Ascenders Rift Chapter 106: Qeodreona's Rift Quest, The Mother Breed?


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All the recently ascended humans that were now within Qeodreona had serious looks on their faces as they listened to a voice that came directly to their minds. Their eyes were looking at the screens of text that appeared before them as if it was some fantasy game.

[Congratulations humans, you've all completed the initiation, earning the right to survive and struggle for dominance in Qeodreona; because of this, the Earth World Sector shall proceed to an intermission period. It will last for only six months, after which, the Warding Barrier protecting the Earth World Sector shall be lifted, allowing for all indigenous life to invade.]

[Your Earth World has now wholly integrated with the Alien World Qeodreona. Home to many insect types, parasitic, and other indigenous lifeforms. While many are powerful, the strongest force in this domain is those of the Mother Breed. They are a race that is of the absolute most peak in the evolution factor, a strange life whose actions though based on instinct, are no inferior to those of intellectual creatures.]

As many heard this, their faces turned pale, but the bad news had only just started. The system once more continued to speak.

[This race is brutal, one that will not stop until only they exist. Their objective is to achieve the pinnacle of evolution, and all lifeforms in their eyes are no different from nutrients. Now that you are in their world, they will hunt you down until no one remains, not unless you can conquer them. Humans of the Earth World, do your best and strive forward towards the peak of ascension.]

As the system spoke to here, a bright light shone from the sky before a system notification sound rang out in everyone's mind.

[You have received the Rift Quest!]

When Evan and the others heard this, they each willed with their minds to show the details. Moments after, a screen popped up in front of their eyes.

[Rift Quest- Kill the Breed Mother - Galgorax] [Rank - Impossible]

[Location - The Mother Nest - True Superior World]

[Your world has merged with the Qeodreona, the time coefficient of both worlds is 1:1]

[You have one year to complete this quest, and failure to do so... is the end of your race.]

[Calculation possibilities of success... calculation complete.]

[Possibility of Success - 3.75%]

[Mission has been started.]

At this time, all humans who saw the details couldn't help but have a sunken mood, as some exclaimed in anger.

"This... how do you expect us to beat this? I mean look, my percent is 0.2%," One person said while shaking in anger.

"You're only 0.2, ha! I'm not even 0; this system sure is biased to others!" Another person said.

As more and more humans complained, Evan and the others were also discussing amongst themselves.

"What are your odds?" Evan asked everyone.

Layla and the others looked at each other before they sighed and replied, "2.5%."

Evan nodded as he heard he replied, "Don't be sad, that's quite high, mine is only 3.75%."

Though they heard that it was higher than theirs, they still didn't feel relieved knowing that it was such a low percent.

Evan sighed before he spoke again, "Okay, the system has already cleared some bits, but it left out the more critical details. I need to let you all truly understand our enemies..."

When Evan spoke to here, he reached his hand towards an area, dragging one of the half-alive corpses that he had kept alive over with his Void Manipulation innate ability.

Evan, then began to speak, "The system calls their race the Mother Breed, but that's not their true name, these beings are known as Flesh Mutators. They are a race with the perfect physical bodies; as such, they can assume any form they wish, if necessary, almost akin to shapeshifters. The organs that float in the air are called Horde Carriers; they spawn these Flesh Mutators in large numbers. However, the ones we killed today were nothing more than the most common type found in their horde, and the truly most dangerous of their kinds are highly intelligent Flesh Mutators that can assume the body of powerful beings. This race doesn't need weapons, their body can transform into any weapon they see fit, and while they might be a bit weak on the side of Battle Energies and Spirit Power, they are many times superior to us humans in terms of physical prowess."

"Such horrifying beings, if they are so strong, why haven't they annihilated everything on this planet?" Rick asked with puzzled eyes.

Layla and the others were also thinking the same thing, Evan replied, "It's not that they can't, but that the other lifeforms here are just as threatening. Every race in this world has achieved the max our evolution standards, with the strongest of them reaching at the cusp of this world, being beings of the Level 15 standard. The Mother Breed might be dangerous, with an extremely high population. Still, the other insect races can breed just as terrifying as an amount, with the parties being the second most terrifying danger. These beings could prey upon any life and will be quite dangerous if we left them get too close to any of us."

Everyone remained silent for a while before Breya spoke, "Evan, if it's like this, then what do we do? How do we go about solving the quest in one year? I know that the six-month intermission seems like a lot of time but based on the amount of EXP required to level up, I don't think it will be so easy to overcome them."

Evan, hearing this replied once more, "True, six months isn't enough, but that is only for the average individuals. I have a plan that might work, but we'll need first to determine how we'll work from here on out. At this point onwards, we must pay close attention to not only RADA and that Crown Prince but the Lesser Spaces that might erupt without warning. Since we could be sent here ahead of time, I won't be foolish enough to think that those Lesser Spaces will evolve slowly, and not show signs of changes."

"Fine, then rather spending time here, let's get..." Joe was about to say something, but suddenly, their phones started to ring.

Evan looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was Alan, he hurriedly answered it, "How did it go?"

Alan hearing this promptly replied, "We took care of quite a few, but I'm afraid that there were many who still lost their lives due to this sudden attack."

Evan gritted his teeth as he heard this, he then asked, "What of RADA? Do you have any ideas as to how the rest of that horde died so soon?"

Alan replied, "I'm not certain, but the Section Chief of the MSS Headquarters has called for an emergency meeting. I think he might know some things, but... that's only in the likely hood of his satellites functioning again."

Evan hearing this paused for a moment before he looked at everyone and spoke, "Alan, we'll be coming with you to the MSS Headquarters, we need to learn a few things before we can calmly assess our situation and take the next steps."

"Fine, meet us at the Dyothia Corp, we're already on our way back to its area," Alan said before hanging up the phone.

Evan then looed and everyone and spoke, "Shall we,"

"Let's move," Rick said, not wanting to waste time, his figure blurred as he rapidly traveled towards the Dyothia Corp.

Evan and the others shook their head, and promptly followed along, leaving behind the street of ruin and chaos.


At this time, within a wide room of an unknown building, a group of individuals was gathered together before a familiar-looking red-haired man in a red suit that sat in a highchair. Some of these individuals were familiar, being of the mysterious Mister One, while the others were Zero and his Heaven Eye members, Thorkel, Ruth, and Baldwin.

Thorkel was the individual with stylish looking mohawk, as Ruth was the female with the dimming presence, while Baldwin was the skinny and sinister-looking man.

Other than them, a mysterious woman with a silver mask and long silver hair stood in a corner, along with many other strange characters that hid their features. They looked at the man seated on the chair while some of them spoke in tones of discontent.

"Tsk, I will never understand why His Excellency chose such a human to be our chief, it's so disgusting that I have to listen to his orders..." A man in a cloak said.

"It can't be helped, I suppose since its Earth World this time, it was more or likely wiser to have a human direct it. This human was also connected to one of ours, so it's only natural that he was given priority," Another person said.

"Connected? How disgusting, a filthy human daring to stretch its palms onto our kind, they truly have no face. It's also no wonder that person ended up like that..." Another person said.

While many others spoke in a hushed tone, some voices could still be heard. Mister One gazed at those who were speaking with coldness, but he didn't do anything, not without an order.

The RADA Chief looked at everyone and spoke, "I'm sure you're all wondered why I've called you here today; I'll get to the point as you're all still in the Limit Period. I have something interesting that I'd like to show you all…"

When everyone heard this, they made a puzzled look, the RADA Chief seeing this, pressed a button causing a screen to appear. Its various scenes of these Flesh Mutators being destroyed by the army, and MSS Mecha Units, along with Evan's team, and Zero's team. However, the screen once more changed as it showed an unknown party, a group like none seen before...

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