Ascenders Rift Chapter 110: The RDF, A Sudden Change!


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 As silence pervaded in the room, everyone looked at Evan who claimed that he had a method to solve the strange party. Evan stared at everyone before he spoke once more, "Before I tell you my suggestion, there is one more thing that I'd like to inform you all about."

Layla and the others from his party gave Evan a look as their eyes flashed; it seemed that they knew what he was going to say next.

Alan, Angeline, Sigor, and the others, however, made puzzled looks on their faces as they pondered to themselves.

'I wonder what it is this time?' Alan thought while scratching his chin, he glanced at Angeline from the corner of his eyes but noticed that she was just as confused as himself.

"What might this issue be, Evan?" Section Chief Sigor inquired.

Evan, hearing these words and seeing their looks once more, spoke, "It's about those Lesser Spaces..."

When Sigor, Alan and the others heard this, their faces sunk, only now did they realize that they forgot a very crucial thing.

With a loud 'bang,' Alan slammed the table and spoke, "How could I forget about this? The Calamity of the Rifts, though RADA mentioned it before, they didn't elaborate on its details during the meeting, are you saying that they're going to erupt truly?"

Sigor also had a solemn look on his face as he stared at Evan, he too remembered the details they had stolen from RADA.

Evan seeing their looks spoke, "Make no mistake they most certainly will, the question is when it happens..."

"Blast! Why did not they speak of this in the meeting, I would've remembered it then, it seems I was too preoccupied with the disaster of that Ascenders Rift..." Sigor cursed.

As Alan and the other MSS officers heard this, they too felt a similar feeling. Evan seeing this couldn't help but mutter, "As usual, RADA and their methods, using one fear to overcloud the mind of another..."

At this time, Angeline, who gripped her fists, spoke, "Evan, when do you think they might erupt?"

Evan sighed as he stared at the screens that displayed the entire situation of Earling Star as he replied, "I'm not certain, there are too many variables, it could be in a day, or a few days times. One thing is certain; it will erupt before this week ends, right now, we need to form a countermeasure to guard against these Lesser Spaces."

Sigor hearing this didn't want to dally, he spoke, "Hmm, then since its such, Evan do tell me of your considerations."

Evan seeing that he didn't want to go around corners cut to the chase, he replied, "It's simple. First, you guys can develop a Counter Force, one that does regular patrols, each of these individuals must be capable of handling Level 1 to Level 3 monsters."

Sigor, hearing this paused for a moment before he spoke, "This will be hard, we don't have that many awakeners, not like Angeline, Black Spider, Hank, and Thomas. If anything, we only have the Reaper's Mech Unit, there are roughly a dozen of them, and it won't be enough to patrol all the rifts, much less our empire."

Evan hearing his words shook his head and spoke, "No, it's enough, remember you're not alone, and even RADA won't sit back when they erupt, they'll still try to gain face by attacking a few of them with overwhelming power. What the first option is aiming for is to use few to gain the attention of many, like which we discussed before, you'll be stealing talents by advertising the MSS's prowess."

Reaper hearing this suddenly had beaming eyes as if he realized Evan's intent, he spoke, "Ho, that's a pretty clever method boy, we can not only destroy the monsters but also advertise the might of our Mecha Unit. By doing so, we can then gather more prospective soldiers with the interest of becoming future pilots."

Evan hearing this smiled and spoke, "Correct, and that's not all, you still have the powerful Alan and the rest, they can form a different unit of this defensive squad one for Ascenders that like direct combat. They can be used to attract individuals with the notions of becoming strong Ascenders themselves. As for my second point, once you've officially established this defensive squad, you can then try reaching out to them, I am sure that with your information capabilities you should be able to track them down and send a message. You can persuade them to join you or forming a partnership."

As Conrad and the others listen to Evan's words; their eyes began to change as they looked at him differently from how they did the beginning.

Sigor at this time stared at Evan and spoke, "This is all good advice, Evan, but what about you and your team? Why does it sound as if you're not interested in joining our group in this scenario?"

At this time, Rick, Joe, and the others looked at Evan deeply; they knew he had a plan but didn't know of its details yet.

Evan hearing this smirked and replied, "We won't be joining, we will have to deal with the hardest mission of all... but first, we'll need a bit more training, maybe two or three months."

Sigor, Alan and the others looked at them deeply, but as they knew they were pressed for time, they didn't question him too much.

Sigor glanced at Reaper, Conrad, and Black Spider for a moment before he spoke, "What do you all think? Is this method feasible?"

Conrad and the Trio looked at each other before they replied, "There should be no problem, chief."

Sigor, hearing this nodded, he cleared his throat, eyeing everyone once more before he spoke, "Good! Then let us get this over with, I Sigor, Section Chief of the MSS, shall as of today proclaim the formation of the Rift Defense Force, or for short the RDF. This force is to divide into three divisions, the first is the Reaper Division, formed by the Mech Unit, led by unit Commander Reaper. Both Chief Engineer Conrad and Specialist Cline shall oversee this division's maintenance, upgrading, and repair. The second is the Ascenders Division, comprised of all former special elite squadron members of the Rose Party. This group shall be led by Elite Ex-Instructor Alan Lawson, with his second in command being the former head of the Rose Party, Angeline Meadows. Finally, Black Spider's information and the tactical division shall be kept separate. Your tasks shall remain the same with the addition of keeping tracks on all Lesser Spaces and getting in touch with that third party. Are my instructions clear?"

"Yes, chief!" Everyone from the respective groups replied as they stood up and made a military salute.

Sigor nodded and spoke, "Good, now then, Reaper, Alan, Angeline, report to Section One and begin the necessary preparations for your unit construction."

"Understood," Alan, Reaper, and the others said as they prepared to clear the room.

Sigor soon saw that Angeline was not moving, he looked at her and asked, "Is something wrong, Ange?"

Angeline looked at Sigor and spoke, "Chief, I don't think all the members of our squad will be able to join the division, after all, my sister she..."

When Sigor heard this, his eyes flashed when he turned and looked at Evan's group, which was still staying here, as if they were waiting on something. Only then did he saw that Breya was amongst them; he paused in a moment of silence.

Both Angeline and Breya felt a bit worried, as they didn't know what he might decide next, but soon, Sigor spoke with a smile, "Fine, I'll terminate her role as a member of the Rose Party, she can work with them with the status of a special officer instead."

Angeline hearing this was happy, Breya also felt better; they both gave a salute and replied, "Thank you, chief!"

Sigor smiled as he waved his hand while speaking, "Alright, go on now; there's a lot to be done."

"Yes, sir!" Both Angeline and Breya said.

Alan saw Angeline's happy look and couldn't help but grin, he waved at both Hank and Thomas, who also followed along as they shook their heads.

Reaper, Conrad, and Cline had also begun to set out, leaving only Black Spider who was fiddling with a tablet with a somewhat serious look on her face.

"Okay, let's get going guys, there are things we'll need to get started on as well..." Evan said as he looked Layla and the others from his party.

They each gave him a suspicious look, but Evan treated it like it was nothing. The party soon after started to follow him as Joe looked at Evan and muttered, "I wonder what it'll be this time... not another Raid Space I hope…"

Evan was about to leave the room with everyone, but right at this moment, he heard Black Spiders shout, "This... Chief, take a look at this!"

Alan and the others also paused when they heard this, they turned and looked towards Black Spider with curious looks on their faces.

Sigor was also startled by her words; he looked over and saw Black Spider fiddling with the tablet before she pressed a button on the table. Soon, a new screen popped up before the eyes of everyone, showing multiple different scenes of chaos.

Goblins were charging across the streets attacking wildly, as others showed strange monsters that seemed to be some plant life, attacking random persons with vines, leaving behind several corpses. Many other monster varieties were shown, including flying type monsters that wreaked havoc on tall buildings.

Both the army and these monsters where clashing back and forth, but with the use of common grade weapons, they weren't able to effectively dispatch the enemies, as some larger creatures directly crushed even tanks.

When everyone saw the scenes, their eyes widen in shock, as Evan knitted his brows and thought in a soft but cold tone, 'That bastard...'

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