A Sorcerer's Journey Chapter 370: The World Gate XII


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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...
Although the Demon-Hunters had killed hundreds and thousands of Acraepoids before the World Gate in Burrow World, they were only a small group among the countless Acraepoids in the Darkborne Kingdom's Capital.
However, among this small group, most of them were higher-level Acraepoid Nobles and Acraepoid Commanders.
With the news of the disaster happening at Darkborne Kingdom's Capital and the news of two Infernal Gods being triggered spreading, not only more Acraepoids were gathered again, two mysterious World Guardians of the Acraepoid World also appeared.
Waiting for the sorcerers in front of the World Gate were three Acraepoid World Guardians.
"Damn it. This is really a middle-level world after all. The number of these little creatures is astonishing. Not to mention that black flame of the World Lord…"
Looking just like a giant monster bone thorns, Ivory fort Stigmata Sorcerer was resisting the attack of countless Acraepoids, and squeezing into the Infernal Spirit World from the World Gate.
This was the reason for not expanding the World Gate.
If the sorcerers were to slowly expand the World Gate and enter the Infernal Spirit World, it was very likely that even a powerful Anatomy Refinery Sorcerer with high defensive ability would return to the Burrow World with severe injury, or even worse—killed in the Infernal Spirit World.
Among the tens of millions of Acraepoids, only about tens of thousands were surrounding and attacking Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, and among the tens of thousands, only a few hundred of them were able to launch effective attacks towards Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
The greatest advantage of being an Anatomy Refinery Sorcerer was that he or she could ignore the massive attacks of low-level creatures. This was also the basic ability developed by the Endless World's biological evolution law for the World Lords to break into the foreign world.
By contrast, Elemental Sorcerers' ability to enter a foreign world by force and fight were much weaker.
Darkborne Infernal God lit a giant black flame sword. Another hundred-meter giant sword with the Infernal Spirit Power fell from the sky, and slashed on the bone thorn and bone armor of the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
Roar! "Damn!"
Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer growled painfully, several huge bone thorns fell from his body. Yet, he was still desperately squeezing into the Infernal Spirit World. No matter how the Acraepoids tried to stop him and attack him in fear, he did not flinch.
"You are not the god of the Burrow World. What world are you from? Why are you invading the great Acraepoid World?"
At this moment, Darkborne Infernal God was slightly panicked looking at this terrifying creature that is gradually squeezing into Infernal Spirit World.
The Infernal Spirit World was really powerful in the known worlds of the Infernal Spirit World. (T/N No, that's not a mistranslation)

Through the connection between the First Acraepoid King and some great being in the distant unknown world, the Darkborne Infernal God knew that among the dozens of known world, there was only one world like the Infernal Spirit World with several enslaved worlds.
However, the Endless World was unbelievably vast.
The Endless World was so vast that some unbelievably powerful creatures were born in some strange and magical worlds.
It was also from the long-term alliance and trade in the distant world that the First Acraepoid King and Darkborne Infernal God knew that there was a more powerful biological level above the World Gods, they were called the Gods of the Gods, also known as the Eternal Dominator.
Such powerful creatures were beyond description. In the face of invasion by these powerful creatures, weak worlds wouldn't even have the courage to defend.
As for a strong world like the Infernal Spirit World, even with the power of all World Gods and World Guardians combined, and with the support of the Principal Will of the World, and with hundreds of millions of lives, there was only a slight possibility that they could defend their world from the attack of such powerful creatures.
The best way to resist these legendary creatures was to create a same-level existence within their world.
Otherwise, they must not let this great existence notice their world.
Through that distant and powerful alliance world, the Infernal Spirit World knew that in the recent history of their world community, there was a world similar to the Infernal Spirit World, a powerful world that ruled several worlds and was eventually destroyed by an Eternal Dominator.
As for this World Lord who suddenly invaded from the Burrow World…
Thinking about how Dark Destroyer Infernal God and the millions of other Acraepoids entered the Burrow World never returned, how the World Gate opened to such an extent, how an Arcaepoid-look-alike creature invaded the Acraepoid World with thousands of monsters…
The Darkborne Infernal God shivered in fear. Infernal Spirit World was still completely clueless about this strange and powerful world that had been targeting them for a while!
For them to provoke a war between two worlds, they must be a very powerful world.
Thinking about the tragic state of several worlds that were once invaded and enslaved by the Infernal Spirit World, Darkborne Infernal God dared not to take this lightly. This was a life-and-death moment for the Infernal Spirit World!
"Ha-ha-ha-ha, the great Acraepoid World? Why the invasion?"
Half of Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer's body was already outside the World Gate. Even with one World Lord, three World Guardians and many other Acraepoids fighting to resist, they could barely resist the invasion of Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
With multiple invasion experience, the defense ability of Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer was far beyond imagination.
Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer laughed in front of the World Gate. "Ha-ha-ha-ha, it's exactly because of how great your world is that we want to invade. The also great Sorcerer World will never allow another great world to get in our way of revival."
'So their world is called the Sorcerer World?'
Darkborne Infernal God was filled with joy.
'Such foolish creature, I tricked it into revealing the name of their world so easily!
'We must probe into the origin of this Sorcerer World through the First Acraepoid King.'
As a powerful world that could communicate with souls, the Acraepoid World did not only have the direct power of a few Infernal Gods, but also a huge wealth that could be used during a crisis…
And if the other party failed to invade, then the consequences…
"Heh-heh-heh-heh, so you are a sorcerer? Die!"
The Darkborne Infernal God roared. The black fire sword in its hand turned into more than two-hundred meters long, releasing dazzling Infernal Energy. Under the mumbling and praying of millions of horrified Acraepoids, the Infernal God slashed the alien monster that was emerging from the World Gate.
At the same time, the three Acraepoid World Guardians set off a black flame using World Force.
The black fireball in the hands of the first Acraepoid World Guardian soon got the World Force's response, growing from its initial fist-size to tens of meters in a flash, and evolved into a huge black flame net with the size of the World Gate.
Previously, Grimm only caused a few waves of the Principal Will of the Acraepoid World. As he was too weak, he could not be locked by the Principal Will at all.
Now that it was Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, he caused such great resistance by the Principal Will of the Acraepoid World.
The second Acraepoid World Guadian also used the black fireball in his hand to activate the World Force, as if it was forming a giant fire resistance ring near the World Gate to trap Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
The fire ring was like a shackle, firmly squeezing the giant monster transformed by Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
The third Acraepoid World Guardian formed a huge pot-shaped black flame cover, heading towards Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
The continuous and powerful resistance from the Infernal Spirit World made Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer howl in pain.
Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer was cut by the World Force and attacked by the World Lords. Hundreds of his giant bone thorns fell from the sky, stained in bright red blood.
Being attacked by the combined forces of Infernal Spirit World, Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer roared in pain and retreated into the World Gate a little.
"Mighty Darkborne Infernal God, please cast your supreme power to defeat this evil monster from the foreign world!"
"Acraepoid World Guardians who listen to the Principal Will of the Acraepoid World, please save us from this suffering…"
"Evil monster from a foreign world, go back to your filthy world! The Infernal Spirit World is blessed by the protection of many Infernal Gods, you have no chance of staining it!"
On the Flame Burrow and ground of the Darkborne Kingdom's Capital, many Acraepoid nobles and commoners were praying and cursing.
What happened at that moment was enough to be recorded in the history of the great Acraepoid World.
Maybe in the future, when the future Acraepoid generation excavates historic sites, they would find such an ancient monument that states:
"The great Darkborne Infernal God, three Acraepoid World Guardians, along with Acraepoid Saints, Commanders, and Warriors, resisted the invasion of a powerful and evil monster from an unknown foreign world…"
Roar! "Damn! Mammoth Armor! "
With a raging roar under the black flame before the World Gate, two giant blood-red tusks pierced the black flame. The red tusks were a hundred meters long!
A fiery gaze, protected by a red bone armor, pierced through the black flame seal cover.
"Infernal Spirit World, you have completely angered me, and you will pay more for it!"

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