A psycho in a cultivation world Chapter 2: A goddess reques


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4 years.It was only after 4 years of constant torture that Lu Kai regained his freedom.

During all this time the torture wasn't the only thing that happened.The purplish energy coming from the unknown woman kept invading his body, making him even more crazy.The female voice kept whispering loving words to him giving peace to his heart but also corrupting him, even though he still didn't know who that woman was.

"Well my dear Lu Kai!You're finally ready to go to the outside world!"Said the woman excitedly as she hugged from behing still not showing her face to him.

"Huh?What do you mean the outside world!?I'm fucking dead!HAHAHAH!!"Said Kai as he couldn't control his mad laugh which kinda make his mouth hurt with all the stretching it did.

"Well as i previously explained to you, during those 4 years i have been pumping a purple energy into you.This energy strenghened your soul and your spirit, as to why i did this, it is linked to what i just said.Even though you're dead i decided to send you to another world!I strenghened your soul and spirit because it will help you grow in strengh quicker.The world i'm going to send you to is extremely dangerous for normal people like you and as such i need you to be powerful!"She said as excitedly rubbed her head on his back.


"*Sigh*I don't understand what you're talking about but as long as i can kill people i'm good.HAHAHAH!!"

'Why does he keep laughing like that?It's kinda weird.Well that maybe due to that constant torture.....Meh!'

"Trust me you'll be able to kill a lot of people in this world!Unfortunately i'm sending you there to just have some fun.I need you to do something for me in this world.You see, i'm a goddess and as one i cannot simply intervene in this mortal world or the other gods will take advantage of that and try to conquer my territory.As such i need to do something that i cannot do because of my condition as a goddess."

"And what is it?*Smirk*I hope it involve slaughter HAHAHAH!!Or atleast ****."Said Kai as he licked his lips.

'Maybe i put too much of my energy in him.Slaughter is good but i don't really want him to have sex with other girls.Hmmm...Well atleast that will give him some experience.Nyahahahah!!!'

"I need you to become the god of this world!Well technically you can't really become the god of this world since it already has one but i want you to reach the peak of this world and then you'll be worthy of becoming a god!"

"And why would i want that?No scratch that, i don't really give a fuck but why do YOU want me to become a god?"He asked as she suddenly blushed and hid her face with her hands, not that he could actually see her face.

"I...I.....Ineedahusband!"She said so quickly that he had no time to even understand what she said.

"You what?"He asked curiously as this reaction was surprising coming from her.

"You....You HEARD ME I needahusband!"She said even more quickly as he laughed and turned around to see her but again she followed his movement and hid herself behind him.

"*Sigh*I still don't understand what you said.You know it's kinda funny to hear you so flustered and shy for once.HAHAHA!!"

"Shu-Shut up!!I'm not shy!"

"Yeah,yeah whatever.Sooooo.....Are you gonna tell me or do i have to go to this world without knowing why?"He asked as she began to take deep breath and calm herself.

"I...I.....I need a husb-hus...HUSBAND!!"She finally said as the blush on her face was so bright it could blind anyone who would see it.

"A...Wait a what?!"

"A husband!I'm the only goddess who doesn't have a husband'Except for Athena but she doesn't count since no one is crazy enough to marry that psycho'"

"So...You want me as your husband?"He asked stunned as he certainly didn't expect her to say something like that.

"Yes that's why i want you to become a god, and that's also why i can't show you my face.It's the tradition for the gods, a goddess or a woman who's gonna marry a god need to hide her face from her fiancé until the wedding.Also i can't marry you now since you're too weak to marry a goddess.By the way i already declared you my husband so you can't marry any other girls!"She said the last with a little bit of jealousy which Kai found extremely cute.

"Wait that means no sex till the...UNTIL THE FUCKING WEDDING?!"He shouted surprised and annoyed.

"Well normally yes but it's not an obligation compared to what i said earlier.I'm not really against it since it will provide you with the necessary experience and those girls won't be of any importance to you, so yeah it's not a big deal.Also i kinda forgot to tell you but by pumping this purplish energy into you i transferred many things to your 'brain' but also some things for your body which i recreated so you don't have to live in a new one.I transferred many memories about cultivation, elixir, martial arts and all the things that will help you on your journey.Your body was enhanced so that you can withstand all kinds of training but also all kind of...Activities if you know what i mean?"She said with a smirk as Kai smiled widely and began to get more and more excited.

"So i have to train to become powerful and then kick some ass, fuck all the girls i want and finally become a fucking god?"

"Well.....Yeah that's the idea"She said with an evil smirk while her whole body shook with excitement .


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