A Star Reborn: The Queen“s Return Chapter 869: Tailor-Made Sui


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But it still seemed like there was something amiss.

Xia Ling suddenly thought of something and questioned, "Li Lei! Jin Yifei told me a long time ago that your personal life was a mess! Is that true?! That's why you know so much about women's sizing measurements! Tell me, how many women did you have all those years behind my back!"

Li Lei felt that he had just done himself in…

He was so smug he forgot how he had honed this skill of "measuring one's figure with his eyes" years ago. Back then… he, Jin Yifei, Du Yunfeng, and their bunch of friends had changed their female counterparts at the rate of chanting their clothes. Knowing about the "three measurements" wasn't a big deal.

"I…" He tried to explain. "It's all in the past. Ever since you, I've been loyal and never got involved with anyone else. Moreover, the 'three measurements' isn't much of a skill. That lad Jin Yifei can even tell with one glance whether the girl is a virgin… ouch!"

Xia Ling pinched his ear.

"How dare you!" Xia Ling recalled how Jin Yifei used this skill on her many years back and her anger rose. "Do you feel like you're missing out, not being able to tell whether the girl's a virgin? Do you want to pick up this skill from Jin Yifei, huh?!"

"I-I won't do this again. Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling, I know I'm in the wrong…" Li Lei was in agony having his ear pinched. But he had asked for it, hadn't he?

Xia Ling was not appeased. "You're sleeping in your own house tonight!"

And that was how Li Lei was punished by his future wife.

After chasing Big Boss out the house, Xiao Ling spent her time reflecting—had she been too nice to Li Lei? Was that why he had such unbridled behavior?

She crossed her arms and sat on the floor in a daze.

Little Shaohui came to look for her. "Mom, stack blocks with me."

Xia Ling asked her son restlessly, "Tell me, is Mom too much of a bun?"

Little Shaohui was confused. "What's a bun?"

"It means too much of a pushover, too vulnerable, that's why Dad keeps bullying Mom."

Little Shaohui was speechless. He knew full well who was the one who chased the other out that morning. Dad's sad expression when he left the house was still etched in his mind, reminding him never to offend a woman in the future. If Mom was being too much of a bun like that, then what was Dad to be?

Little Shaohui felt a chill down his spine and decided to save his father. "Mom, you're not a bun at all. Really, look how subservient Dad is to you. He even told me to take good care of you before he left today."

"Really?" Xia Ling was skeptical.

"Absolutely!" Little Shaohui said.

Only then did Xia Ling's mood improve. She went on to stack blocks with Little Shaohui happily.

They played with blocks for a whole afternoon. When evening came, Ah Nuo knocked on the door of their villa. "Miss Ling, I've brought Boss' clothing measurements. You can take them and order the clothes accordingly."

He handed Xia Ling a neatly folded slip of paper.

Xia Ling unfolded it and saw a detailed record of Li Lei's physical measurements—from his waist circumference to the length of his limbs, everything was precisely measured. "Is this the latest measurement?" She asked Ah Nuo.

Ah Nuo said, "It is. Boss especially went to a tailor today to get these measurements. The tailor handed this to me immediately and I came here as soon as I got it." This was supposed to be within a personal assistant's job scope, but ever since Li Lei distanced himself from Su Tang, he had not found another suitable person to handle such matters. His next best choice was his bodyguard Ah Nuo.

Xia Ling thanked Ah Nuo and went back in.

"Mom, Mom." Little Shaohui came up to her. "Are you going to order clothes for Dad?"

"Yup." Xia Ling smiled. "It's for your dad's engagement suit, we have to get him the smartest one. We also have to order one for you for the engagement ceremony. Do you want to go shopping for these with Mom tomorrow?"

"Yes, yes." Little Shaohui clapped his hands in delight.

The Xia family women all enjoyed shopping, Xia Ling and Mrs. Xia alike, and they took him along whenever possible. Seeing that he looked so adorable, they always got him bags of new outfits. Each time they asked him to go shopping with them, he'd appear excited and enthusiastic, just so he didn't offend the scary women.

But deep down, he wasn't all too willing.

Will Mom and Dad get married already… He thought to himself. Once they were married, they'd live as a family of three and Dad would accompany Mom to go out shopping, giving him his time alone. This was good enough reason to bring Dad and Mom together.

The weather was good the following day.

Xia Ling dressed up and took Little Shaohui, who was equally dressed up, to the best suit boutique in the city. The store was not especially big, but it was a quiet and private space that only those of great status visited. She could rest assured that her fans wouldn't hound her there.

She happily handed Li Lei's measurements to the employee and said, "I want a set of men's suit, to be worn for an engagement ceremony."

The moment she was done speaking, a woman standing in a corner of the store looked up. She was in a pastel purple dress and had beautiful makeup done; her hair was done up in a bun and adorned with hair accessories. This elegant woman was none other than Su Tang.

It had been so long, who would have expected to bump into the other here.

Xia Ling saw that she was holding a small boy, Li Rui, while she herself was holding onto Little Shaohui. She couldn't help but think, Enemies really cross paths often. She couldn't be bothered by Su Tang and went on to speak to the employee. "Do you have any recommendations?"

The employee found the situation extremely awkward. She was a celebrity, Su Tang had followed Li Lei around all these years, and news about them had been reported repeatedly over the past few years. The employee knew full well the relationship between both women and both children around. Right now, the official first wife had bumped into the mistress and her bastard child… They'd better not fight around here.

The employee guided Xia Ling away from Su Tang and smiled politely. "Please take a seat first. We have a lot of good fabrics to recommend. I'll bring them out for you to have a look."

Xia Ling and Little Shaohui took their seats on the long comfy couch as the employee brought an array of fabrics before their eyes and introduced each one in detail.

"This indigo shade is extremely suitable for suits—it makes you appear more energetic." The employee said, "Those over there are made from camel's hair—our boss traveled all around the world to pick the best of this material. Although this material is a little warm, there'll be air conditioning during the engagement ceremony, so it's not a big issue. Over here we see…"
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