And life goes on..! Chapter 14: You allow people to hurt You!


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She checked his profile he had posted picture of food and drinks, with girls, friends, clubbing, hookah, making rings, and lastly kissing a girl.
She smiled and her tears fell down as if she was laughing at herself.
how could you be such a fool you loved him blindly and he never cared about You.
"When you truly love someone you lay your heart open to that person you give them a part of yourself, you allow them to hurt You."
Her phone rang, the text was from divya, she was telling her to go shopping with her, saba replied with okay.
Next day, inside a shopping mall.
Suddenly, someone said "please don't go you know I can't live without you"
this was happening in front of saba and divya.
A boy was telling a girl that he love her.
the girl slapped him and said "don't touch me, you are useless."
the boy was still begging her to not leave, he was telling her that he can do anything.
the girl said " then buy me this mall"
the boy was shocked, anyone could tell that the girl was unreasonable.
Divya was worried that it will effect saba she wanted her to leave, as if Saba could read her mind " don't worry."
in the end the girl left, the boy was standing there some of his friends came and they left with him.
Something hit her, she started thinking it's not just about a boy, a girl could be heartless too. but then she thinks that it's good that atleast she didn't lie may be she/he is not heartlesss, it's just that she don't love him and it's okay to leave.
so basically, it's not about "we are not good enough" it's just that they don't love us that's why they leave nd yea it is us who allow them to hurt us..." her head hurts.
She was not in mood of shopping anymore they both order a pizza and after eating they left.
At night, after talking to divya for sometime!
Saba tried to sleep but she couldn't her mind was repeating that "mall scene"
She started thinking about herself..
You punished yourself because you think your love wasn't enough for him, Seriously!? think about it
was your love not enough, My love was more than enough for him! She knew it but she was so busy in hurting herself for this boy.
This boy, who's enjoying his life like she never existed, like she was no one to him. How could you do that to me??
the pain you caused was so cruel!!
just to satisfy your needs and for some fun you started playing with girls, with emotions.
In this high take modern world where a million of things are available for entertainment you choose to play with emotions!!!
She was thinking and talking to herself..
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