And life goes on..! Chapter 6: Happy Anniversary Love!


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"divya -happy anniversary love"
saba received a text from divya "you still remember" she replied
" divya - ofcourse, so what are you going to do"
"Saba- I'm going to give him a surprise, I'll tell you everything later have to go"
"divya- haha, alright. have fun babe"
for saba, these 6 months were the most beautiful time of her LIFE.
In these 6 months she feels like she's the happiest girl ever.
saba was at her her home but she wanted to celebrate with him that's why she was coming back thinking about him makes her so happy she was smiling like an idiot, she smiled to Everyone
Thinking about how he'll react when they meet, She felt like butterflies in her stomach were dancing.. Anyone could tell that this girl is in Love with someone!
She is wearing his favorite color black.
A long, shoulder-off dress with a pair of black earpins and pair of black heels, messy bun on top of her head.
She is not wearing any makeup the glow on her face was not comparable to any makeup. She applied some moisturiser and her strawberry lipbalm. She looked herself in the mirror "don't be nervous, you are beautiful."
She was glowing head to toe. Everyone was staring at her as if she was magnet, people can't stop staring at her.
Finally she reached, she was standing in front of his door with a bucket of red roses in her hand she was about to call him but she thinks that may be he was sleeping she had keys she opened the door, the moment she entered she heard people were laughing, they were all boys.
"How's your gf?" someone asked
"Which one?"
She heard "Which one" this was the voice of aryan she wanted to go inside but her mind was telling her to 'stop right there'
Her mind won, her heart beating faster...
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