A psycho in a cultivation world(-18) Chapter 6: Kai plays with the little princess.(-18)


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Kai entered Lei's room with a smirk on his face as he thought of what happened with the empress.

"It seems that you took less time than i thought you would master Kai"Said Lei as she gave Kai a black ring.

"What is that?"

"It's a dimensional ring master Kai.Cultivators use this to stock all the materials they need during their training.It has a huge capacity but it is not infinite, if you want to stock even more ressources you'll need to buy another one.I put all the money in the ring, in total you have 4 000 gold coins.It should be enough but you'll quickly earn even more when you become a real cultivator.Normally 100 gold coins are enough to buy a whole castle so you can buy pretty much whatever you want."Said Lei as Kai licked his lips and put the ring on his finger.

"Well now i'm finally ready to go huh?"Asked Kai as he glanced at Lei with lustful eyes.


"I-Indeed you're ready m-master Kai."Said Lei as she tensed under his gaze.He walked towards her and put one arm around her waist while he grabbed her left breast.

"You know.I don't know why but i suddenly want to have a little fun before starting my journey~"Said Kai as Lei tried to free herself but his strong arms stopped her.She was starting to get seriously aroused as she could feel his hot breath and smell his manly scent.

"M-Master Kai we c-can't!"

"Hmm?Why?There is no one to stop us, plus*Sniff*you seem to be incredibly aroused.Don't worry i 'll help you with that.Just let me have a little fun with you.You want that, right~?"Whispered Kai as he began to undress her.

"I-I....Please Matser Kai~!"Moaned Lei who tried to fight against her urges but it didn't really seem to work.Kai placed his hand inside her panties and smirked when he felt how wet she was.

"Hehe~It's pretty wet down there.Are you sure you don't want it?"Asked Kai as he began to finger her while he kissed her delicate neck.Her beautiful pink hair hid her blushing face as the room was filled by her silent moan.

"Master Kai!I-I can't!"

"Why?You seem to want it even more than me so why?"

"I-I have a f-fiancé i can't!"Said Lei as she tried her best to contain her voice while tears flowed on her pretty face.Kai frowned and fingered her even more, forcing her moan loudly.

"You know i'm kinda getting pissed right now.The three women that i want are all already engaged to some guys who doesn't even deserve them.It's not good.....Not good at all!HAHAHA!When i'm finished you'll be mine and i will make Hera and your mother mine before anyone can claim them!!"Shouted Kai who kissed her and undressed himself.

Lei didn't tried to oppose him anymore since the pleasure was already too much to fight against.She just watched him with hungry eyes as he got rid of his clothes, revealing his perfect body.

"B-Beautiful....."Lei said uncousciously as Kai laughed.

"Ehhh...Like what you see?"He asked Lei who hid her face with her hands while he walked to her and pushed her on the bed.

'Mine!All mine!!'Kai thought as he eyed her like an horny beast.He licked her breasts as his 'sword' became hard, he then placed it at the entrance of her womanhood while she gasped.

"It's not gonna f-fit!!"She shouted as he laughed once again and impaled her on his sword.She cried for a few seconds until the pleasure became so intense that it completely made her forget the pain.

"More.....MORE PLEASE!!"

"HAHA!You scream so loudly for someone who's not supposed to want that~"Said Kai in a teasing tone as Lei continued to beg him, her moan becoming so lewd it started to excite Kai so much he couldn't contain himself.

"Well remember you asked for it bitch!!"He shouted as he began to thrust in her at such a high-pace Lei felt she was about to die.


All her anxiety and fears dissappeared, replaced by an extreme pleasure.Lei couldn't stop her loud moan as the pleasure was incomparable to what she ever felt.She could still feel sadness for her fiancé Luo Jeng whom she really loved but the beast who was ravaging her right now, was too much for her.She felt as if her brain was melting as his thrust more and more powerful, it seems that he was about to cum.

"Damn!I'm gonna cum!Where do you want it little princess?!"Asked Kai who watched the lewd face of Lei who was too lost in her pleasure to hear him.

"Well i'm not ready to become a father for now!"He shouted as he stopped his thrust and brought his dick to her mouth.Lei sucked it hungrily as Kai pushed his dick deep in her throat.She started to choke on it while he was just a few seconds away from his release.He finally came as she drank his semen to the last drop.

Kai smiled and cupped her chin.

"Well it was definitely better than i though little princess~Now, clean it."Said Kai in a commanding tone to a dazed Lei who was swallowing all the semen she couldn't swallow at first.She nodded and started to clean his dick as he sighed.

'It was good but she's still clearly inexperienced.I mean i'm too but with everything Hera put into my brain i feel like a pro for some reasons.I don't think i can actually be satisfied with just this.'Thought Kai as he glanced towards the tired Lei.

"Little princess you should sleep for now.When you wake up we will continue, i'm not even starting to feel satisfied."Said Kai as Lei nodded and fell asleep on the bed even though she was pretty freaked out by his stamina and lust.
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