And life goes on..! Chapter 12: Good morning, girl.


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Divya changed her into night wear and changed herself too, after that she cooked for both of them.
divya knew she can order food but she wanted to make her feel the 'efforts' she was making. She knew that heart will always remember the feeling, she understands, even if Saba is not saying anything she could see and she could feel.
"after all no matter how much you try, A heart never dies."
that night divya fed her and saba finished everything after that she fell asleep..
that night divya was sure that now, saba will be back, only she knew how strong saba could be!!
"Sometimes people know us much better than we know ourselves."
they were roommates divya knew her very well, and now divya was sure that she don't have to do anything, Saba is going to be Okay.
that night divya cried silently for her only best friend! She was happy that she will be back to life and at the same time sad for her because Saba looks so miserable...
Next day.
When saba opened her eyes she looked around No one was in the room she knew that divya left.
She didn't move, sitting on her bed for a very very long time as if she was lost somewhere, she was just sitting there her mind blank.
she felt that sun was beautiful today as if the sun was welcoming her with all of his brightness,She feel refreshed that morning.
after a long time she got up, brushed her teeth, go inside the kitchen there was breakfast with a note that says "Good Morning Girl."
Saba smiled slightly, it's been so long that she smiled...
She wasn't hungry but still she finished the breakfast, because now she understands that efforts are so rare these day.
the moment she finished her breakfast, her doorbell rang.
She opened the door, a man was standing at her door the person was delivery boy.
He gave her box and tell her to sign, Saba was surprised at first but signed it anyway.
When she opened the box a new, silver colored mobile was sitting beautifully with a pair of sim cards.
Saba knew who is the sender. she opened the phone put the card inside and switched on It started ringing, making her hand almost slipped.
God, this girl should be detective.
She picked it up "hey baby" a girl, her voice was as sweet as honey said.
Saba replied "did you eat honey, why is this all sweetness?"
"Oh please, I'm nothing less than honey, you can taste me if you want to."
Saba - "Mhmm.." I know
divya knew that things will take time and it's not easy for saba, She changed the topic.
divya said " Alright, I'll call you later, yeah if you are free can you order some curtains for me"
Saba looked around, she sighs and said " okay, I'll do"
On the other hand divya was smiling like a fool, ofcourse she knew that saba is myscophobic but at this time she is living in a mess, totally mess.
Saba was sitting with a phone in her hand, every movement was taking a great amount of energy
She installed the shopping apps and instagram in her phone and logged into.
the first thing popped up on the screen was..
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