Apocalypse Hunter Chapter 116: The Hive (Part 2)


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The huge cave was large enough for ten people to walk in together, and the current situation could be surmised from the many places that had collapsed and caved in.

"Whoever built this cave must have relocated or died."

In the dim tunnel, everyone was using night vision. Flashing lights in the dark would be a foolish move.

"Are we going to the entrance? Or to the exit?"

Zin was asking whether they were going through the route they had entered the cave or from where they had exited it when they made their escape in the past.

"We're going through the exit. The entrance is on a cliff with no exit."

Going through the entrance would be unwise since they had fallen in rather than reaching the Hive through a crack on the ground. Even though their escape was hectic, the two remembered the exact route they had used to pull it off.

Some memories could never be forgotten, and this one had left a powerful impression on both of them.

There would be instant panic if the citizens found
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