A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO Chapter 69: Tournament Unedited


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"Now you two finally calmed down?" Celes asked with a questioning gaze as if she was an adult asking two little kids that had a fight, which probably not far at all from the truth.



The two of them snorted while they were each held in their respective restraints. The Tattoo was under a spell that will electrocute him once he tried to say something that Celes will think is offensive or redundant, while Nex had his entire body aside from the tattooed hand was tied by a film of light that had animated joyful puppies that would turn sorrowful the moment he tried to release himself.

"Must you use such means?" asked Nex(super dog person).

"Only until I will make sure you don't cut off your hand because of a stupid tattoo," Celes smiled.


"Which turn me to you," Celes gave the tattoo a glance, "Before I start, how should I call you?"

[...] the tattoo stayed silent for a moment, [I… don't… have… a… name…]

"Oh my?" Celes raised her eyebrow, "So should I give you one?"

[No… only… he... can…] the crest partly shined itself in order to form an arrow that pointed at Nex.

"Where is this come from?" Nex asked in confusion, "You didn't say anything about that before."

[I… waited… you… to... notice…]

"How should I know that you, a class crest, need a name?"

[because… I'm… sentient…]

"Fair point," Nex sighed, "So you want me to give you a name now? Or should we do it later?"

[Now… been... too… long...]

"How about Gud?" Nex thought a bit and asked, "It means fortune in ancient runic alphabets."

[I'll… take… it…] the tattoo agreed quite quickly.

"Now that we passed that," Celes opened her mouth again and smirked at the tattoo, "Gud, all three of us know that you just messed with Nex and that there is another reason why his leveling speed is so slow right?"

[Yes…] Gud reluctantly answered.

"Then tell us."

*Bzzz!* as it was tiring and taking too long to talk normally, Gud returned to its previous language, *Bzzz!* *Bzzz!* *Bzzz!*

"What?" Nex furrowed his eyebrows and listened while nodding.


"I see."

"Do you have any idea what it saying?" Jane, who stood at the side along with the rest, came next to Celes and asked her.

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"Not a clue," Celes shook her head, "Probably even those who have this thing couldn't understand it. It's just that Nex has a freakish ability of understanding and communicating in strange languages and creatures, he could even speak with normal plants if they have even a bit of conscious inside them."

"So that's the story huh?" Nex nodded before raging, "I am so going to beat up that two old men! Who let someone take an early level trial at a place like that!?"

"What's the story?" Celes asked curiously.

"I've been duped big time," Nex sigh and shook his head, "Apparently because the temple I did my First Awakening in was meant for much higher Awakenings, my First Awakening trial not only checked my combat strength but also my proficiency and level of abilities that I use. And because I used a [Soul Art] and a [Fusion Art] there, it gave me a Class that meant for Fourth Awakening at the very least. So until I reach Fourth Awakening, not only I don't get the Class benefits because of my low level and Awakening, the class demerits aren't restricted by such things at all!"

"What does that mean?" Celes frowned, she wasn't that knowledgable in games yet.

"It means that I will be screwed for quite a while," Nex laughed dryly, "I can't get quests that doesn't up to the standard of Fourth Awakening, and instead of gaining the high EXP bonuses of First Awakening that allows me to level quickly as long as I hunt Elite and Lord monsters, I get those of Fourth Awakening that are far lower. And in addition, I could only do my next Awakenings in high-level ways that could as well do Fourth Awakenings at the very least!"

"But why didn't you tell that before that?" Nex then questioned Gud with anger, "Or why wasn't I told about it during the awakening?"


"So you say it's that "A chosen have to find answers himself!" cliche where you couldn't tell me until I realize it and question you myself?" Nex's face seemed like he has been told a very stupid thing, "Did I've been also expected to have a pendant that links me to my family mysterious background that I am too weak to get close to?"

*Bzzz?* (Do you really have one?)

"Of course not!" Nex denied before the tattoo will get any misunderstandings, "How is this even possible!? This isn't even my real body!"

*Bzzz…* (I just asked…)


"I can't believe I reached from level 15 to 22 in just half a day!" Jane called in wonder as she stared at her current status on their way out from the Dungeon.

"Yeah me too," Elise nodded in agreement, "Hunting Rare and Elite Bosses sure is rewardful considering their power, only two more levels and I could do my Second Awakening!"

"Be a little considerate will you?" Celes giggled and pointed at the downcast Nex, "Someone here didn't level even once."

'That's probably because of you!' the two smiled wryly, 'Even if he didn't stay on the side to watch over us and fought himself, how could he level up when you took most of the EXP for yourself and didn't let us deal most of the damage even toward the end when you already reached level 25! Besides, look at how depressed he is! Is it really okay to say something like right now!?'

"My Class bonuses…" the gloomy air around Nex thickened, "I heard that explorers get bonuses that increase Professions abilities amazingly…"

"Excuse me?"

Just as they went out of the Dungeon, someone familiar stopped them and called to Nex.

"Huh?" Nex woke up from his gloominess and stared at the one who called him, "Oh, it's you."

"Finally I got a hold of you," the Adventure Guild Guild Master Frank sighed in relief and then stared at Nex eagerly as if he is seeing great hope in the silver-haired man, "The Mayor and I have been looking for you for something important."

"Me?" Nex become confused, "What did you need me for? I don't think I did anything bad right?"

"No, it's not like that," Frank shook his head with a wry smile, "There was something that appeared out of nowhere and we would like to seek your help with it."

"Hmmm…" Nex thought for a moment and nodded, "Okay sure, lead the way."

"Thank you," Frank nodded with a smile and turned around toward the City Building, "Then please follow me."

"You guys wait for me at the dojo," Nex told to the curious bunch and went after the Guild Master.


"So you called me here because you wanted me to represent the city in a tournament that will happen in a few days?" Nex furrowed his eyebrows.

"Yes," Joseph smiled awkwardly while Frank had a similar expression, "This is a tournament that meant for people in First Awakening from several factions such as the Major Cities Adventure Guilds, defense forces such as the military, and noble households. It happens every five years and this time there is a certain reward for those who won the first place that we can't give up on at any cost."

Frank nodded emotionally at Joseph's last words, if they win this reward then they could save themselves from a very scary fate.

"So you want me to go there?" Nex nodded in understanding.

"Yes. Normally, we would prefer to send one of the young ones from the Guild, but ever since we heard about the reward we knew we can't take any chances. And so we request your help in this regard."

"Okay so moving to the important question, what do I get from this?"

"Of course aside from the rewards you will get from winning," Joseph nodded at Frank and the latter quickly brought out a few objects, "We heard that you like to cook so we gathered some of the best cooking equipment one could have at your level!"

"Ohh!" Nex eyes shone and he excitedly examined the equipment one by one before nodding, "Okay! I'll do it!"

Joseph and Frank exchanged happy gazes, it was much easier than they expected!

"Only one thing," Nex's voice suddenly woke them up.

"Do you have Louis's permission to let me do it?" Nex asked, "Because there is a chance things will go there a little crazy and I don't think he would like that very much."

"It's fine," Joseph sighed in relief, "After hearing about the reward, he agreed that having you joining the tournament will indeed bring the best results. He said that you just got strong enough to actually threaten some of the greatest talents in the kingdom and together with your experience you will have quite a good chance to win."

'Actually, he yelled at me the moment he heard about the reward to force you to join even if it means you destroying the place and give the entire kingdom a stain in history,' he murmured internally.

"Oh?" Nex raised an eyebrow as a smile unknowingly appeared on his face, "He said I have a good chance to win? Louis said that?"

"Yes," Joseph nodded without understanding what Nex getting at, "If being more accurate. He said that your high-level skills together with your experience will enable you to defeat your enemies without having to be too much in a direct confrontation."

"Is that so?" Nex laughed as a hint of excitement appeared in his eyes.

Louis was probably the one who knew his abilities the best inside the game, and if he thought that Nex will have a hard time being in direct confrontation against those he will face there, then that means there is something to look forward to in this tournament.

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