Ascenders Rift Chapter 101: Towards the Unknown, A King’s Step


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Layla and Evan had traveled far away from the Dyothia Compound; they wandered the empty evening streets as if where they were headed had no specific direction or reason. Soon, they found themselves within the vicinity of a central park, a broad area of a few hundred meters. The two slowly trotted along the neatly paved ground, with grasses and roses at their sides, as they took in the scene of the setting sun from a distance.

The orange-red light shone upon their figures, bathing them with its hue. As Evan walked at the side, his eyes weren't solely fixed onto the sun, but rather the beauty beside him. He stared at her slightly raised head that focused on the sky with both of her arms crossed behind her back.

At a glance, her long purple hair glistened in the hue of an afternoon as it loosely hung below her slender back, swaying side by side with each step taken, revealing her graceful curves.

Just the mere act of Layla walking was enough to enamor any who could be deemed as man, as with each of her movements, she carried an unnatural force of attraction, the kind that seemed nonhuman.

Even though Evan had been used to her appearance for many years, he still couldn't get enough of it even more after he lost her in that battle. The time he spent without her was far more than the time they ever had together, and at the very end, he still failed to protect anything.

As Evan's thoughts were currently lost, Layla who had halted her steps, shifted her eyes from the sky, she made a graceful turn causing her simple dress to spin, revealing her thighs as she looked at Evan and spoke.

"Thanks for accompanying me for this entire evening... hrm?" Layla was about to say something, but as she noticed Evan's mood, she halted her words as a puzzled look came over her face.

'What's going on here? He seems so sad,' Layla thought with a slightly worried look on her face, she walked over to him and stood directly before him gazing up towards his face in silence.

At this time, Evan had awoken from his state, a bid of tears leaked from the corner of one of his eyes, he wanted to erase it, but it seemed that it was already too late.

Layla, who was already before him, stared deeply into his eyes before she grasped him tightly into a hug pressing him against her chest as she spoke, "Tell me what's wrong? What are you so desperately trying to keep locked away to yourself?"

As Evan felt Layla's soft body, it seemed as if he had left a desolate world and have found an oasis, as if she could bear the burden of his mind's concerns, and the price of his remorseful memories.

"...." He hesitated for a bit before he chose to remain silent; he knew that he couldn't say these things if he did no one knew what would happen. It may even bring about considerable changes to their personalities, especially if they begin to feel that everything is hopeless, sometimes not knowing is better than having actual knowledge.

Evan subconsciously wrapped his arms around her waist as he stared at her in silence. He squeezed her tight against himself as if he was afraid that he might lose her again.

Layla seeing his look and feeling his grip, continued to stare at him deeply. She lowered her head and buried it into his chest before she spoke while closing her eyes, "Evan, you know ever since my mother died, even though father had never been there, I've always felt it normal as if despite being distant he was near. I would feel protected simply by knowing that he's thinking of me despite his grief and his change. However, these recent weeks have been a bit of a hurdle. Having been completely severed from all connections with him. I... I didn't think that I would truly be able to find a place of comfort, people who I can care about to call friends, nor someone... someone whom I could look at as even more dear to me that my father. It's because of you that I learned that to truly overcome fear and worries; one doesn't necessarily have to do it on their own. You can too… and that's why... that's why I…"

Layla was about to say something, but Evan, hearing all of those words, couldn't sit still as a man. He raised her head by using his finger that he placed on her chin, causing her to look at him with a slightly reddish face as he smiled.

Not giving her a chance to say anything more, he dived in and locked her lips in a deep kiss hold. They two engulfing each other's lips like they were trying to steal candy from each other's mouth.

After who knows how long, the area had turned dark as night had already fallen, the lights from the lamp posts in the central park illuminated them as they were still pressed tightly against each other. Suddenly, their lips separated as they looked at each other with strange eyes, their breaths ruffling across each other's faces.

Evan looked at Layla's face deeply as he spoke in a soft tone, "I know, and I to you as well... feel exactly the same..."

When Evan said this, only he knew how much his feelings for her meant. After all, these are the kinds of emotions that can transcend time and space.

Layla, had tears running down her cheeks as she pressed her head against Evan and asked, "Can't we stay like this forever?"

Evan hearing this hesitated, but a firm look soon after came into his eyes as he replied, "I don't know about tomorrow, but today, we can live to the fullest and press forwards towards the unknown..."

"Forwards towards the unknown..." Layla muttered his words while trembling, she didn't know why, but she felt a bad feeling in her heart. This feeling was akin to a warning; it felt as if she might even vanish in the next instant, not wanting to feel anxiety she lifted her head staring intensely at him with a firm a look as she spoke, "Then... for now, let's live for today,"

Evan was a bit stunned as he heard this, he looked at her face deeply seeing her look. He knew that at this phase, no words would be able to change her mind, he gently rubbed her slender back and kiss her forehead and spoke in reply, "As you wish... my princess..."

After saying this, the two held hands as they walked to the unknown, vanishing through the shadows from the eyes of the world.


At the center of EarlingStar, within the vicinity of the king's palace. A large aircraft that floated with gravity propulsion thrusters descended onto a landing port that was nearby the palace gardens.

Not long after, the door opened, and a few individuals exited the aircraft. Amongst them, were Elumar, and Mister One, followed by Zero and the other members from the Heaven Eyes, who were eyeing the palace ground with curious eyes.

At this time, Elumar glanced at Mister One and the others before smiling and speaking, "I take that this is where our group part ways as I'm sure that there are things you need to get started on,"

Mister One made a noble bow as he replied, "Very astute Prince Elumar, it is as you've indeed said, and tomorrow is quite the big day. There are still some very crucial preparations that must be made before 'he' graces us with his presence..."

When Elumar heard this, his face turned distant as if he could recall a figure, he slightly clenched his fists and spoke, "Good, you may be off."

"Do take care now, Prince Elumar," Mister One said before he turned and faced zero along with everyone else and spoke, "Let's go,"

"Yes, leader!" Number 10 and the others said in unison, each except for Zero.

At this time, a female voice sounded from nearby resounding across the open field, "Shifting..."

As this voice sounded, everyone from RADA had vanished, leaving behind only a few dolls with strange markings. These dolls soon blew up after they parted fading into nothingness.

Elumar eyes flickered as he thought, 'Silver... her power is as incredible as always, truly one of the most burdensome fellows in their forces.'

As Elumar was thinking to himself, the attendants of the palace soon gathered around him. They each knelt and did a noble salute as they spoke in unison, "We greet the prince upon his successful return!"

Elumar seeing this, then recalled his earlier line of thoughts, thinking of the entity that will appear tomorrow. He smiled as he spoke under his breath, "The power to reign, and the true place of a ruler amongst man..."

When Elumar said this, his eyes shifted from the servants onto a large grave recently erected in the castle gardens. The name King Herbert Erickson III was engraved in bold and fine writings as if staring at Elumar with unparalleled grace and majesty.

As Elumar saw this, he smiled, continued his words, "Watch me, father, watch me rise and rule all that had proclaimed themselves as superior to man. Never again will I submit to another, nor crawl to their beck and whim, this life... fate shines upon me,"

After saying something strange, Elumar stared at the grave for a moment before turning his sights forward. He took a step forward, pressing it int the ground, as if this was his first step towards a new future, carrying the weight of his ambitions and dreams.

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