And life goes on..! Chapter 16: It's okay to not be Okay.


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these days she is doing a lot of thinking..
finally she decided to let him go
She has decided to forgive him!
If she want to live her life happily, then she has to move on, her heart and her mind was ready to let him go.
"Forgetting doesn't make you weak, it sets you free."
She started with "stop thinking", Only she can control her mind nd that's what she is going to do.
after that she started meditation, She realised she couldn't even sit 2 minutes..
but she already knew that it's not going to be easy.. that can't stop her!!
She is going to change her life, so what if she loved him blindly at this moment she was like, "if I could love him then I could leave him too.
I can do anything and I can be anything!!"
She started doing things that she love to..
the world is so big and there is so many things to do, the things she wanted to do, she wanted to learn dancing, painting,swimming, racing and shooting and different languages.
She is going to learn everything, she is going to experience everything..!
She decided to change her career, because she had already wasted her year. She was okay with anything but after thinking about it she realised that children is the only thing that is true , that is pure. She will learn something everyday, that connects her to life!
She talked to her parents, they were fine as long as she is Happy.
She feels that life is not that bad, she is really blessed!
Now she is going to remove everything that is related to him.. She is going to buy new dresses nd daily wear, She will buy this in Yellow orange blue green and wine red, all happy colors.
because he likes black, she started wearing black colors she realised how dumb she was, she really allowed someone to hurt her so badly.
No matter how much you love someone, do not change yourself, Be You!
You deserve to be loved and no one will wipe your tears, you have to love yourself no matter how worse you are feeling.
It's okay to take time, to learn things nd it's okay to not be okay ... She had learned it all.
And she is going to live her life happily!!
She started pampering herself, She has to believe that She is important, her life is important. She is just having a bad time, her life is not bad.
She had learned that not everyone is going to love you and not every 'I love you' is 'I love You' and that's Okay.
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