A Sorcerer's Journey Chapter 369: The World Gate XI


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Up in the sky of the Burrow World.
Thousand-eyed Carcinus was shivering, not knowing where to place its remaining one claw.
As the Dark Destroyer Infernal God of the Infernal Spirit World was sealed, the six Stigmata Sorcerers—including Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer who was guarding Grimm's Soul-fire Prime at the sorcerer tower—all stood around Grimm on the body of Thousand-eyed Carcinus.
"Young Master! Waah! Don't die! You haven't fulfilled your promise of giving me Bonito Fish and Enigma #1! Waah ..."
Myna fell on Grimm's chest and bawl, but Grimm didn't respond.
"He is repairing himself now. Don't disturb him."
After looking at Myna for a while, Black Isotta said, "I wasn't expecting to see a Steel Emblem Myna in today's Sorcerer World. Hee-hee-hee-hee, I thought your species went extinct along with the ancient humans."
"Pfft, I will be alive even after you die."
Myna sqwaked angrily, however Black Isotta only replied with a laugh, he wasn't offended at all.
"This little bastard. Ugh! My True Ivory!"
Under Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer's bald head wearing a golden crown, he looked at his half-melted giant ivory in regret. One half of the ivory was slightly damaged, while the other half had completely disappeared.
It was his True Ivory armor after all.
Now that it was damaged like this, he had no idea how many years it would take to completely repair it.
Black Isotta turned around and said, "A flame from the World Lord of Infernal Spirit World has melted your True Ivory, and invaded every cell within his body. Compared with spending a huge amount of energy in the Void Fortress to rebuild a body for him, I will compensate for the loss of your True Ivory."
As Black Isotta spoke, he looked at the unconscious Grimm.
"However, his injury was a blessing in disguise. Due to your True Ivory and this mysterious flame, he had successfully advanced into Wild Instinct Level 2 in a time of crisis."
Black Isotta stretched out his hand. With a "poof" sound, a pure black energy ball appeared in his palm, gradually expanded and thinned until it disappeared, and a black flame appeared.
The black flame was releasing an aura out which was totally opposite to the Dark Destroyer Infernal God. The flame was burning with a faint fragrance.
It was exactly the Infernal Spirit Power exerted by the Dark Destroyer Infernal God, the same black flame that invaded Grimm's body.
"Heh-heh." Black Isotta chuckled. He then threw the black flame to the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer.
"Since even Grimm can accidentally use this black flame and True Ivory to activate Wild Instinct Level 2, you should go back and study it carefully, maybe you can find something unexpected," said Black Isotta.
After receiving the black flame, the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer seemed a little surprised.
Black Isotta continued, "If you have any unexpected findings, I will leave the owner of this black flame to you as compensation."

Opening his mouth wide, the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer swallowed the black flame directly. After looking at the unconscious Grimm, he snorted and said, "Well, this guy is lucky."
The Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer also showed a strange smile.
At this time, in the middle of the palms of the Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer, a tiny and insignificant fragment of the giant Dark Realm Mirror was rotating rapidly.
Deep in the mirror, a green-skinned Acraepoid about one and a half meter tall was struggling and wandering. Fear was written all over its face.
The Acraepoid kept waving its sword, but all of its effort in the mirror were futile.
"Look, this little guy seems to be a specimen that Grimm specially caught."
The slightly irritated Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer looked at the giant Dark Realm Mirror and coldly said, "A Level 3 creature? Then it's better for Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer to take away its soul. Don't release the specimen and accidentally get this Level 1 Demon-Hunter who just got his Rank 1 Honor Badge killed."
"Heh-heh-heh, no problem, this is a small matter."
The Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer glared at Acraepoid in the mirror. Ghostly emerald-colored flames were burning in his eye sockets.
Mandala Stigmata Sorceress looked at the thinned-out Mandala Robe and said, "It seems that my Mandala Sand helped him a lot, two-thirds of them have been destroyed."
The Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer who was wearing a black and white zebra-striped sorcerer robe didn't speak. The sound of sand flowing beneath his robes seemed never-ending.
"Heh-heh-heh-heh. Well then...let's put an end to what happened to Grimm. Send him back to the Void Fortress to have a good rest," ordered Black Isotta.
Thousand-eyed Carcinus replied hurriedly, "Yes, Master."
With that, Thousand-eyed Carcinus carried Grimm and Myna, and flew towards the Void Fortress, not stopping at all along the way.
Meanwhile, in the sky.
The world gate—which had expanded to 200 meters—was radiating a light purple glow, looking like a giant whirlpool. The scent of foreign world were constantly emanating, looking much more solid than before.
Naturally, the six Stigmata Sorcerers lifted their heads and looked at the world gate.
"It's already so huge? Interesting, interesting, heh-heh-heh-heh…"
Black Isotta laughed and looked at Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer, Mandala Stigmata Sorceress, and Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer.
Black Isotta spoke with a deep tone, "A world gate at this scale is enough for all of you to pass through. Since it has already been expanded to this extent, why don't you go there to collect some specimens and regional data. After returning to the Sorcerer World, we can skip the hassle of sending Reconnaissance Sorcerers over again to collect information.
Black Isotta's blurry eyes were filled with yearning and excitement, as if he could already see himself taking over the Infernal Spirit World, and researching on the sorcery of opening the world gate with Soul Energy, and then…
"Heh-heh-heh-heh, after we get the exact world coordinates of Infernal Spirit World from the Dark Destroyer Infernal God, let's go directly there after a hundred years.
Black Isotta seemed to be a little impatient.
"Well, you sure know how to make things easy for yourself."
The Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer groaned. However, for a world gate this wide, it was true that he didn't need any more effort to expand it further.
In that way, all the pain and inconvenience of creating all kinds of weird world gates or traveling to the foreign world through the world aperture by force could be omitted.
For the invasion of Infernal Spirit World, the Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer also had great expectations.
"Heh-heh, the body size of Black Isotta and I are too large. We will just meet all of you here. If we expand the world gate further, not only it will take time, but it will also give the other side more time to respond and prepare. It will not be good if the Infernal Spirit World seal this void tunnel."
From the Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer's words, it seemed as if he was slightly weaker than Black Isotta, but actually he had surpassed the level of the other four Stigmata Sorcerers.
'A Level 5 Stigmata Sorcerer?'
Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, Mandala Stigmata Sorceress, Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer, and Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer looked at each other for a while.
On the other end was a medium-sized world. For four Stigmata Sorcerers to go there together, and with two other stronger Stigmata Sorcerers to wait in front of the world gate, if it was just for them to stay near the world gate of the opposite world for a short time to collect some specimens and information about their world rule, it shouldn't be too big a problem.
After considering, the four Stigmata Sorcerers nodded their heads, let out deep laughs, and flew to the world gate.
Black Isotta let out an evil laugh and urged, "Don't go too far away from the world gate. If you happened to be captured by the World Lord there, and be sealed or killed in the Infernal Spirit World, it will be all your own responsibility.
The Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer laughed. "Ha-ha-ha-ha, if any of us don't return after 36 hourglasses, you don't have to give us any reward."
As the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer finished, his body turned into a nearly-200 meters tall ivory giant.
After being slightly stuck at the world gate entrance for a while, he squeezed into the light purple whirpool of the world gate.
Meanwhile, looking at the other three Stigmata Sorcerers.
For the Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer, it seemed that due to his earlier sealing of the Dark Destroyer Infernal God, he too, was stuck at the world gate entrance for a while, and then squeezed his way in.
The other two Stigmata Sorcerers entered much easier.
Black Isotta looked at the other Dark Sorcerers who were also eager to try and laughed, "Heh-heh-heh-heh, go if you are willing to join in the fun. You can keep whatever you plunder, and you are responsible for your own death."
After hesitating for a little, more than ten thousand Dark Sorcerers roared and followed the four Stigmata Sorcerers into the world gate.
These Dark Sorcerers were those who did not depend on the Principal Will of the Sorcerer World.
Among them were Third Ghostpepper's team of seven people and Nairo.

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