A psycho in a cultivation world(-18) Chapter 5: The little empress and her daughter are aroused.


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"So she was actually supposed to marry the god of beauty but she declared me as her fiance so he would let her alone for the time being?"Asked Kai as he circled around the woman who was clearly intimated by his glare.

"Y-Yes!"Said the woman as she tensed when she sensed his anger.

"Interesting.....Very interesting.....It might be funny to see how she will go."Said Kai in a little voice as he turned towards the woman.

"You.Who are you?"

"I-I'm the 3th princess of the Varuna empire, Hua Lei."answered Lei as she tried to avoid making eye contact with him.

"Oh yes!I remember now!Hera said that the world was separated in three parts.The varuna empire, the holy land and the Vermillion continent.If i remember well, the holy land is unaccessable by mortals and the vermilion continent is the only place where you found cultivators."

"Wait!I'm supposed to become a cultivator so why did she sent someone from the empire?Don't tell me i'm gonna go to the empire first?!"Shouted Kai as he glared even more intensely at Lei.

"Eeeep!I'm sorry master Kai but the goddess Hera want you to first visit the empire before she send you to the continent.She already prepared everything for you, you only has to collect everything and then you'll only need to do one last thing before you can go."Said Lei as she bowed to him.

'The people from the empire must really respect Hera.Even a princess is bowing before me...Soon they will bow not just because of my status but because of my strengh!'

"Well what are we waiting for then?!Let's go!"Shouted Kai as he jumped in the portal while Lei followed him hurriedly.

"Master Kai wait for me!"

They appeared in a room which was clearly Lei's, Kai dragged her.

"So, where do we have to go?!I'm extremely excited for my journey and i'm not gonna waste any minute!"Said Kai as he began to shook her violently.

"J-Just let me go and i-i will tell you!"

"Oh!Sorry."Said Kai as he let her go and rubbed his head sheepishly.

"I'll go at the bank to collect the money that mistress Hera let for you while you'll go to see my mother, who should be waiting for you in the throne's room, so she can give you your sword.Mistress Hera prepared it for you."Said Lei as she began to chuckle while Kai's eyebrows furrowed.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, it's just that usually no one has such a good start.You'll a massive wealth and an incredibly powerful weapon to start your journey.Also if what mistress Hera told me is correct you should be relatively safe since the god of beauty see you as an ant, and as such won't try to kill you."Said Lei as she opened the door in order to exit her room but she suddenly stopped as she was strangled again.

"While i know that you're supposed to help me, i don't really like to be ordered around.It will be better for you to remember that little princess."Said Kai as Lei could feel his hot breath against her neck.For some reasons it terrified her and aroused her at the same time.What she didn't expected was the next action of Kai.He began to sniff her and smirked as he smelled an interesting thing.

"You know, my body isn't like a normal human body.My senses are extremely develloped compared to a normal human and i smelled something funny on you woman."Said a smiling Kai as he stopped strangling her.


"Arousal.I can arousal coming from you~HAHAHA!"

Kai laughed and ran so quickly that he didn't hear what Lei said.

"I know i'm aroused, master Kai~"

Kai arrived in front of the throne room and opened it before the guard could even react.



The guards shouted at him and tried to grab him but he simply dodged them and walked towards the throne where a pink haired woman waited.Like Lei, Kai didn't really cared about her appearence even though she was obviously a beauty, but something made him smile.She had the mark of Hera on her left breast.Contrarily to her daughter she had 6 wings which proved that she was stronger, or atleast Kai thought so.It could also mean that she was more important which she certainly was as the empress, but he sensed an aura of power emanating from her.

"I take it that you are the empress huh?"Asked Kai in a bored tone that didn't seem to really anger or shock the woman, which further proved what he thought.

'As Hera already told me, they have her mark because they've been blessed by her, something that only happen for the people of the empire since no gods would bless a cultivator.'(A blessing from a god can be compared to a title of nobility.Anyone who has one directly become a noble, but the cultivators don't need it.Only the strongest or richest cultivator or citizens from the continent are considered as noble so the mark is pretty much useless.Nonetheless anyone who has it can enjoy some privileges in places like auctions houses or restaurant, since those are places that acknowledge it.)

'Meh!Since she has been blessed by Hera she should already know who i am.'Thought Kai as the woman stood up and motioned to the guards to stop.They immediately went back in front of the door and closed it.She walked towards Tsarck and smiled when she saw his mark.

"I'm indeed the empress, Hua Yan and you must be Lu Kai?"Yan aswered and bowed as Kai smirked darkly, but it was gone as soon as she looked at him.

"Yup, it's me!Sooooo........Little princess told me that you had something for me?"Kai asked while Yan nodded and motioned to a nearby servant.

"I want you to bring me the sword, i'm going to my room with mister Lu."Said Yan with a little wink so the servant would understand what she was talking about.

"Yes, your highness!"

Yan smiled and motioned Kai to follow her as she lead him to her room.While they walked many servants would look at Kai with mixed emotions.Lust and admiration for the females, which was weird to Kai since he still didn't know how handsome and charming he actually was, even though he was slowly understanding as he saw those looks plus the little blush on the empress face.The men however looked at him with pity and fear.

"Do you know who that guy is?He is walking alone with the empress that's weird."Said a servant discreetly as a guard answered in an even more discreet voice.

"I think he is a noble since he has a divine mark but i can't really which it is since it's on his palms, so his status is pretty much unknown.However it's definitely dangerous for him to walk alone with the empress.The emperor is way too jealous so he won't like that, some servants told me that he punched the empress because he thought she was flirting with a noble."


Kai could actually all those things and what that guard said definitely didn't please him.He continued to walk silently until they arrived in her room.As soon as they sat the servant entered and gave the sword to Kai, who nearly squealed when he saw it.


The sword was pretty simple but the golden hilt mixed with the extremely sharp blade proved that the sword was high-quality.It also had the mark of Hera and the handle was adorned with diamonds and a big crystal in the middle.Kai recognized it as a spiritual stone which was an important materials for the cultivators since it helped them refining the Qi.It was a Earth realm spiritual stone which was a rare one especially if you considered the abnormal size of the stone.

Kai sheathed the sword and looked towards Yan.

"It's a fine sword, i think i'm gonn enjoy killing people with it!"Said Kai as Yan nearly spat all the tea she was drinking when she heard that.It was both terrifying and.......Arousing.(Like mother like daughter)

"Well i should go back to Lei room since she should've finished already."Said Kai as he opened the door and was about to exit the room but a certain idea stopped him.Yan looked at him with a raised eyebrow and was surprised by his next action.

He rushed towards her with incredible speed and kissed her.

"HMMM?!"Yan tried to free herself from him but he hugged her and forced her to stop, even though she actually stopped because the pleasure she felt from that kiss was amazing.

He let her free after the kiss but her dazed expression proved that she was still in the kiss.He cupped her chin and smirked.

"I heard that your husband is a pretty jealous guy.I heard that he beat you because he thought you were flirting with another man, hmm.....Maybe it's because he fears that you're not satisfied with him?"Said Kai in an extremely arousing tone, that nearly made her cum.He began to caress her breasts as he brought his mouth a few inches away from her ear.

"If you're really unsatisfied with your husband you can still come to see me, you know? I'm not the most experienced guy you could find but.......I'm pretty sure i can make you feel so good, you won't ever want to be with another man~"He said as she finally couldn't take it anymore and came.The pleasure and the exhaustion made her fall asleep as Kai smirked.

"I cannot wait for you to come to me and beg me to make you mine, little empress~"

And with that final sentence he exited the room leaving a sleeping beauty who was soon gonna regret ever meeting him........Or not.
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