Anime/Fiction Transcension System Chapter 87: Study hiatus it is

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Well. For those who are still reading this novel and anticipate more, unfortunately it will seem that the wait will be quite long. For study, I decided to put this novel on hiatus and there will be no confirmed date to when it may start again. While I may pick it up, it won't be soon and even if I come back to writing, there's a chance that I begin an entirely different novel.

There isn't really much more to say in terms of the novel, however I would like to thank each and every reader who has taken time out of their day to read my novel. From the beginning, I never thought that I'd even be able to gather so many readers and entertain them with my writing, and it's been an explosive trip throughout the process of 85 chapters, in the end, exceeding 1 million views.

I've learnt a lot throughout this experience and it's benefited me in multiple ways, allowing me to improve my terrible creative writing skills.

For now, I'll just let the novel sit on the hiatus status.

Kind regards and sincere farewells, HoshiroNeko
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