Ascenders Rift Chapter 104: Strange Aliens, EarlingStar's Crysis!


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Within a room filled with many mechanical devices, holographic projections, and data display screens. Many different individuals were seen scurrying back and forth as they tried to analyze a variety of information. Section Chief Sigor was currently standing in front of a large screen with a few individuals by his side as he wore a dark look on his face.

"What the hell am I looking at? Someone get me in touch with our satellites; how can something like this possibly come to our world unnoticed?" Sigor said in anger while looking at the floating object on the screen.

At this time, someone came over and spoke, "Sector Chief, we can't get in touch with any of our interstellar satellites, it's as if they've vanished from our world."

"What? Damn, I need someone to bring me footage of space immediately, another thing, try to connect with our spy drones and the continent's monitoring satellites. I want to know how many of these things are around us, and just what the hell is going on," Sigor commanded.

"Yes, sir," The men replied as they got back to work.

Sigor seeing this sighed, he pressed a button, which caused the caller ID's of Angeline and Alan to pop up on the widescreen as he reached for a device that connected to a separate line. Not long after, that line was answered as the middle-aged man spoke, "Reaper Mech Unit reporting for command, sir!"

Sigor paused for a moment, zoning onto the object on the screen as he spoke, "Grim, I'm deploying your squad, quickly head to the city and destroy anything that doesn't look like a human!"

Grim, hearing this, didn't even hesitate as he replied, "Understood."

Only after doing all of this, did Sigor felt relieved, he looked at the screen for Alan and Angeline awaiting either of them to pick up as he muttered, "What in the world is happening?"


It was a sight akin to that only seen in movies, the kind that would typically leave children crying for hours after presenting through its horrors while leaving the mature adults with a slight chuckle as they knew it wasn't real. The story of aliens, the most common myth in human society, many claimed to have been abducted before and have even made wild notions about their appearances. Yet, despite so, none of them could compare to a fraction of the truth before everyone's eyes at this very moment.

Currently, all humans of the city were staring towards a particular direction. There, a massive organ was that was no less than a few hundred meters in size hovered up high. Its tissues would fall to the ground as it slowly floated about the open sky, pulsating like a beating heart.

Strangely enough, as the tissues fell onto the ground, they began to wriggle, reforming into odd entities with no direct shape or form. They made sickening sounds when they moved as if one could hear the muscles crushing against each other.

The humans of Earling Star looking at these sights were stunned speechless, but it didn't take long for some of them to react.

"Get out of here now!" Someone shouted at the top of his voice; the moment he said this, he turned and began to run like the wind.

Everyone seeing this was about to react, but sadly, it seemed that the man who ran had the worst kind of luck.

Pu-chi! With a sound of flesh being skewered, the man that ran suddenly halted as a long-pointed tentacle struck through his back, carrying his heart through his chest directly before his face.

The man looked at this in terror, but before he could even say anything, his mind faded as death took his soul. Moments after, one of the seemingly sluggish looking oddities had appeared directly at the man's side.

It wriggled its meaty body covering the corpse of the man before it started to consume it, causing a few gruesome noises to sound across the field.

A few other citizens didn't seem to learn from the man's earlier mistake; they began to scream and run away in all directions. However, no matter where they went, they each shared the same fate.

Soon, hundreds of crunching noises were heard as arms and body parts began to litter the street of the once peaceful town. The smarter citizens remained silent as they looked at the scene around in fear, not daring to move an inch or breathe too loudly.

One of these oddities had wriggled close to a woman that held a baby in her hand; it shook back and forth repeatedly as if trying to find something. Yet, as the woman remained entirely silent, it didn't take action.

A few surrounding individuals seeing this also felt that they understood what was going on. They imitated the woman's behavior sending her glances that suggested keeping up the act.

As sweat ran down the woman's forehead, it didn't take long for this oddity to wriggle away at a slow speed, leaving the woman and child behind. The woman made a slight sigh trying to wipe her sweat, but unknowingly to her, her movements had roused the child in her embrace.

With a loud cry, the child began to make an alarming amount of noise, causing not only the woman's face, but everyone's to turn pale.

In an instant, the horde of oddities that had been leaving their vicinity halted. The crowd felt the situation wasn't good; they were about to run away, but before anything could happen, a strange frequency sound came from the floating organ that hovered in the heavens.

As if they heard its commands, the oddities didn't dare to move one bit, as a blob of tissue and meat fell from the organ once more. This blob was much larger than the others, as it reformed in a humanoid form with a larger frame being no less than two meters in size.

It had multiple arms, some of which turned into sharp looking claws and weapons as its body grew something akin to armor over its simple flesh and muscle. It even had one large slit on its head that fidgeted for a moment, before opening showing a large glaring eye.

"Kreeeeeeh!" This oddity screamed as it stared at the group of humans before it.

As if following its command, all of the oddities then charged at alarming speeds towards the humans seeming to have finally found means of tracking them down without having to rely on sound.

"Oh, shit... we're done for!" A person yelled as he fell on his butt and soiled himself.

"No... I don't want to die!" The woman who held the crying child said in tears as she trembled.

A few others couldn't help but make similar statements, some of them wanted to run away, but after recalling what happened, they couldn't even gather the power in their foot to run. The monsters were about to arrive at the group, but right before they could even act, a new scene had occurred.

Ratatata! The sounds of gunshots resounded, as countless bullets rained upon the bodies of these oddities. The bullets were strange as not only did they pierce through the mass of meat with ease, but similarly bore through the concrete floor with sufficient force.

The creatures shot broke up into multiple bits and pieces of flesh and tissue that littered the street grounds, as the roaring sounds of engines sounded from nearby.

"We-we're saved!" A person said from the crowd as his eyes flood with tears.

In moments, a few IFV's had appeared, with many different soldiers on its back. Their arms were holding assault rifles that aimed at the sole remained oddity that had acted as commander prior.

The oddity looked at this with its single glaring eyes with disdain, previously it didn't show any emotions, but from this simple act, one could see that it was a creature of fairly high intellect.

The captain of this unit was a man wearing a standard military uniform, his face sunk when he saw the creature's manner, he promptly shouted on the loudspeaker, "All civilian quickly retreat, leave this area to us!"

"Everyone, let's go!" Someone from the crowd said not wasting any time.

Soon, the civilians began to leave the area to find safe grounds, hurrying like flocks of sheep startled by a tiger. At this time, the ridiculing look in the eyes of the oddity hardened as it opened its mouth and commanded once more with a high pitch scream.

"Kreeeh!" Following its cry, the chunks of flesh on the ground than began to regroup itself together as one.

The captain's eyes sunk as he saw this, he promptly ordered, "Switch to your explosive rounds and shells, let's blow these fuckers to smithereens!"

"Yes, captain!" The soldiers said in unison, as they hit a nob on their weapons and took aim, as their guns glowed while making charging noises.

The men inside of the IFV's also pressed a strange button, causing their mounted 30 mm cannon to shine its bright neon lights around the grooves.

As the charging noises of all weapons reached their peaks, the commanding officer pointed forward an yelled, "Open fire!"

Bang-bang! Within moments of his shout, a terrifying wave of lights scattered towards all of these oddities. The bullets and cannon rounds were highly explosive, even superior to that of a grenade.

The moment they tore apart the bodies of the fleshy creatures, they explode, creating a myriad of colorful lights before the army of soldiers that continuously fired. After firing, the soldiers, along with the IFV's, had seized their assaults. Once this happened, the lights then began to die down, revealing the scene from within it.

There, one would see a scene of utter ruin, craters ranging from a few dozen meters with flames burning around them. The bodies of every fleshy creature were destroyed, all except for one that looked to be in an extremely injured condition.

The captain scoffed, "That's what you get for looking down on our military,"

A few soldiers smiled, sharing his opinion, but suddenly, something happened, which caused their faces to change. The humanoid oddity seemed to have learned from its mistake. Its disdain vanished as it looked at them with a cold look in its single eye. It raised its head and released another high pitch scream.

Following this, the hovering mass of muscle made a droning sound before it began to shed itself. Soon, all of had fallen onto the ground creating a large blob of flesh, tissue, and muscles.

It slowly started to wriggle, as if transforming into something. The human creature then grinned as if it was sneering at the soldiers, not wasting any time, it allowed itself to be consumed by the tissues merging as one hole.

Soon, a massive fleshy creature had formed, reaching a height of a dozen meters, around it was tall creatures ranging from the size of three to six meters. They each had multiple arms and tentacles that were of a variety, some being sharp, and others blunt with spikes all over.

There were even a few that leaked with unusual puss and liquids that made sizzling noises at it dripped onto the concrete floor, quickly creating a hole for untold depths.

As the soldiers and captain saw this, they knew that it wasn't going to end well. Despite this, however, the captain knew his role. He was about to send a command to fight a deadly battle, but right at this time, a group had appeared before their army.

It was a group of young men and women, that seemed no different from college students. They wore odd getups as if they were ancient times warriors from the middle kingdom.

Before the captain could even say anything, he picked up his comms. Soon he heard a voice from his superior, "Get your men out of there now! Report to this sector and leave the rest to those kids!"

The captain frowned, but he listened and replied, "Understood!"

Not wasting any time, the captain glanced at the youths before looking at his men and shouted, "Withdraw!"

The soldiers didn't ask questions, they promptly began to remove themselves from the area, that was about to turn into an even more dreadful battlefield.

Evan stood at the front of Layla and the others with sharp eyes as he spoke, "Let's do this..."

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