And life goes on..! Chapter 15: it's up to You how You handle it!


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She don't know when she fell asleep...
When she woke up, the sunshine was welcoming her again she feels warm and smiled slightly, "Good Morning, sunshine"
She brushed her teeth and go inside the kitchen that was empty, She silently laugh at herself.
She decided to fill her house with foods, her first Love, she realised she forget about food, how much she has changed..
She was shocked that how was she living her life in these past 10 months..
She bought everything nd when she was returning she met someone, that woman who told her that she's beautiful.
She was still smiling, Saba was curious she directly asked her, Who are you and why are you Always smiling?
When saba heard her story she was shocked beyond words...
She gave her hug and came back to her room.
"We all think that our pain is the biggest pain, but That's not true, we all have heartbreaks but it's upto us how we handle it."
That woman was widow, she said that she still remember how they met how they fell in love how he always surprised her how much he cared for her, the couple get married 2 years ago.
they were deeply in love with each other.
she said she still remember that day...
she never knew that, that day would be the last time he was smiling at her, he dropped her to school (she is a teacher) nd he left.
She wanted to hug him that day, but he already left.
At noon she received a call that he was killed...
her friends killed him for money!
Saba didn't know how to react, the person you love and that person loves you back nd you received a call that he was killed nd just because of Money?!?!
and here she is crying for a boy who don't even deserve her...!!
That woman tell her "Even though we have been hurt, we must find a way to get through it, life goes on whether we want it to or not. The world keeps turning no matter how bad we feel. This is why we have to learn how to bounce back and keep moving forward."
This hit saba really hard, she thinks that if she could do it than why can't she?? Why the hell is she crying over a man just because she love him??
haa, Stop fooling yourself Saba, just stop it!!
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