A Sorcerer's Journey Chapter 368: The World Gate X


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Up in the sky of the Burrow World.
At this time, the world gate which was glowing with dim halo had gradually expanded to more than two hundred meters by massive amounts of Acraepoid souls. The width was enough for a relatively low-level World Lord to pass through.
One upon a time, these souls were filled by creatures in the Burrow World!
Many Demon-Hunters were still carrying out their tasks meticulously, paying on their attention to possible new enemies that might emerge from the world gate.
On the ground of the Burrow World.
Within the Dark Realms Mirror in the center of the crater, the distorted Dark Destroyer Infernal God struggled and roared, but it became more and more distorted, looking like a whirlpool, getting smaller and weaker.
"Hehehehe, give up your futile struggle, you have no chance."
The Dark Realms Stigmata Sorcerer laughed. At this time, the seal sorcery that was cast on the level-four Dark Destroyer Infernal God of the Infernal Spirit World was almost completed.
The Dark Destroyer Infernal God was covered by the Mandala Stigmata Sorceress' sand giant, and completely lost its chance to struggle and roar. It seemed as if it had been put into a case with its mouth blocked, and was sealed unwillingly into a dark and unreal space of the Dark Realms Mirror.
The sand returned to the body of sand giant beneath Mandala Stigmata Sorceress. The centre of the crater was empty, and there was no trace of the Dark Destroyer Infernal God from the Infernal Spirit World.
"So this is the Level-4 Acraepoid that tried to invade the Sorcerer World?"
The Mandala Stigmata Sorceress shook her head and said with regret, " What a pity. If it wasn't for Grimm who turned the Infernal Spirit World into the personal wealth of Black Isotta, the Grand Celestial Sorcerer may even make the world gate that could have appeared in Section 12 a permanent one. By then, all future sorcerer-apprentice and Arcane Sorcerers in Section 12 could have visited the Infernal Spirit World to gain some profit, which could attract more population to the section. "
The ivory giant with huge bone spurs all over its body stood up from the center of the crater. Although its body was more than two hundred meters tall, it was still far smaller than Black Isotta. However, it has surpassed the size of many ordinary creatures.
"Hahaha! With this guy, we can find the exact coordinates of the Infernal Spirit World, and then access there by using our usual means of foreign world expedition, which saves a lot more hassle."
The Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer laughed.
Then he continued, "Black Isotta has put so much effort into this Infernal Spirit World. Moreover, this is also a mission issued by the great Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer. Let's not be stingy, we must prepare a batch of slaves when the time comes. We don't know how many Infernal Gods are over there, and whether our army will be sufficient. After all, this method of opening a world gate of a foreign world is very precious indeed."

The Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer's statement also represented the thoughts of other Stigmata Sorcerers.
The Infernal Spirit World had a very unique attainment in the aspect of souls. The reason why Black Isotta could successfully open the world gate with souls could be due to the fact that he had a number of unique soul collections from ancient times.
Or maybe there was some astonishing secret involved.
After all, no one would believe if those old sorcerers from ancient times even if they said that they don't have any astonishing secrets.
Other than Black Isotta, Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer who was proficient in Spirit Sorcery, was obviously skilled in this ability as well.
With that being said, the remaining Infernal Gods that were not selected by Black Isotta and Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer needed to be handled by other sorcerers.
As the specimens and inspirations of the sorcerers were different, the sorcery that they created were different too.
Besides than the most basic elemental sorcery, sorcerers could also find common ground through the basic rules of the Sorcerer World. The more profound a sorcery was, the more necessary it was for sorcerers to create unique sorcery suitable for their own situations according to the rules and truth of arcane knowledge.
This was also the reason why Sorcerer World could never produce standardized sorcerers in large quantities.
Every sorcerer was unique.
The so-called sorcerer knowledge, was a truth of rules, but every sorcerer was different, just like how there would never be two identical leaves in the world.
Perhaps two identical sorcerers could turn into completely different sorcerers just because they had different element rune change during their apprenticeships.
The Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer had a sorcerer robe with the pattern of black and white zebra stripes.
Under his robe, the sound of sand flowing in hourglass never stopped.
Threads of time gradually returned into the Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer's robe.
To master the power of time was an incredibly mysterious power for all creatures in the Endless World, including these great Stigmata Sorcerers.
Even among the creatures known by Sorcerer World, creatures similar to Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer that possessed the power of time control were extremely rare.
From a macro perspective, time was the carrier of change in the history of the Endless World. As any tiny material, energy and rule in the Endless World changed, it also meant the loss of time.
Want time to stand still?
At least in terms of Grimm's sorcerer knowledge, it was impossible at all. Unless the sorcerers change the basis of their research from materialism to idealism.
Thought was also a form of energy.
If time went still, then the sorcerer who performed this spell would also be still in time, which is contrary to sorcerer theory.
And then how could you prove that you have used such a spell that could stop time?
Unless it was a creature beyond the Endless World which exerted this ability. But the endless world had no boundary, what exactly was beyond it?
This was a concept beyond the knowledge system of sorcerers.
All the knowledge theories of sorcerers wouldn't imagine a principle for such sorcery, and for that reason, the research of sorcery knowledge was endless.
This was also the limit of sorcery pursued by all sorcerers. All of these limits were idealism which only gods in fictions possessed.
This was to accomplish something that was almost impossible, which was against the rules of knowledge in reality.
Hence, there was no end to sorcerer knowledge. Even for the Grand Celestial Sorcerer who had levered the whole Sorcerer World, could only sigh that he had not obtained endless knowledge to realize his pursuit his idealism, and was eventually defeated by other powerful civilization.
Locally, time could be understood through the theory of general relativity.
In every world, due to the difference in rules, the speed of time loss was also different, which would change any carrier of time recording.
Hourglass? Heartbeat? Mechanical clock? Nature day? Thoughts?
Rules could affect everything in a world, the outcome would be some wonderful rules of time. Maybe it had been a hundred years in your world, but in a macro sorcerer world, only fifty years had passed.
Of course, the remaining fifty years will inevitably be consumed in other ways to maintain the balance of the Endless World.
It could be a change of time quality, of the difference of time feeling, or the consumption of the Time Gate…
Every life forms at different levels had different feelings towards time.
Ordinary human, sorcerer-apprentice, official sorcerer, level-three sorcerer, Stigmata Sorcerer, and even the Great Necromancer...
For example, comparing an insect with only a few days of life with an ordinary human.
Time would even feel different to every creature that was in different life stages and different mode.
When one was young and struggled hard for a goal, one would feel that time seemed endless. Time seemed to be moving too slow and the goal was too far away.
Eventually at old age and near to death, all good things in life have passed, life was left with too many regrets, only one would feel that time went by too pass.
The waiting time before the first date seemed so slow, one would be eager to speed up time and meet with his or her beloved quickly.
On the contrary, as one's beloved was dying, time seemed to be moving too fast. Before they could create more memories together, his or her other half had left.
In micro, time could be understood through the theory of special relativity.
If a material wanted to speed up its time, then if it slowed down the speed of other materials around it, it would achieve a time change within that small environment.
Grimm had already caught a glimpse of such knowledge of time through his Infinity Eye.
To make time stand still in a small environment, as long as all the materials, energy and rules around the subject were moving in normal time, and the sorcerer kept absolute parallel with everything around he or she, and the sorcerer could make time stand still in a micro and deceptive way.
These are the three levels of time knowledge under the sorcerer knowledge system.
Even if one had a certain breakthrough in the lowest level of time knowledge, it would be enough for him or her to become like Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer.
Unlocking the second level and one would be enough to become a Grand Celestial Sorcerer.
As for the highest level?
Even basic research at this level would leave an immortal mark and unique level in the Sorcerer World, the destiny lever!

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