Millie hearing these words, snorted as he jumped from the back of her jeep into the air, the driver seeing this turned, causing the jeep to drift to the side as he too pulled out a gun and started firing.

Although Millie was in the air, the heavy machine gun was a light as a handgun in her arms. She veered towards a larger orc and smashed it into his head causing the orc to stagger as he fell back, following this she did a quick turn and kicked the orc stomach which wasn't well protected by its armor.

Her blow caused the orc to sail backward were he smashed into a car, easily crushing it with its large frame. The orc coughed out a mouthful of green blood as it gritted its teeth and roared preparing to move, but Millie, who was already aiming her machine towards its direction, smirked.

Bang! With a pull of the trigger, a single bullet hit the oil tank of the car setting off a spark that ignited everything as an explosion followed.

As Millie saw this, only then, she nodded with satisfaction as she replied with the man, "Hmph! Viktor, all you do is 'work' that mouth of yours. If you want to prove your both a man and soldier then fight them up close like I am!"

Viktor clicked his tongue as he shrugged and replied, "Fine, fine, might as well get a little exercise, were not so lucky like those bastards that were already in RADA's good graces..."

When Viktor said this, he cracked his muscles preparing to jump from the jeep with a pair of savage-looking cleavers in both of his arms.

A few of the other special soldiers seeing this, couldn't help but shrink back as they thought, 'The Evening Butcher is about to come loose...'

When Millie heard Viktor's words, she couldn't help but cursed while she continued to mow down her enemies with no remorse, "Those bastards, valuing their core partners instead of us... hmph!  If you ask me, the king shouldn't have bothered to strike a deal with them!"

Viktor seeing this shook his head, he was about to say something, but right at this moment, there came a change.                       

Bang! Suddenly, an explosion sounded from the nearby distance, brightening the area with its destructive light before fading after a few seconds.

Following this sight was a terrifying scene, a well-armored orc that was no less than four meters in size with a body made of hard muscles had fallen back by a few feet distance. It halted its steps after sliding back a bit as its foot crushed the front of a truck, sending metal and glass about the floor.

Looking at its chest, one would see a black spot, as if the grenade that hit it, had no effect at all. Millie's eyes darkened at the sight of this orc; she was about to move towards it but, Viktor spoke with a smile, "I'll do it,"

Millie's hearing this nodded; she knew that he was stronger than her. At this time, the orc leader lifted its head and roared as he charged towards them with heavy steps.

Viktor's eyes shone with a hint of blood lust, as the cleavers in his palms began to spin when he shouted, "Let's put on a show big guy!"

The battle here entering a new stage as elsewhere, there were many other skirmishes between man and beasts.


In a region that seemed akin to that of modern ancient Asia, many different buildings with tiled roofs that were broken were visible. Here, a few towers were also showing sights of damage as flying creatures spat energy balls all over the city.

Looking on the ground, one would notice that as the people ran away in panic, the military fought a hard-fought battle. Many of them ended as food for the flying beasts, as their sharp talons clutched them before dragging them into the sky.

Amidst this chaos, were tree familiar-looking individuals that led separate units. They were a man who wore a business suit with a samurai sword in his hand, a female that wore modern ninja uniform designed like a dark-colored combat suit as she held two katanas, and finally, a bald-headed monk with a red pole, dressed in a martial uniform.

This trio moved like blurry shades between the monsters that attack both by land and air. The samurai's sword slash would send a vaguely visible sharp energy towards the airborne beast, serving any amongst them it caught while leaving deep gashes on the higher-flying beasts.

He jumped from building to building, using just about anything as a foothold as he rapidly sheathed and unsheathed his sword sending a flurry sword waves across the surroundings.

As for the female ninja, she was even more elusive; her figure was hardly traceable as whenever she appeared, her katana would quickly sever an opponent's head before she faded away with rising smoke.

The monk was even more mysterious, as he adopted a classic martial stance and fought against the horde head-on, easily avoiding their attacks with the slightest turn and movement of his body as he used their strength to counter before his fists destroyed their bodies.

Watching this scene from afar, was Empress Chi who sat within her palace, her face had a dark frown on it as she looked at the screen in silence. An attendant seeing this spoke as if to ease her worries, "My dear empress, please do not worry, Samurai Tanaka Bairei, Ninja Masuda Ayako and Shaolin Lian Qigang are more than capable of handling the horde. Please be at ease and rest your mind..."

"Hmph! They better, hurry and give the command, I want this mess cleaned up in two days!" Empress Chi ordered.

"Your subordinate obeys," The attendant said with a curt bow before turning and leaving the room.

Empress Chi then glanced at a different screen, showing the Russian Empire for a moment before the Ugandia Nation. There, a powerful-looking black man stood in the company other well-built black men and women, garbed in their unique soldiers uniform with no sleeves. Their arms had golden rings around them with badges and tattoos of diverse beasts on their arms.

This black man had a bald head that a roaring tiger tattooed on it. His frame even more muscular than that of Viktor as he ran many times faster than a cheetah on steroids and was even more flexible than the wildest of all apes, ripping apart any creature he came across with his bare hands.

"This Akim Mureithi… he is truly befitting of his fame as the Fierce Tiger of Ugandia. His team is equally powerful but it seems that they're having just as much of loss as we are," Empress Chi said as the screen soon showed the chaos of many bloody scenes in a few of their cities.

Empress Chi then sighed and shook her head before her eyes grew sharp when she thought, 'RADA... they didn't even remind us of this detail during the meeting, truly a troublesome bunch they are... but yet, their strength is truly too great to make light of.'

As she said this, the screen flashed once more, showing a different series of areas, each being the Arabian Empire, The Southern Artic Society, Cold Moon Empire, and even more complicated Morning Star Empire. The scenes show to her eyes, were far beyond what any other nations could compare.

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