Ascenders Rift Chapter 105: Overcoming the Enemies, Alien World Qeodreona


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The scene within the city of Earling Star was a devastating one indeed, as countless hordes of flesh-like monsters swarmed the streets hunting various lifeforms under the supervision of humanoid flesh-like beings. As many individuals scurried about in a panic, few took up arms to fight against these monsters, dying a futile death. Still, despite these cases, there were some groups of individuals that were powerful enough to challenge these mysterious beings by themselves.

A distance away from this scene, a fierce battle was currently occurring between one such team of humans against a group of even more bizarre-looking flesh monsters.

Some of them were even larger than houses, towering to a size of six meters, while the others had a height of three meters. The largest one amongst this group that was the size of a dozen meters viciously roared as it spat a red beam towards an individual that jumped towards its head.

In moments, the beam had arrived in front of this person, but right before it could hit, the beam had shifted to the side rapidly wounding around like a rope trying to bind the individual.

Looking at it now, one would then realize that the creature didn't spit a beam but instead its tongue. The brown-haired young man that was caught by this didn't even seem to be phased; he sneered as he closed his eyes will standing still.

The creature observed this in delight; it knew that the opponent must have accepted his fate and was ready to become his meal. Sadly though, this was but only an illusion.

As the tongue was about to crush him into bits of meat, the young man's eyes suddenly opened as his hair raised upwards. In this instant, everything around him seemed to be influenced, as even the tongue had halted before twisting about irregularly.

The creature which had its mouth opened was shocked; it felt as if it lost control of its tongue. It tried to pull it back, but its tongue seemed as if it had found a new master.

Swoosh! In a flash, the tongue flew back to the creature rapidly binding it in a tight knot causing the creature to scream in pain and terror. Yet, this was but only the beginning of its nightmare.

The brown-haired youth seemed to be bouncing on top of a small object that was levitating in space, he used it as a foothold to push himself towards the creature arriving at its front in an instant as he spoke, "Executioner Slash!"

With a shout, Evan raised his bare arm, causing his Void Sword to appear growing to a length of a few meters as it cut downwards.

With this cut, a baleful crimson slash wave-cut down into the body of the giant flesh creature severing it into two halves. The creature wriggled as it tried to join itself back together, but as if the baleful energy was its nemesis, the promptly began to fade from existence.

Once this creature vanished, a small round shaped crystal had appeared, it once stood, as well as a ring. Evan wasted no time as he picked up the items when he landed from the air.

[You've earned 1 Rift Crystal! Total Rift Crystal: 1]

[You've earned a Rank 1 Barrier Ring.]

[Barrier Ring - Rank 1: Lesser Grade]

[Defense - 1]

[Durability - 2]

[Its wearer can project a small barrier around their body for protection, the barrier can repel attacks of similarly rank items for ten times. However, for a higher rank artifact, the barrier will only last for a single instance - Cooldown Time: 1 Day]

Evan smiled as he looked at this while in thought, 'So, not bad, even though that fellow was only a Level 3, he still dropped a fairly rare low-grade accessory. As expected, only in worlds like these can loot come easier.'

After clearing up his thoughts, Evan sent away the Rift Crystal to his storage space and put the ring on one of his fingers. He then looked around at the chaotic battles occurring around him.

Bang! A loud explosion was heard as multiple of these flesh monsters were blown to bits; if one looked at the scene more clearly, they would notice that at the origin of this chaos, Fatty Joe held a giant shield with both of his arms, garbed in fine armor.

Around him, a few more flesh monsters had tried to perform a sneak attack, but before they could do anything, a series of half-transparent golden arrows bolted from a distance decimating their bodies into nothingness.

Following that direction, one would see the slim beauty Emilia, holding a golden bow in her hands as she repeatedly fired arrows from it. Her arrows were accurate and destructive, easily bringing an end to the hordes of flesh monsters in the area.

Suddenly, one of the giant flesh monsters of six meters was preparing to merge itself with another of its kind to transform into another monstrosity. However, before it could even do anything, a brilliant flash of white light came from the ground as Rick, who now held a spear bore directly through it, exiting from the other side.

When this happened, the organ exploded with a flash of white lights that caused it to burn itself out of existence. The other flesh monsters seeing Rick in the air had a vicious glint in their eyes, they opened their mouths prepared to spit their tongues at him, but right at this moment, there was a change.

Whish! Following the sounds of wires moving at high speeds, these wires rapidly bounded the bodies of each of these monsters, causing them to struggle about to break loose.

Breya soon after appeared from out of nowhere, standing on the air like it was land. Though it seemed this way, however, if one looked closely, they would find that she was merely standing on top of a network of invisible threads.

When Rick saw this, he shouted toward a nearby distance, "Layla, now!"

Layla was already ready; she stood on top of a nearby building with a scepter in her hands as she pointed it towards the monsters that were bounded. The scepter's tip glowed in bright white lights as she shouted, "Light Wave!"

Immediately after Layla's shout, a large beam of white light bolted towards the flesh monsters which looked at it in horror. Moments after, it doused their forms washing over them before they all vanished from existence.

They each dropped a myriad of Rift Crystals, and some dropped other items. Joe wanted to shout loot, but he knew this wasn't the time.

Swoosh! Suddenly, Evan had appeared in their location, he looked at them and spoke, "Everyone, gather your spoils quickly we must hurry to the other areas that might have been affected. Those Horde Carriers are not to be taken lightly…"

"Right," Joe and the others replied as they promptly picked up their drops and stored them.

Evan then prepared to leave, but Joe couldn't help but ask, "Evan, you have yet to explain what the hell is happening? You said that this isn't just our world, what did you mean by that? Also, what is a Horde Carrier?"

Rick, Layla, Breya, and Emilia had a similar expression of confusion on their faces. Evan seeing this halted his steps and looked at them before he spoke, "Fine, I'll explain, but not right now, we must first complete this init..."

Evan was about to say something, but right at this very moment, a buzzing sound was heard, and a voice sounded from the heavens into every human's mind.

[Initial Phase of the First Calamity has been completed, as your race has succeeded in demolishing a lesser squad of the Mother Breed, you have earned the right to survive in Qeodreona.]

Joe and the others hearing this were stunned, Evan also had a look of surprise when he thought, "To think that we were even capable of coming out of this so fast. I know that our group, as well as Alan's group, must have killed quite a bit, but for it to be so fast, it can only mean that RADA and a few others have acted personally."

As this time, Layla spoke, "Evan, what is this Qeodreona World it's speaking of?"

Evan hearing this soon cleared his thoughts and spoke to everyone again, "Ah, right, it's like this... our world earth is now a part of a different world. You can say that we've completely merged with this world called Qeodreona, as not only ourselves but all of the lands and continents of the earth have arrived in this domain."

"This... what?" Everyone exclaimed in shock.

Evan shook his head and continued, "I know it seems a little strange, but yes, I assure this is what has happened. Think of it as our planet being lifted like a puzzle piece before it was slotted into a distant world. Qeodreona, is a True Superior World, one filled with countless dangers, it even has indigenous humans, who had once similarly advance to our standards of nuclear technology in the past. However, they had all lost to an even stronger lifeform..."

Everyone looked at Evan silently, as they listened to his words ins shock; however, the system finally spoke again, beckoning the beginning of a new age.

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