Age One Chapter 50: Eklips


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After many hours John put all his seeds out and was at ease. He returned to his throne and proceeded to choose a decent general, for if he chose in random mode and something similar to succubus would come again it would be his end.

The first thing he did was to filter sex for only male and then proceeded to read some informations.

"Gary Tambor, human warrior, fought in several fights in his world, dead in XX36"

"Taylor Friman, Mage of the court, low-class demon, killed for treason in 34XX"

"Quint Leon Hearth, a renowned king of lions men, high value in field strategies, killed in X5X9"

Reading some John realized that most were already dead, it was when his counselor woke up and flew to John's lap, she kissed his cheek and looked like her wanted to play more.

"Stop succubus, I need to pick my general"

She smiled and introduced herself.

"My name is Lilith, please feel free to call me whatever you want. Generals ?, I can help you with this, the bottom plane has several incredible specimens"

John noticed now that both were still naked. He quickly dressed in his underwear and returned to his throne, he invited Lilith to sit down and began a decent conversation.

"Please tell, what kind of species have in the underworld"

She smiled at her master, realizing that her master was serious she hurried to materialize her clothes. She materialized her black swimsuit, only this time between her breasts was a heart, her ass was covered by a tail (of clothing). His horns were gone and his long hair was tidied up in a bun.

"The lower plane has several races, how can I explain this ..., there are three great prevailing species there, in case they are the demons, living dead and exiled"

After explaining it to John, He came to realize something very convenient and walked up to his core there he selected his succubus and activated the special bonus function.

He took his demonic essence and because of that received two messages.

[Congratulations on being the first on earth to release demonic species to fight for you, 500 points were given to you because of this great feat]

[Demonic race of the Succubus type has now been added to its invocation catalog]

Lilith noticed what her master did because as a counselor she had the right to look at the actions that were taken in the dungeon, modifications and notifications and if given the right she could manage the dungeon.

"My master, believes that you did not make the wrong choice when selecting me as your counselor"

John had a vague smile on his face, for only he knew she was chosen in random mode.

After that he returned to his throne and went on to look at his suitors at generals, but none could get his attention. He took everyone out of the human race and only left the foreign races, for if he selected a human he could not collect his essence and gain new troops.

Because when merging with the core its own human essence was absorbed is this gave the choices in the initial catalog.

"So Lilith any suggestions?"

There were countless living beings in the catalog and he could not just randomly choose again, if he chose someone with intetions of attack him or chose not to follow his orders, he could just sit and cry.

"Master, I have noticed that there are various creatures here including those who have died, and had a mestizo imprisoned in the depths of the lower plane, or sub right world?"

John found it cute how she changed the way she called her place of origin just to please him so he waved her off and had her go on.

"The mestizo was the son of two species at war, the two species were ancient as their world, perhaps even older, and in the middle of the war was born a child who carried the blood of both species, a monstrous creature, and so he was banished to the underworld, but even the underworld did not accept that monster ... "

On hearing this, John had a question.

"Were you dead when I called you? How old are you exactly?"

She just smiled mysteriously and replied.

"Yes I was alive, but my age this is a mystery"

After this she explained to me about the mestizos, all the mestizos of the underworld are the fruit of a forbidden love, and all those who are caught have their parents dead and are banished.

John went to the catalog and put the name of the mestizo "Eklips".

In a matter of seconds a man appeared in the catalog, the man looked like the mixture of sun and moon, one side of him seemed to emit a scorching heat, while the other side emitted the cold of space.

"Sees, he comes from two ancestral species, never before has one been see an as equal to him or a mestizo more powerful than himself. He is alive but sealed, so I believe he is willing to serve you"

John thought it over and decided to summon it, sounds of chain breaking was heard, the ground began to tremble, a blinding glow appeared in the middle of the room, the air began to sizzle from the heat and the earth froze from the cold.


A roaring echoed throughout the dungeon, a massive creature appeared. A two-headed dragon with one golden side and the other black, on the golden side emitted a scorching heat and on its head a crown appeared.

The black part looked like night itself, cold as space and its crown was on the neck, the scales on both sides had different patterns, and each eye was the opposite of the color of its body, the golden side had a blue pupil and the side black had a golden pupil.

The dragon began to shrink and to turn into a humanoid form. One eye of each color, one gold and the other blue, unexpectedly was naked so John saw that his skin was two colors, one brown side burned from the sun and the other pale from cold.

There were several designs on his arms and abdomen. On each shoulder was a drawing, on the left side a sun and on the right a full moon, on the chest a large red full moon was prominent, an eclipse.

"You set me free? I have been confined for more than 5,000 years, so I owe you my freedom"

He knelt on one knee, it would be an incredible scene if he was not naked and something was hanging between his legs.
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