A True Wuxia Novel Chapter 1: Wuxia


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Wow, I've been reincarnated because of some completely overpowered thing I found that I have no clue how to use and don't know what it is! Oh yeah, my soul moved here so I should obviously have inherited the original persons memories. I'm the weakest person in the entire world? Darn. What do I do? Thank the lord I can somehow sense around in my soul for some unknown reason. What's this? The treasure I found is in my soul? Cool! I'll just fiddle around with it some and... bang! I'm now no longer crippled and now my talent goes against the heavens. Of course, how will I get stronger if there is no random young master that loves to bully people? What? In my memories, apparently some young master was bullying the person I took over? Damn, what arrogance! I'm totally going to get revenge for the original owner because..... If I don't, how will I make this plot go forward?

I walk up to the young master and he starts spouting some arrogant bullshit about being above me. Naturally, with me being a reincarnator, I would never lose my cool due to some-- Whoops, I already beat him up. Oh well, maybe I'll spout some bullshit as well and challenge his dumb ass, somehow powerful, family.

What!? The arrogant young master I beat up brought back his family and tried to beat me up? Noooooo... I never saw this coming. Guess I'll have to run away and find a lucky chance like usual. Even though the people chasing after me are much stronger than me, I somehow get away... Hm? What's this? Oh wow, a lucky chance! What crazy luck! Who would have know this would be here? Cool, now I'll just break through to a new realm and destroy the family the tried to kill me.

The family starts to shout some arrogant bullshit like usual and I shout back some arrogant bullshit. They start screaming "You Dare!" over and over again as I slaughter my way through the family. Cause, you know, I feel absolutely nothing when I massacre my way through entire family's of hundreds of people. I'm that psychopathic. As I begin the usual talk for 10 minutes of fillers with the leader, I discovered that they have a massive sect behind them. Turns out that that arrogant young master I beat up was a talent seen once every one thousand years. Apparently that was calculated to the exact digit. Oh well, guess I'll have to find another lucky chance and destroy the sect behind it.

Oh no, I never knew the sect would go after my family. How dare they! This annoyingly repetitive MC will kill their entire family's, friends, love interests, and pets just because they went after my family. No one was harmed, thankfully, because of this amazing technique I have called 'Plot Armor.' I'm still going to murder everyone though.

What?! Apparently, the sect is a lot stronger than I thought. The elders of the sect are trying to defend their home! How shameless of them! They should have just let every single person in their sect die just because they are much older than me. Oh boy, the elders are about to kill me! NO WAY! I got a lucky chance again! The world sure is strange like that!

After this lucky chance I came back and killed everyone. I mean EVERYONE! What? You had absolutely nothing to do with threatening my family but you're in the same family? Too bad I'll kill you anyways cause I'm the good guy and you guys are the bad guys. The grand elder's started to threaten me with the fact that they are just a branch family and the main family is much more powerful. I killed him anyways. Guess there are more lucky chances waiting for me!

-Rinse and repeat this cycle 5 times-

Yay! I'm finally at the pinnacle of the world! Whats this? There's an entire realm above me? I should go to it! Even though it will possibly put my family in grave danger and is absolutely unnecessary, I'll do it anyways! Yay! I'm in the next realm! Oh, look at that! An arrogant young master!
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