And life goes on..! Chapter 17: She is Happy!


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3 years later..
Saba is a teacher now, her children loves her very much and she feels Happy that she chose to be a teacher.
"time changes you and makes you more beautiful just like a glass of wine, more mellow than ever."
She looks refreshed and more beautiful, her laugh, her smile and her eyes could talk.
Divya is getting married next month, with Raj.
Saba's life is very simple, She is still single.
it's not like she didn't want to date someone, it's just that She don't like anyone. She is still waiting for the Love of her life.
She strongly believe in universe, she believes that, universe will take care of everything!!
she don't judge people just because of one person, she is not going to blame everyone, she thinks it's okay heartbreaks are painful but they are beautiful too.
She is happy.
she don't even remember that there is a boy named 'aryan' existed in her world, loving him was her decision and Moving on was her decision too, she is proud of herself.
She quit smoking too, she always say that you can do anything as long as you want to.
She is living her life happily she had learned 2 more languages ,painting and racing.
She is going to learn shooting next month..
In a room, a boy was sitting in a corner and staring at his phone.
He was staring at her picture she had posted few days ago, her girl is beautiful.
Aryan was staring at her picture, she looks mature and beautiful.
he wanted to see her to hold her to kiss her.. but it was too late. he was playing with her without realising when his heart fell in love with her, he thinks that he is going to forget her in some time but this time god was planning something else for him.
he still remember her smile her laugh, she is a packet of happiness for him.. they never said bye to each other, they never brokeup like other couples they just stopped talking...
His biggest regret was Saba, he missed her badly but he can't do anything...!
it's his fault, he can't blame anyone else.
They were the best teacher for each other..
This is how life goes on...!!
"Even if you are hurt, learn to move on,
if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.
You need to learn to respect and take care of yourself."
the girl moved on and happy in her life :)

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