A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO Chapter 70: Meet My Palm Unedited


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"That's right, breath in the Magic Power in the air not just through your nose but through every pore in your body. Once it enters your body, just let the Breathing technique do the job while you try your best to perceive the changes and adapt to them."

Nex stood in front of Eddie who sat cross-legged on his bed and executed the Foundation Breathing that Nex has taught him and Roland inside the game. Right after logging off he came to Eddie's room in order to make sure he won't try anything wrong with what he just learned inside the game and properly learn how to Cultivate in real life.

And after a few minutes of executing the Breathing Technique, Eddie's body shined for a moment and he opened his eyes as an excited look appeared on his face.

"I… I can feel the Magic Power in my body!"

He couldn't believe that the day he always yearned for ever since he learned of Cultivation finally arrived.

"Good, it's the proof you finished the first step in training," Nex smiled and then extended his hand to put his palm in front of the kid, "Now for you to get aware of your power, give me your strongest punch!"

"Okay!" Eddie nodded and stood up in front of Nex before throwing a punch with everything he had, including his newly found Magic Power inside his body.

Although he knew that he had overwhelming physical power compared to those at his age including those who began who already had breakthroughs in their Cultivation, even if the said person told him himself that he is weak, Eddie would never believe that Nex who could casually bring out amazing techniques and fight like a super master is incapable of taking a punch, even if the one giving it was a legendary SSS-Ranked Hunter!



And indeed, the punch hit Nex's palm with a loud sound but didn't even cause it to budge. On the other hand, Eddie frowned in pain and held his hand that felt as if the muscles and bones he punched were made of steel.

"Felt any difference from before?" Nex asked as he cast a healing ability on the kid's hand.

"It's…" Eddie thought back and frowned, "It's not more powerful by much."

"That's right," Nex nodded with a smile, "It's because you buddy, have a Special Physique."

"Wow!" although he always suspected he had something like that because of his physical powers, hearing someone like Nex tell it to him still made him super happy, "So I am like Big Sis and Andy?"

"Not exactly," Nex laughed and patted the kid head, "Your sister has a mainly special soul, while Roland is more of a special race although you two are quite similar abilities-wise. What you have is a body that was born with extraordinary properties. Most of those properties will awaken as you will grow stronger, but there are a few that you already awakened since you were born."

"One of them, and probably one of the main ones is that your body automatically gather magic power and other energies into your body and use them to the limit available to your age and Cultivation Level, because of that you are far superior in strength to even those who Cultivated from young age even when they use Magic Power. And also because of this, the power you gain while using Magic Power at the current amount and quality you possess will not yield much result compared to the power you have without using them. Your body is just too high quality compared to your magic power!"

"Then I just need to continue to train and once I posses high enough Cultivation, I will be able to unleash much greater power?" being a very smart kid, Eddie quickly understood what Nex was getting at, "And probably not only that, I will probably become a super-powerful badass at my stage because I will also have a strong body and the awesome techniques you taught me right?"

"I guess that's quite right," Nex chuckled and then added with a smirk, "But just to remind you, that your sister told me that if you start showing off and having fights outside the game, then she will give you what she called "A supreme and eternal punishment" and force me, although she probably won't need much to convince me, to seal your power and give her a magic item that allows her to teleport to you the moment she thinks you don't do something right, something that I actually have by the way."

"I just made sure! I didn't mean anything!" Eddie instantly became pale and quickly shook his head, just as he started to see the light that leads him to social freedom, Nex words reminded him that he still has to be careful with what he does and act.

"As long as you understand," Nex nodded and his face became serious and solemn, "Now moving on to more pressing issues, did you prepare your strategy for what you would do in school today?"

"I had some ideas according to what you told me," Eddie's face became tense as well as he thought about the subject, "What I am thinking of doing is to smile and act normally when I meet her and whenever the subject of coming to her house rises, to nod and say I expect for it as long as whatever she suggest us to do there is not too out of line, in case that subjects of such kind appearing in conversation, I will try to stay calm as much as possible without making sharp movements and respond to her in a way that doesn't deny nor accept. That way there is the least chance that her attitude will increase or will go toward another dangerous direction."

"You, my unfortunate friend, are a genius."

Nex patted Eddie on the shoulder and gave him a thumb-up, "Remeber to always keep your cool and gather information about her that you think will be useful for the future at any chance you get and who knows? Maybe someday you will be able to tame the beast and turn it into an angel."

"You really think so?" Eddie's eyes widened and he asked him full of hope.

"After some thinking, I do," Nex nodded, "After all, I can see you really like this girl even with her "quirkiness" and care for her and try not to hurt her when she is a bit forceful. I trust your character judgment, and if developed such feeling to this girl then she is probably not a bad person."

"She definitely isn't," Eddie quickly shook his beet-red face. Although Nex words were super-embarrassing, he knew that they weren't wrong at all, "I knew her since I first arrived at the school."

"Ohh? Could I hear about this girl as well?" a cold voice was suddenly heard and made both boys shiver.

"B-Big Sis! I-" Eddie and Nex quickly turned their head expecting to see Jane only to see someone else.

"Having the "Talk" I see?" Celes chuckled and grinned at them, "I thought I saw you too acting strange earlier, but who would have thought I would find this."

"You almost gave the kid a heart attack Celes," Nex sighed and berated her, "We still didn't tell Jane about this."

"I didn't even need to scare like I just did to know that!" Celes snorted and went to the kid who managed to somewhat calm himself down and smiled gently at him, "I am sorry for what I just did sweetie, I was just playing around. Can you tell me about your problem? Woman's advice on such subjects is always helpful after all."

"Yes," seeing Cele's gentle smile and hearing her soft words, Eddie shyness didn't stand a chance and he nodded and began to tell her about Liz and what happened yesterday.

"I see," Celes nodded at the end of his story and calmly stood up and went toward Nex before slapping the back of his head, "You moron!"

"What did I do?" Nex asked feeling wronged, "Is it because I made him accept her request?"

"If anything it was the only right thing you did!" Celes snorted before sighing and turning back to the freaked out Eddie with a soft smile, "If I get what you said right, aside from letting your sister know about this, you also afraid that she has too much enthusiasm to the point she is crazy right?"

*Nod* Eddie nodded in confirmation before adding carefully, "It's not that I hate or afraid from her that much because of that, I'm just afraid that she will rush ahead too much and do something I couldn't handle at some point. We are just fourth graders after all and we didn't even have a meeting outside school, although I like her when she suddenly talks about a wedding or calling me names like darling, I couldn't help but feel freaked out."

"Aww! You're such a good kid! So thoughtful and understanding," Celes felt her heart melt at the kid adorable words and she caressed his cheeks gently, "If Nex was even a fourth of you in that regard when I first met him then my life back then would be so much better!"

"I can hear you!" Nex grumbled

"Then learn from it!" she barked at him before turning back to the kid again with her warm smile.

"Eddie listen. Although Nex could be said to have experience with it comes to women, it's only for the more adult ones. Believe it or not, not just in his elementary school even in the middle of his teen years when I first met him, he was a loner blockhead that didn't have much of social ability, especially when it comes to girls!"

"You didn't have to tell him that," Nex smiled wryly from the side.

"So when Nex saw how your friend Liz act toward you," Celes ignored him and continued to speak to Eddie, "He didn't think about her as an enthusiastic kid in love, but as an obsessive woman who has something wrong in her head. I can prove to you that even if she started to send you messages where she talks about a wedding and calling you things like darling, she is just a kid that fell in love with you very much and expressed a lot of her emotions and clearly isn't someone crazy that want to rush ahead too much."

"Really?" Eddie's face became full of happiness, "Can you show me?"

"Of course," Celes smiled and pointed at Eddie's communication device, "Open your messages window and show me the messages you received from her."

"Okay," Eddie nodded and quickly did what she told him and opened the messages window that he didn't touch since yesterday.

"Let's see," Celes smiled and calmly passed through the "passionate" messages and started chuckling when she saw the last one.

She then hid that message and spoke to Eddie, "Look at the time of the rest messages she sent you, what are in common to them?"

"They're all sent at the same few minutes!" Eddie called in surprise, he expected to constantly be bombarded by Liz's messages so he silenced the message window.

"That's right," Celes nodded and showed back the last message, "Now read this last message she sent and the time it was sent."

Eddie stared at the message that was sent in the evening of that day, and his eyes quickly widened as a result.

[I am sorry]


"Imagine being very excited and as a result sending a lot of embarrassing messages to someone you liked," Celes smiled at his confused face, "What would you do when you calmed down and realized what you did?"

"Oh…" both Eddie and Nex, who watched from the side, called in understanding and realized how much her words make sense.

"Boys," Celes shook her head at the two and smiled, "Now that we finished with this, time to move to the more pressing thing."

"What is it?" Eddie and Nex stared at her with respect and asked.

"Guess," Celes smirked.


"Make sure to be careful and try to not show your power at all" Jane instructed Eddie before the school entrance, "And if something happens or you feel something is not okay, then call Nex and me immediately and we will be there at the next moment okay?"

"Okay, I promise," Eddie nodded and stared at Nex who stood next to them with a smile. He then remembered what Celes told him not long ago and he finally gathered enough courage.

"Big Sis I have something I want to tell you."

"Hmm?" Celes tilted her head with a smile, "What is it?"

"A girl from my class invited me to her house next Saturday," he took a deep breath and added, "Just me."

For a moment Jane seemed to freeze before returning to normal in an instant and smiling warmly, "Oh my, how lovely. Do you like this girl?"

"Yes," he nodded shyly and sighed in relief inside, 'It seems I worried too much! Big Sis won't start to do absurd things just because I'm with a girl!'

Again, Jane froze in place, this time for a bit longer, before nodding happily, "Then it's all good! Now quickly go to school before you'll be late!"

"Okay!" Eddie beamed from happiness and gave Jane a big hug before running toward the school.

Nex stared warmly as the kid met at the entrance an embarrassed girl that waited for him with a red face and muttered something to him shyly, to which Eddie returned a gentle smile and a few words that made the girl turn extremely happy in a moment and give him a hug.

And at that moment, Nex suddenly felt a very ominous feeling that almost gave him goosebumps.

"Jane," he smiled wryly and turned to the young lady next to him that kept giving off a creepy feeling, "You are okay with him going to that girl's house right?"

"Of course I am!" Jane smiled as if he said something silly, which caused him to sigh in relief until the next sentence.

"As long as that sl*t isn't there, I don't mind at all."

Nex began to sweat as he saw Jane stood up and starting to walk toward the school so he quickly went after her and caught her hand, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing~" Jane answered in a strange tone, "I'm just going to have a conversation with that b*tch who didn't realize she isn't worthy."

"You leave me no choice," Nex sighed and teleported them away in an instant to Jane's house.

"Why did you bring us here?~" Jane's seemed to start to lose it as she tilted her head at Nex and spoke in a creepy tone, "All I wanted was to teach that vixen a lesson and make sure she would keep her-"


"Ow!" Jane seemed to wake up as she covered her bottom with a slightly pained expression, she then glared at Nex with a red face that full of embarrassment and shame, "What the hell was that!?"

"Meet my palm," Nex lifted his hand while presenting it with his other one as if he was advertising a special device, "From now on, whenever you start to go overprotective and try to mess with Eddie social life, your rear will get to meet my friend over here at a high velocity."

"Are you crazy!? This is my brother and I get to chose with who he-"


"He can do it very well himself."

"Damn you! He's just ten years old! How could he know anything-"

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"Because the other party is also ten years old."

"As*hole! So you gonna keep spanking me just because I care for my little brother!?"

"No," Nex shook his head and then smirked, "Not just because of that."


"But also because I found it quite fun to do!"

"I'm gonna kick your a*s!"

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