Ascenders Rift Chapter 107: An Unknown Party, Hidden Agendas


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A few hours ago, within a rather distant part of the Morning Star Empire, a horde of Flesh Mutators were wreaking havoc on the land. Two Horde Carriers were hovering about the sky, continually releasing flesh and tissue that formed into more and more Flesh Mutators. They charged into the nearby towns and annihilated any human's that were within their range, consuming them as nutrients.

The situation had seemed to be hopeless, as the garrison soldiers of these cities weren't as equipped as those from the royal city. As such, one couldn't even think of the consequences of trying to fight against the Flesh Mutators.

The soldiers were seen fleeing along with the civilians while the Flesh Mutators directly consumed some of them. Right now, the town was only moments from falling, but it was at this time, a strange group had appeared.

They were a unique bunch, as one man had a bear belly with brilliant golden hair and wore a gold combat suit that covered most of his body.

The other was a short man with a stocky frame; he had short black hair and wore a black combat suit with two high powered guns on his waist.

Finally, the last was a slim individual with short white hair and square-shaped features; he wore a white combat suit that hid the rest of his features.

As this unusual party of three had appeared, they promptly rushed into battle. The man in the golden combat suit didn't use any weapons; his suit used a booster to push his body into the air; his arms swelled as if it had extraordinary power. He punched and smashed apart any foes that came across his path along with the Horde Carrier.

Boom! With a loud explosion, the Horde Carrier behind him exploded with a cluster of golden lights before the scene returned to normal.

As this happened, the man in the black combat suit flashed about like a blurry shade; he held two special long handguns that fired terrifying beam attacks towards any foes. Those hit by the rays were instantly disintegrated, leaving behind not even a fragment of flesh.

The man in the white suit was the less active, he merely stood in one place and put his hand on the ground, this caused a surge of white lighting to scatter about decimating any foes in his range.

All of took time to describe, but this happened in a mere fragment of time, as they had each completed this act of annihilating the horde of Flesh Mutators simply and easily.

The crowd of onlookers watched this scene in awe, as some individuals had their phone out trying to catch a proper angle of them. As if these men were camera conscious, they took the best angles for the shots and did a pose by placing one arm before their chest and the other  facing the sky at one side when they spoke in synchrony, "We… are justice!"

Following those words, a puff of smoke emerged from each of them, which soon after faded as they vanished, the crowd then started to cheer as their roars echoed across the land, proclaiming them all as heroes.


Back within the room, the members of RADA looked at the scene being shown with a variety of expressions. Suddenly, a glass breaking onto the ground was heard spilling its contents about the floor as one person spoke in angry, "Who the hell are these guys? Where did they get that kind of technology?"

"That's right are they even humans, to begin with, we've already had enough of a problem dealing with the MSS as our limiters can't be undone not in these weaker worlds. How do we handle this newfound threat?" Another person said.

As more and more core members began to complain, only the eyes of Mister One and the RADA Chief flashed for a moment as they had glanced at each other for an instant before pretending nothing happened.

The RADA Chief was about to say something, but suddenly a figure in a dark robe with glaring red eyes that shone from behind a crimson mask had appeared.

Everyone seeing his appearance halted their words as they bowed and spoke in unison, "We greet His Excellency!"

The man seeing this nodded as his eyes fixed towards the video clip, his lips curved into a smile as he thought, 'Well, well, well... to think they'd still be active, losers sure can't accept their fates. Huhuhu, even without that man and that woman, they are still struggling in this futile game...'

As the man thought here, his eyes flashed, recalling the sights of two mighty looking individuals—a man with brown hair and a woman with long black hair and unusual silver eyes.

'I'll need to pay that boy Elumar a visit after all...' The man thought, after clearing his thoughts he then spoke the group, "Chief Fredrick, continue without me. Do not worry about them; they are in the end; nothing more than a relic of both the past and inevitable future. Focus on acquiring more talents; we'll need a lot of them in the future to complete the rituals..."

The members of RADA didn't seem to like this idea, but as heard his tone and saw his look, no one questioned his decision. The man nodded at this sight before his body distorted and vanished.

At the time, the RADA Chief, who had been silent, smirked before he spoke to the core members, "We'll you've heard it, we don't need to do anything. We will leave the rest of these matters to Zero and his company; they are to use whichever means necessary to win over the hearts of the masses and gather the necessary talents. This meeting is over, Mister One, stay behind I have a personal matter to discuss with you."

"Understood," Mister One said with a slight bow.

After his words, everyone else had begun to leave the room, as the RADA Chief and Mister One looked at each other before a conversation started. The words of this conversation were strictly confidential, as it was about a plan hidden from the eyes of everyone.


Far away from the location of the town, the trio that wore the strange combat suits was seated within a black car.  They each sat at the back, which was decorated in a luxury style with an icebox open with fresh wine. As the drank, they each looked out the window as the car continued to drive towards the distance. Their eyes seeming a bit lost as if they were in deep thought about something.

Suddenly, the man in the black combat suit spoke while looking towards the man in the golden suit, "So you've finally come around, when did you awaken?"

The man in the golden suit shook his head and replied, "A few months back, it took me a while to get my head straight..."

The man in black sighed as he spoke, "How about your kids? You told them yet?"

The man in the golden suit smirked and replied, "There's no need to worry them over my affairs, it's their time now... losers should know when to step down,"

"Losers, huh... indeed, after we lost those two, there was no reason to keep this burden on ourselves. Plus, there are others out there more suited to handle it, we are better off in the background," The man in the black suit said.

At this time, the man in the white suit sighed and spoke, "You guys are lucky, you woke up early... I only recently got my senses together, che! My daughter has become estranged, and I can't even find my foolish son... that damn RADA group!"

The golden suit man looked at the person who spoke and sneered, "Haha, serves you right, for instilling that so-called rivalry mentality to your child since birth..."

"What do you mean by that? You should already know that I was different back then, I had to learn and change certain aspects of my life even during that age..." The man in white shouted in anger.

"Fine-fine, I won't press you for it, but you're circumstances are still a product of your faults," The golden suit man said with no hint of compromise.

The other man hearing this shook his head and didn't reply, at this moment, the black suit man looked at the two and spoke, "So what's next?"

The golden suit man then spoke, "We wait while doing the necessary clean-ups to those that might slip by those brats."

"Hmm, and just how long must we continue to wait?" The black suit man said.

The golden suit man paused for a moment gazing towards the distance as he smiled and replied, "Until Mr. Red has finished his arrangements. After showing ourselves today, that other bastard should also be aware of our presence, but he knows he won't be able to do anything until we've at least arrived at an Apex Tier True Superior World. Now is the time, we can pay him back for all our suffering..."

As the golden-haired man said this, everyone's faces hardened as a cold killing intent emanated from their bodies. Their eyes flashed with the images of a crimson masked man in a strange cloak, that laughed at them in merry.

While the trio conversed, the car continued to drive towards the distance, taking them towards places unknown.

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