And life goes on..! Chapter 13: You are beautiful!


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"today's is a perfect day for a whole new start. let go of fear and free your mind,it's time to open your heart."
She was so much into crying and being harsh on herself, living in her own darkness and running from situation, she almost forget that their is a different world and different people outside.
Yes, I should atleast try to feel better, how could I not try I'm not a coward, why am I running. I can handle anything!! saba was talking to herself.
She looked around and decided to start with cleaning and dusting, She needed to buy detergent and other necessary things..
Inside a shop,While she was paying a woman came to her she was in her 30, she had dark circles under her eyes but she still looks beautiful that woman was smiling at saba, Saba looked at her and gave her smile, that was not even smile and asked "Umm.. what happened?"
that woman replied" You are so beautiful"
Saba was surprised, she tried to smile "thank-you" and left.
she felt something soft inside her heart when that woman tell her that she is beautiful.
She heard some women gossiping, "I pity her she is just 28 and her husband is gone".. Saba is not into gossiping she walked even faster and left.
That day she changed curtains, shampoo soap, towel, bedsheets.. almost everything.
Everything was done, she took a bath and changed into shorts and white tee
She was starving, She entered the kitchen that was empty, only 2 eggs and some bread was left she cooked it and after filling her stomach with water, climbed into bed.
What she didn't notice that the egg she cooked didn't reminnded her of him, She don't remember how she learned to cook an omelette...!
She thought of something picked up her phone, clicked a picture of her room and sent it to Divya.
Divya - "Oh my, this is amazing. you must be tired.
saba- "Mhmm, I'm"
divya- then go to bed, and sleep early, I'm still home nd busy.
Saba- okay.
Saba thinks of her parents, she used to talk to them everyday but after that she stopped using phone, thanks to divya she handled everything, she said that"she don't want to use phone nd tell her parents to not worry, she will take good care of saba."
Saba's parents knew her and believed her.
just because she talked to them, divya came every Saturday to make sure saba talked to their parents.
Saba dialed her father number her father picked up "Hello, papa this is my new number, now you can talk to me anytime btw how are you and where is mommy?"
She said all of this in one breath afraid that she will cry.
Her father was silent for 2 seconds than said in a happy voice "Really, that's Good. We are all good, is everything okay on your side? do you need money?"
Saba giggled "Nope, I'm good."
She talk to her family and in the end her father asked her again " you are okay naa?"
"ofcourse, I'm okay. I'm not a child don't worry."
"you'll always be our baby, alright now good night."
"yeap good night mommy papa"
She almost cried when her father asked her " you are okay naa" ..
"Sometime we ignore everything just because we are hurt and we think that no one care about us but that's not the truth."
Saba opened her IG and searched a name "Aryan"
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