A psycho in a cultivation world Chapter 3: New world


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"Well seems like you're ready to go huh?"Said the goddess as she looked at Kai who was clearly way too excited.

"OF COURSE!"Shouted Kai as he was happy to finally be free from this torture.

The goddess smirked and by a simple and swift movement of her arm, a portal appeared out of nowhere.

"Jump in the portal, it will teleport you into a forest where you can train.This forest was created by me so it's especially made for your training.Sadly you can only stay for 2 years since this zone needs the constant flow of my energy to be activated, and as i already said if i stay with you for too long the gods will try to conquer my territories."Said the goddess with a sad tone.

"Well it's gonna be weird without you but i think i'm gonna be okay.In two years i will be so powerful that no one in this world would be able to oppose me!!!"Shouted Kai as he jumped in the portal while the goddess smiled.

"I hope so Kai...I hope so, it will be better for the both of us if you manage to reach the peak of this world quickly."She said as another portal appeared beside her.Another woman with crimson hair got out of the portal as she looked towards the goddess with an apologetic expression.

"Hera, i don't want it too but you need to return to the divine realm.In 3 years you'll be married to 'him' so it's better if you stay with me for this time."

"I know...Mother"Said Hera as she jumped in the portal with her mother.


While this happened Kai appeared in the forest as he was hit by a massive headache.

"ARGH!!FUCK!!"The pain continued for whole hour before it dissapeared.When the pain stopped Kai could finally notice the change on his body and in his mind.His body became longer and he gained an impressive amount of muscle.The biggest change however were in his mind, since an extreme amount of information had entered his brain.Be it methods of training or even martial arts techniques.He had everything he needed, everything except...


"I'm so fucking hungry!!"His stomach growled so much that anyone would've heard it even if they were at the other end of the forest.However he was lucky that this forest was created by the goddess since a wild wolf got out of a nearby bush, even though there was something weird with this world.

He had a silver fur and his eyes were an icy blue, he also had a mark on his head.It was a purple skull with two wings besides it.The wolf was bigger than a normal wolf and for some reason everytime his paws touched the ground it froze it.

'What the hell is this?!'Kai thought as he hid behind a tree while the wolf seemed to search for him.The wolf searched the area but couldn't find him, or atleast that's what Kai thought.


Kai turned around and found himself face to face with the intimidating wolf.


The wolf jumped on him and began to violently attack Kai with his frozen claws.Kai was seriously suffering as the additional cold from the wolf claws made the pain even more difficult to support.Fortunately for Kai he had an incredible pain resistance since he was kinda tortured for 4 years.

"GET OFF ME FUCKER!!"Kai tried to punch the wolf but the beast was too strong for him.While he thought about what he could do to save his life, the wolf suddenly stopped as he looked at Kai torso.Kai clothes were torn so his torso was exposed and a familiar mark was on it.

It was the same mark as the wolf but instead of 2 wings it had 10 wings and the skull was bigger.

'Why do i have the same mark as this wolf?Ah i know!I think it's this goddess doing, but why?'

Kai was suddenly brought of his thought when the wolf began to lick Kai's wounds, as if he was trying to apologize.The wolf rubbed it's head on Kai torso as a purple light was emitted.

"What the fuck?!"The light transformed into a collar that teleported on the wolf, and a leash appeared into Kai's hand.

"A leash?Wait!Does this mean i'm your master?!"Kai asked as the wolf howled to answer to answer the question.

'This is definitely the goddess doing and i can't say i'm against it.Having such an incredible pet is a good thing!'Kai thought as an amazing idea came to his mind.

"Hey wolf!Go search for some food!"Kai said as the wolf ran into the forest.

"Well i can't call him wolf forever i should find a name for him.Hmmm....Fenrir!"Kai shouted as he found this name to be quite good but what he certainly didn't expected was what happened next.

Fenrir jumped out of a tree with a rabbit in his mouth and the same purple light was emitted again as the mark dissapeared only to reappear on Kai palms.A flow of information was transmitted to his brain while his body moved on it's own.Kai pointed his hand at fenrir who was suddenly sucked by a vortex that came from Kai palm.The light slowly subdued as Kai could move his body on his own again.

"I was clearly not prepared for that but....It's cool, i guess?"Kai said as he walked towards the rabbit and picked it up from the ground.

"How the hell am i gonna cook this thing?"He said as he was extremely confused but a surprising solution came to him.

'Your body was prepared to resist the hunger and the thirst, you only need to sleep to live normally.During those 2 years you need to train and only do that, well you can also kill or tame the different beasts in this forest but the most important thing is to train.All the information that you have in your brain will help you to train.With everything you currently have you should become incredibly powerful in 2 years but it will only depends on your determination.'A familiar voice said in his head.


"Oooooookay..........I'm gonna act like it's not way too convenient to be logical and just train."

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